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Franklin Series

A Small Investment in Big Security

All FRANKLINS NOW ON SALE through August 27th! Backed by a 75 minutes of certified fire protection and excellent security utilizing Liberty's new 4-inch military style locking bars that are 1/4" thick, the Liberty Safe Franklin Series is built to last! With 11 beautiful finish options to perfectly compliment your home decor and Liberty's top rated 4-in-1 Flex™ interior, you can choose a Safe that is perfect for your needs. An Electrical Outlet kit, Interior Lights and Deluxe Door Panel are included in the Franklin Package.

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $1,849
Payments starting as low as $42.06 for 60 months (12.99% APR) or 12 Months Interest Free! On Approved Credit

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Franklin Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 3864 customers ratings and reviews

written by FALCON on August 2, 2018

Quality product
written by CEC on July 30, 2018
Good looking quality safe that fit our family needs.

written by Anonymous on July 29, 2018
Great, mid-size gun safe that ensures peace of mind without breaking the bank.

written by RZ on July 27, 2018
The fit and finish is exceptional

written by JM on July 23, 2018

Great safe
written by Jrodiw on July 21, 2018
This seems to be a very nice safe. I purchased it because of the size and electric inside of the safe.
The long gun cut outs are somewhat undersized for the number of guns it is supposed to hold, but still very nice.

Couldn't be more satisfied!
written by RMH on July 20, 2018
Great size and versatility for the money. Great fire protection time! Excellent value!

Been waiting 30+ years!
written by T. Rand on July 19, 2018
I just had my Liberty Franklin 35 delivered yesterday and its already well over half full of guns. I've been storing my collection in a homemade wooden cabinet for the past 30+ years of my marriage and had always meant to buy a "real safe". My wife started shopping for one for me this year as a gift and she would only consider Liberty based on their reputation. I couldn't be happier with our purchase!

Excellent Quality Safe!
written by PhilipS. on July 18, 2018
The safe was perfect for our home use. Nice lighting with plenty of space inside to stay organized!

My Safe
written by B on July 18, 2018
My son has had one for 10+ years and i knew he was very happy with it so it was easy for me to decide. i think the construction is excellent and warranty is great everyone i dealt with was very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. My shopping experience was great!

Functional Elegance
written by Tom Pt. Pleasant PA on July 18, 2018
We are RV'ers and are frequently traveling. While we live in a very safe area I was concerned about some items when gone for extended periods of time. After reviewing many different safes, talking to friends, visiting retail points and much time online we decided on the Liberty Franklin 25. It arrived yesterday (at the outer point of the quoted 6-8 week manufacture time). The gloss finish is flawless. The fitting of the shelves inside is perfect. Some safes we looked at seemed to have finished edges to the shelving that seemed a bit cheap. It is a beautiful addition to my home office.

One of my biggest hurdles was to decide on how much time in a fire I would require. How does one decide? I spoke with one salesman who had been a police officer for many years. He witnessed many fires over his years and worked closely with fire departments. I asked him to make sense of the time/temperature ratings on various safes. His first question concerned how far our home was to the local fire department. As he knew our area he stated we could expect the fire department to arrive within 10 minutes of a reported fire. When I asked how hot the average house fire is he responded it would be about 900 degrees at the center of the home during a raging fire. The fire rating of 75 minutes with the Franklin gave me a very secure feeling that we were well beyond what the probability would be in the event of a fire. God willing we will never have to test to see if my choice was right.

The retailer from whom I bought the safe is 70 miles from our home. They offered a reasonable delivery and installation charge as opposed to the charge formula on the Liberty Safe site which is a bit confusing and leaves too much to interpretation. A much closer Liberty Safe retailer recommended I bring a few friends and pick it up with my truck. At over 650 lbs. this was not an option for me. And mine is the smallest Franklin. Be absolutely sure you know what is included in "delivery". Most state "curb delivery" and mean it literally. Delivery and installation was fast, efficient and problem free even with the 10 steps they had to ascend.

If you are considering a safe, you will be well served...make that best buy a Liberty.

Great Product
written by Big Mike on July 16, 2018
This is the second one I've bought in 4 years and I really like them.

Franklin 50
written by Don T on July 13, 2018
Great safe and features

Very Satisfied!!
written by Bubba TxAggie Nederland on July 12, 2018
Price is competitive but definitely NOT an "inexpensive" purchase. Other comparable products can be found at a lower price. Although I cannot compare numerous competitive products I can compare 1 other product/dealer and represent that the Liberty Safe Dealer was BEYOND TECHNICALLY QUALIFIED TO DELIVERY THE SAFE... KNOWING THE SPECIALTY EQUIPMENT AND KNOWLEDGE NEEDED TO DELIVERY A VERY HEAVY AND VERY BULKY ITEM TO A VERY DELICATE AND EXPENSIVE BUILDING WITH EXPENSIVE FINISHES. We had an American Security Safe delivered 4 years ago and if the building was not under construction the pallet jack they had as an only option would NOT have been appropriate in ANY MANNER for a building with even modestly costly finish services!!!

Delivery technical knowledge and experience was the premier difference in this Liberty Safe Dealer over the American Security Dealer. Price was comparable and essentially irrelevant as the product was similarly priced.

Liberty Franklin 50 - Excelent Safe High Quality!
written by Big V on July 11, 2018
Very satisfied. At first I thought I might have bought to big of a safe and was even considering scaling back to the next size down and decided to keep with the larger safe. Very glad I did! They fill fast. Nice having a little extra space. No regrets on size or manufacture.

Safe is fine, delivery is outrageous
written by Gentle Bunny on July 11, 2018
Paid my money in April 2018. Delivery wasn't until July 2018. The safe is a good color, good solid mechanism, plenty of storage space, LED lights work great. But the delivery time was outrageous! Three months? There's plenty of other safe companies out there. Definitely would not go with Liberty again.

written by B-Man on July 10, 2018
This product was everything I was hoping it would be, well built, heavy duty and a beautiful functioning safe.

Function & Beauty
written by L. Alves on July 7, 2018
Everything about it is perfect. I like the colors, the smoothness of the lock, the design of the interior. I especially like the organization panel on the inside of the door, it saves shelf space. If I had more space in my home, I would have bought a larger one, but it is what I need for now.

Excellent purchase
written by Pleased with purchase on July 7, 2018
Great looking safe with great warranty. The Franklin 35 has all the room I needed.. Check your door opening width before purchasing a Franklin 35.

Second Liberty Gun Safe
written by Sharps 1874 on July 6, 2018
I'm very happy with the first Liberty safe that I purchased from Gander Mountain but I wanted something with more security features and flexible interior. I decided on the Franklin series. Dollar for dollar it is a great deal plus its made in the USA !!!!

Very satisfied
written by Andre B. on July 6, 2018

New Owner
written by JMB on July 6, 2018
Appears to be a quality safe. Like the ability to change the interior to met my needs. Looking forward to a long relationship with my new safe.

written by Ouderki1 on July 2, 2018

Restorer 13
written by Restorer13 on July 2, 2018
Just received new Franklin Series Safe, Good solid feel when closing door, nice exterior finish, very flexible interior .

My Awesome Safe
written by Randy F. on July 1, 2018
I've only had my safe for a few days so far, but, I'm loving it in every way. I would definitely recommend Liberty Safes to everyone! I plan on buying another one for sure. Thank you Liberty for a great product!!!

written by Sal Paradise on June 30, 2018
I've only had the safe for 3 days, but it fits where I wanted it to go.

It should provide a lifetime of safety and security.

Thanks, Liberty!

Best safe on the Markwt
written by J & S Lundgren on June 29, 2018
This safe is a good quality safe at a good price. Great colors to choose from and proven to be strong enough even to withstand one of the hottest fires, such as the Sonoma fire. Also made in the USA!

written by J on June 27, 2018

Great Safe
written by Rob on June 25, 2018
Great roomy safe at an economical price

Liberty Franklin Series
written by Darren Whitehead on June 25, 2018
Always wanted one of these, my wife finally talked me into purchasing one after I commented about the ones I had looked at during a local gun show. The safe representatives were very helpful and gave me a fantastic deal. Too good to pass up. They met me at my home and set up was absolutely perfect. I consider my safe a fine addition to my living room space. Placing a fine piece as that into a basement, garage or closet seems a waste to me. I proudly display it to all that visit. Thank you for such an outstanding product!

Happy with product and service
written by Be Safe on June 24, 2018
Very happy with this product; well built and lots of room.

Dave @ A1 Safe was Pleasure to Purchase From
written by CER1 on June 23, 2018
The safe itself seems like OK quality for the price. I do not care for the somewhat cheaply made particle board shelves and gun racks. The cover fits and functions very nice but I would of preferred if it was made out of a heavier material. I think I should have opted for a slightly higher quality and cost when selecting a safe.

The best part of the safe purchase was dealing with Dave from A1 safe. Very informative and helpful plus he delivered the safe himself.

Excellent Safe
written by Robert on June 22, 2018
Excellent safe for the price point.

Happy Gun Safe Camper
written by SafeAndSound on June 22, 2018
Very happy with the purchase / delivery and set up of safe. I am confident I have bought the best safe for the value, and the quality of the safe itself is very impressive. I would recommend getting the delivery option, the guys were set up the safe in the area I wanted - and bolted it down. They also leveled the safe, and explained the operation of the safe. I would highly recommend others to buy from liberty safes, and definitely would recommend my local dealer.

Safety first.
written by Safety first. on June 16, 2018
We believe that Liberty safe was the best product for the price. It offered more features than other brands and we were confident in the safety implications.

written by Janet M. Schmitt on June 15, 2018

Paul Zima Plam Bay, Florida
written by Paul - Palm Bay, Florida on June 14, 2018
Quality, Price, Service - You will find NO BETTER safe than Liberty. I've researched the competion and hands down they are the best and MADE in the USA!!!
No matter the circumstance, I know my valuables and weapons are protected from all matters of theft or harm! THANK YOU LIBERTY!!

Franklin 50 Safe
written by Julie on June 14, 2018
Purchased a Franklin 50 Safe by Liberty and had the 6-wand LED lighting, dehumidifier and electronic locks installed on the safe. It looks good. It holds our stuff. The dealer was a platinum dealer for liberty and the purchase process went very smooth from purchase to delivery and set up. I would definitely recommend the retailer and the product.

My second Liberty Safe
written by mstem54 on June 14, 2018
If I ever need another safe it will be a liberty!!!

Franklin FR50
written by TheBouncer on June 13, 2018
Well made, solid safe. Looked at many, think I bought the best for the value paid.

Happy Happy
written by MIcah on June 13, 2018

doesnt include long gun dividers?
written by ToddH on June 13, 2018
nice quality product! but not happy it dosnt come with long gun dividers? it is advertised as a gun safe.

First and potentially last safe I'll ever need
written by Mr. Armendariz on June 12, 2018
The Liberty Franklin 25 safe is a fantastic investment, and having the security and peace of mind that come with the serious construction and the lifetime warranty of my Liberty safe is something that I truly hold dear. The safe looks good, functions smoothly, and holds all 5 of long guns, ranging from 16 inch AR15's to my custom-built long range rifles, with bipods, scopes, and 3-way adjustable stocks attached. The door organizer contains my handgun collection, from my small semi-autos to my 5 inch Buckmark with attached high-profile red-dot sight and 6-inch revolvers, it holds em tight and keeps them out of the way. I also store all kidnds of ammo, in cans and cardboard, and the liberty still has room to spare. I recommend this brand to anyone in the market for a quality, American-built safe that is literally guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Franklin 25
written by Happy Owner on June 12, 2018

American made
written by Ruffknuckles916 on June 11, 2018
If you want something to last and give your valuables a chance buy Liberty

written by JRB on June 9, 2018

Beautiful Safe
written by Ryan on June 8, 2018
Professionally delivered and installed at a reasonable price. This safe is beautiful and a great addition to my office.

written by MEC on June 7, 2018

Liberty for Life
written by TONY on June 6, 2018
Excellent quality and much consideration taken in adaptibilty for the inside.

Liberty Franklin Gun Safe
written by Firedawg on June 5, 2018
Great product. Looks great in my home and offers great protection from fire and intruders. I really like the functionality of the interior. Highly recommend Liberty safes.

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