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Liberty home style safes are imported with contemporary styling and popular sizing to fit any home or office environment. Each comes with quick access electronic locks that are EMP resistent. In addition to trusted security features, each safe is also built with 60 minutes of fire protection. These Home Safes are the perfect fit for your home or office. 

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Average 4.8 out of 5 stars for 389 customers ratings and reviews

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Easy to Order and Easy Delivery, Great Quality
written by Julie and Mickey on September 16, 2017
Don't know yet until I start using it.

written by EG on September 13, 2017

written by Nivram on September 8, 2017

First safe
written by Fox on September 5, 2017
The Liberty home safe is a high quality product. I looked at other safes; they did not seem as solid. The Liberty has precise engineering. Everything is tight seamless. It's interior is plush and clean.

Outstanding quality
written by Bob C on September 4, 2017
This safe is very heavy and well built. I am impressed in the flame rating and the security of this safe. Will be the last safe that I will ever need.

written by cpa on August 23, 2017

75 Year-Old Lady Who Doesn't Own any Guns Buys a Gun Safe!
written by Senior Citizen from Boynton Beach on August 14, 2017
So I don't hunt or watch hunting shows and am scared of guns, so why would I possibly consider buying a gun safe in my old age?

I'll tell you. Seemed like a good idea my friend had to put all her valuable papers and jewelry in one SAFE spot so if anything happened to her, her kids could go to one place and find everything they needed: from her living will to her power of attorney to her mother's engagement ring and her collection of earrings and bracelets and rings. I asked my son what he thought of the idea and he thought it was brilliant. Now every time he comes to visit me in Florida from NY, I don't have to give him a tour of where I hide all my valuables and important papers. He can go to the safe and find everything he needs, should anything happen to me. This is my plan. Since the safe was delivered just today, I have yet to put everything inside, but I will do so tomorrow afternoon, after exercise class. When I go on vacation, I don't have to worry about hurricanes or robberies. I expect to feel safe with my new safe. Stay tuned!

Liberty Safe = Just the right size
written by Jake on August 8, 2017
I was told to buy a safe that was one size bigger than I thought I needed.. The home safe 12 is just right

written by DK on August 7, 2017
right size..easy to operate...

First time safe buyer
written by Sue on July 31, 2017
This was my first experience purchasing a safe. The safe was for use by an organization and the Liberty safe was the perfect solution. The person I dealt with for the purchase was knowledgeable and helpful. The safe provides fireproof and secure storage of important documents.

written by kingarthur on July 29, 2017
We were looking for several months to find the right size/dimensions for a fire protection safe for our valuables. We were aware of our local dealer and visited them to see the types of safes available. We had seen many other makes/models in various sales outlets and also viewed many on line sites as well as gun stores, gun shows, etc.
We were impressed with the type we were seeking and the sales person that helped us with the details. They also provided delivery and setup in our house where we wanted to locate the safe as well as information. Price was right and we purchased Model #LH08 on our next visit after we reviewed all the other info that we gathered from our research. We are "satisfied" that we secured the right safe for our needs.

written by Linda on July 28, 2017

Liberty Home 12 Safe
written by Savvy Buyer on July 24, 2017
Quality Safe, Attractive, Double Security Lock option, Great on-time Delivery Service, Very professional Sales and Service Personnel....

written by Poz on July 21, 2017

Finally, no wasted space for long guns
written by Liberty Fan on July 21, 2017
Finally, a safe for the handgun collector. So much space is wasted in the majority of safes for long gun configuration. The new Home Safe configuration has shelves all the way across for those of us that have handguns only. More safes should give this option. Thanks, Liberty

Fantastic product.
written by comma camille on July 19, 2017
Perfect size and functionality for my specific needs. Excellent and trusted product. We're buying a second Liberty safe.

Peace of Mind
written by Mrs. Show Me on July 12, 2017
This USA citizen from the Show Me state of Missouri was shown how Liberty Safes stack up against the competition. Liberty blows the competition away ! The contents of a Liberty safe were still safe from the fire that engulfed it full force whereas the competition's contents were burnt to a crisp. If you wanted your irreplaceable contents as safe as humanly possible get a Liberty safe for a peace of mind should the unthinkable happen. It will save a lot of trouble down the line. Better safe than sorry-pun intended!!

written by Love it on July 3, 2017

Superior Quality
written by Mike C. on July 2, 2017
I recently purchased a home safe from Liberty Safe- I will tell you that the staff at your store was all very knowledgeable and helpful to me in figuring out what I needed for my home. I have looked at a good amount of safes and I have to say Liberty ranks the highest in my book! Excellent quality- Outstanding!!

Excellent Safe
written by Richard on June 30, 2017
Great quality!!

written by db on June 27, 2017

written by Steen on June 22, 2017

Liberty Safes have Liberty Bell Strength
written by YANKEESNYC on June 21, 2017
Liberty safes give you options to adapt and overcome what you need to store and protect. it allows you to do it correctly and safely. They are American made, THAT SAYS IT ALL.


Purchasing Dept
written by Purchasing Dept on June 19, 2017

written by PEC on June 12, 2017

written by Chantra on June 7, 2017

written by Lawrence Chamberlain on June 7, 2017

Liberty Home Safe 12
written by Emma Woodhouse on May 31, 2017
We looked at a lot of other safes, but this safe provided the right amount of secure storage space right in our closet at a cost to fit our budget. Glad we made this purchase!

Decent price for excellent safe
written by Wxman on May 27, 2017
LH08 safe was just the right size to hold a few handguns and some personal papers without having to dedicate a lot of floor space. Great quality and even though I paid more than I would've for a safe from Bass Pro or Costco I feel the quality was so much better I'm satisfied made the right choice. We'll give this thing to our kids one day!

Perfect size for my home with great protection
written by yeahliberty on May 26, 2017
Love the compact size and secure lock. Seems like this safe will work out very well. Liberty Safes in San Jose, CA has a nice showroom and helpful staff.

Purchase Experience
written by Dan F. on May 25, 2017
I was helped by Martin at the Liberty Safe Retail Store. After telling him what I needed he showed me the different styles and sizes that would meet my needs. I decided on the LH08 Model and he provided me with a Brochure to take home and measure the space I had chosen for the safe. Once I verified at home the Safe would fit, I called Martin at the Store and ordered. He scheduled a Delivery and quoted the total price (with Tax and Install), and I paid by Credit Card. The safe was delivered at the time and date as promised and I was instructed on the use and care of my NEW SAFE.

The Liberty Products have a great reputation and I am satisfied with the Product. But what really was special was the "Purchase Experience", as stated above. I truly would recommend Liberty Safe for a complete sale.....

Feel More Secure
written by Msnan on May 23, 2017
When away from home I feel so much secure knowing my valuables are locked away in a safe place. I have misplaced several pieces of jewelry because I didn't remember where I hid them. I can relax now, I can put all valuables in my Liberty Safe.

Great Safe, but....
written by Martin_M on May 23, 2017
Bought the Safe & Mike Wards Liberty Safes in Mobile, AL. Great Sales team, I selected a safe with a shelving system and not the typical Pistol & Long Gun insert.
Because I have several Handguns, I also purchased the Door Panel which has 4 Pistol pockets and Mag slots. After sticking the Guns in the pockets, the door will not close anymore, even a single stack slick 1911 is too thick. In order to make the pockets usable, I will have to empty the shelves again & cut about an inch off the back.
Wish I would have known this before....
Otherwise, the safe is great, easy to change the combination, even has a Master/Client Combination feature.

Liberty Safe, the only safe to buy
written by David Hughes on May 17, 2017
This is my second Liberty safe, the first was a safe for rifles, this one is more of a floor safe for valuables and small hand guns. The quality in very apparent in every Liberty safe and that it is made in the USA is very important to me. There are many selections , colors, sizes and I have the perfect size for my needs.

Solid Design
written by Vertigon on May 13, 2017
I purchased this safe through my in-law because he need a bigger safe. Got it from him new and at a reasonable price. I'm thrill with the safe and its design. I wish I got more of the interior accessories, but I can get those at another time.

Great value
written by Maven on May 8, 2017
Very nice safe, good size for my needs. Great value as well.

Reputation Stands First
written by Robert on May 8, 2017

written by Irish on May 4, 2017
This product is the right size for what I need and is simple to operate not like some of the cheaper models that I tried.

First Safe
written by BC on April 23, 2017
Liberty Home 12 is a great safe for the home for someone who want to secure a few documents and may have some hand guns and other valuable items. Easy to operate and no complaints so far.

written by Mo on April 20, 2017

great safe
written by Mickey on April 18, 2017
excellent safe.

written by Roger of NC on April 10, 2017

written by Patrick Smith on April 8, 2017

Excellent product.
written by Tony Asher on April 8, 2017
Excellent product. Easy to use. Spacious. Practical for fairly large volume of items necessary to be placed in safe including firearm and all essential legal documents.

written by security on April 6, 2017

written by Bill on April 3, 2017

Great first safe experience.
written by Concho on March 23, 2017
We are first time safe buyers but had specific requirements. It had to be of good quality, mid size, fire rated (60mins/1400) to hold important papers, some jewelry and most importantly, gun security. There would be nothing worse for us than to have our guns get into innocent hands (grandchildren) or the hands of someone intent on doing harm. This was a no brainer!

Top Notch
written by Ryno on March 20, 2017
Absolutely top notch safe. Meets and exceeds all expectations. Very versatile interior to meet my needs of securing firearms, ammo, classified documents, precious metals and any other items needing to be secure. I would definitely recommend Liberty Safes to a friend and I would not hesitate to purchase another one.

Best Product
written by CJ on March 12, 2017

Should have gotten a safe years ago
written by Goldenlover on March 12, 2017
Can't believe I didn't think about getting a safe years ago. Buying a safe is paid back quickly by saving on yearly safe deposit box fees, and access to important items is no longer limited to when it's convenient for the bank to be open to allow you access to your own stuff.

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