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Made in the USA

National Magnum

World Class Style and Security

Top-tier safes rivaled only by our Presidential line, the National Magnum series combines Old West styling with state-of-the-art protection, including:

  • 2.5 hours of certified fire protection
  • 7-gauge steel safe body
  • 5-spoke handle
  • Up to 18 - ½” thick locking bars 
  • 4-in-1 Flex™ interior

The National Magnum models also include these features and accessories:

  • Clearview LED wand automatic on/off interior lighting
  • Electrical outlet kit
  • Jewelry drawer
  • Premium door panel
  • PEET Air-Circulating Dehumidifer
Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA 

PRICE: Starting at $4,599
Payments starting as low as $104.62 for 60 months (14.99% APR) or 12 Months Same-As-Cash! Subject to credit approval.

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National Magnum Ratings and Reviews

Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating

Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 691 customers ratings and reviews

Amazing and beautiful
written by Brandon L on March 4, 2017
This safe is amazing. The interior is surpassed by none, the preinstalled lighting is great and the versatility is uncompromising no matter the application.

Best ever!
written by DP Mosteller on March 2, 2017
This is our second Liberty safe. Chose the National Magnum 40 and very glad I did. knew it would be a good safe, but found it even better than I expected. Feel sorry for guys buying much less quality a gun shops/sporting goods stores. Really glad we stayed with Liberty.

Too new to fully appreciate what service it will give. But, I am
written by Rick B. on March 1, 2017
Appearance-wise, it is very appealing. I fully intended to buy top quality. The affordability came from the discipline of saving for it... making it all the more appreciated. It wil be put to good use for multiple purposes.

written by J.Melville on February 28, 2017
A Liberty/National Security Safe is what you get when you cross Ft.Knoxs with a fine piece of furniture!


written by D BIGFOOT POWELL on February 27, 2017

Magnum 50
written by Crowe on February 27, 2017
Solid unit. A little lighter on the walls and door plate than I would ideally wish for, but for a RSC rated unit and the price point there is not a better way to protect your valuables, considering the costs of some of your commercial grade units. Drill bits longer than 6" should be used to mount unit as holes are near the sides and some hammerdrills may have trouble reaching depth required for anchors.

Better Safe than Sorry
written by John H. on February 22, 2017
National safe's are the Rolls Royce of safes. Completely made in the USA. They protect guns and other collectables from fire and theft. I bought my first NS Magnum about 20 years ago. It has been fantastic. I had only a 90 min. fire rating. My new one has 2.5 hrs. WOW! I highly recommend these safes. Great Company and great service.

Very Good
written by kennydog on February 19, 2017
I am very please with my selection based on the quality, color/finish, configuration, fire/theft protection and warranty. The folks at Liberty Safe build a great safe....!!!

high quality
written by Jerry on February 19, 2017
Very impressive safe. Looks good in the house. Had some issues with paint scratches from factory to store.

written by Frankie on February 11, 2017

Beautiful safe, amazing features, total security.
written by Liz A. on February 1, 2017

Protect the things that Protect you!
written by Tall Texan on January 24, 2017

My Valuables are now protected and squared away!
written by TCush on January 22, 2017
My new safe has been delivered and my valuables are protected. No more worries about fire or theft, and the safe is a beautiful piece of furniture to boot! I appreciate the high quality of the safe and love the simplicity of the manual dial combination.

written by 1 on January 20, 2017

Loving my new Magnum
written by Print on January 19, 2017
I spent two years researching safes, websites, forums, literature, stores; after all that time today a beautiful National Security Magnum was delivered and put in her new spot in my home. I could not be happier with any aspect of the whole process, Liberty Safe of Sacramento are great; huge selection, knowledgeable, and great delivery and set up. After the two years of getting ready the buying process took 30 minutes once I found this Magnum ready to go home. American made, great features, lots of steel, lifetime warranty and great service from the dealer. Outstanding Liberty Safe, well done!

American made. American proud. American quality.
written by Al Cui on January 8, 2017
This is a quality built safe. American made. American jobs. American company. The delivery personnel were very good and efficient. Anybody who wants a quality safe should buy a Liberty Safe.

National Magnum Surpasses Expectations
written by Robb on January 4, 2017
I fell in love with this safe at the store. Before, I had a keyed fire locker but quickly outgrew it with my love of collecting firearms. I ordered this safe and it had a four month lead time. This didn't bother me too much. It was delivered to the location while I was away on work. I hadn't seen it in person for a few months after it showed up. The moment I saw it, I was glad I bought it. Immediately after I opened it, I couldn't believe how perfect it is. I love the classic style and the amount of space provided inside. I will recommend Liberty to all people in the market for a safe. I love showing it off. I opted for the mechanical combinational dial and am so happy I did. It gives it a very classic feel and is quick to open once you get the system down.

excellent safe
written by Safe Buyer on January 1, 2017
safe is excellent with a national reputation of backing up their products.
great fire safety rating. features and quality of finish top notch.

Excellent National Magnum 40 - Feathered Burgandy
written by Oz Morales on December 19, 2016
Safe is functional AND beautiful! Quality is superior above everything else I have seen in stores. I have had it for 4 years now with almost flawless performance. I have only had one issue and it was the Biometric lock. The lock was a Sargent and Greenleaf model 6120. Lock stopped responding to our biometric print or code and it had to be reset by the dealer. Dealer in Plano Tx was most helpful. I am actually buying a second safe from them this week.

written by Dan Waite on December 15, 2016
Delivery and product exceeded my expectations

So far so good
written by Satisfied on December 11, 2016
Just got the safe installed it looks awesome and everything is working beautifully can't wait to fill it up

National Security 25
written by LJK on December 10, 2016
The only reason I didn't give a 5 star rating is that the dealer didn't honor the Glenn Beck $100 instant dealership rebate.

Beyond that, all looks good and as advertised. Perhaps ask me in six months to a year from now and I can write a more objective review.

USA Quality Product
written by River Rat on December 10, 2016

Wonderful buying experience
written by Jonathan F. on December 7, 2016
After doing extensive research, I opted to go with a Liberty Safe. The thickness of the materials, the 2.5 hour fire protection and the lifetime warranty were my main motivations for going with a Liberty Safe. The delivery was perfect and the gentlemen took several measures to make sure no damage was done to my property. I am so pleased with this purchase. As soon as I can justify purchasing another one, I will definately go with a Liberty Safe again.

Northwest Safe rocks!
written by Jon on December 3, 2016
Jon at Northwest Safe is the best delivery guy in the nation! He's partner Danny is awesome to. I wouldn't go with any other brand.

The perfect asset for any family
written by Jared O. on November 29, 2016
Guns, birth certificates, passports, special pictures and data files, family heirlooms and precious journals and other memorabilia needs to be protected. It's such a nominal thing to buy the best safe on the market to protect the special and important items in your life. Get a safe. Get the best safe. Get a Liberty safe. Buy the highest grade one that they have. You won't regret it and you will sleep better at night knowing you are protecting your family. If you can't replace it, protect it.

Jared O.

Best safe
written by J. Williams on November 20, 2016
No real words honestly, the safe speaks for itself. Go buy one you won't he disappointed.

written by Roger R. on November 17, 2016
Excellent, Beautiful Safe. Proclaim LIBERTY!

Best Safe Available
written by Jan on November 12, 2016
This is the best safe available for fire and theft. We live in the middle of the forest and wanted some fire protection. Theft is not a problem. This safe holds all of our important papers and treasurers in one place.

tall paul
written by tall paul on November 7, 2016
the best fire protection, and not bad on theft for a home safe without a outrageous price

Awesome looking safe. great capacity and finish
written by Sunny on November 1, 2016
Excellent combination of form and function. Just bought a new one and got it installed.

Great safe!
written by S on October 28, 2016
Great Safe!

Get the Biggest safe
written by Ranch41 on October 28, 2016
This is my second National Security safe. The product quality has remained excellent on both purchases. When I bought my first one, the salesperson said I would fill it up and need a bigger safe. I thought it was a marketing ploy to get me to spend more money and declined. Anyway, 14 years later he was right. I should have gotten the biggest safe I could fit in my home because that is exactly what I just did with my second purchase. An up side to looking for a bigger safe was I got to see what is currently being offered by other manufacturers and it confirmed my decision to buy my first safe 14 years ago as well as today's purchase.

Mad and taking action
written by Patriot on October 26, 2016

Another 100% satisfied customer living in deep southern Arizona.
written by Mike Duggan on October 21, 2016

written by Jody on October 15, 2016

Sweet safe
written by Satisfied customer on October 14, 2016

The National Magnum Safe is solid, and all the moving parts are very smooth.
The paint and trim are beautiful.

written by DH on October 12, 2016

1st time buyer - life time customer
written by Frank Indiana on October 10, 2016

Great Safe!
written by Kevin on October 10, 2016
I'm very pleased with my new National Magnum 50! I'm so happy I went with the larger size as it has soooo much storage space inside. I would advise in opting for the professional delivery, as after seeing them do it I'm glad I didn't attempt it. That safe ways a ton (almost literally) and the delivery guys have this down to a science.

50 Magnum
written by Scooter33 on October 8, 2016
Great safe at a great price!

National Magnum
written by Dennis on September 20, 2016
I am very pleased with the design and workmanship. I was not looking to get the top of the line model. I am glad I did, it looks good and the ratings (fire & steel) are excellent. It was a little more than I intially wanted to spend, but the features more than make up for it.

It was delivered with two broken shelves, a damaged light sensor and some small scratches on the paint. I called Liberty about the shelving and sensor. They will immediately send new shelves and sensor, very impressed with the service. I have not talked with them about the paint yet. Not to worried about fixing the scratches, they are hard to see.

50 Gun Magnum
written by Keith H on September 18, 2016
Solid piece of equipment, that looks amazing in my bedroom. No question that everything in there is fully protected.

Liberty Safe Review
written by John H. on September 11, 2016
You wont find a better safe than Liberty. All individuals from sales to delivery were professional and extremely professional,

written by Mike on September 10, 2016

high quality
written by Anonymous 1979 on September 8, 2016
Best purchase we could have made! This safe is the highest quality and is very elegant looking. Will be purchasing more for other people that have seen ours. Highly recommended over any other safe companies out there. Liberty is the best!

Incredible Looks (Feathered Champagne) - Good Security (For a G
written by MikeE on August 31, 2016
Truth be told, the Magnum is incredibly handsome and has a very functional interior. Though it took me well over a year to finally decide what safe to buy, I finally settled on the magnum because of the look/price point combination. My safe is in a very visible place in my house and I needed a good looking finish with a good sense of security. There is a small paint flaw on one of the corners but considering that this is sprayed by hand I feel it was done very well.

I'm personally storing over twenty firearms in this safe, but wont be putting many valuable as I feel they're better locked away in a security deposit box. If I had to be critical of the safe, I would hope that there be more steel in the body and change up the fire insulation to fiberglass or something other than Gypsum board (Drywall) - Especially considering this is Liberty's top tier safe. Honestly, It would be really great if they offered a B-Rate safe that had a UL fire rating.

I don't see myself ever selling this safe; however, in the future, I'll be buying a different safe that has a better burglary and fire protection in order to secure my family heirlooms and valuables.

Overall, I'm pleased with my purchase and EXTREMELY satisfied with any customer service interaction I've had over the phone with Liberty Safe employees.


Impeccable quality....
written by Feeling safe.... on August 20, 2016
Old world quality and outstanding craftsmanship.......

Interior design
written by big daddy on August 6, 2016
I bought this Magnum 50 because it seemed to be an amazing safe with lots of room for storage of safe keepings, the reason I gave it only 3 stars is due to the interior design and functionality of the shelving. I have only 14 long guns, (normal shotguns and hunting rifles) and the only way to make the guns fit on one side was to raise the partition up 3", after doing this the guns fit fine, however the shelf that is suppose to be on the top of the partition is now 3" above it with no support under it and it looks hideous. Had I left the shelf in its designed location, I would then have to remove all of the smaller shelves on the opposite side of the safe and put 4 guns on that side, after I did do that, I realized that I just used up the entire interior of the safe with only the very top shelf and the shelf over the long gun area to store any other items that someone may want to protect. If Liberty will build me a center partition for the safe and ship it to me that is just 3" taller, the safe would then perfect for anyone to use no matter what type of guns you have to store in it. I will then tell anyone, this is beyond a 5 star safe. I was just very disappointed in this after shopping and researching for weeks. My neighbor has the less expensive Lincoln 35 and it will house more long guns with no issues. I guess if I would have brought all of my guns to the store and tried to fit them in the safe, I Could have avoided this, so there you have it folks, don't assume anything.

Walker Magnum Safe
written by James Walker on August 1, 2016

*Made in the U.S.A. from U.S. and Global Parts.