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Liberty home style safes are imported with contemporary styling and popular sizing to fit any home or office environment. Each comes with a quick access electronic lock that includes a backlit keypad for easier night time viewing. In addition to trusted security features, our house safes are also built with 60 minutes of fire protection. This small fire safe is the perfect fit for your home or office. Home Safes are now UL Listed for Security with the thicker 12 ga. body.

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PRICE: Starting at $749

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Home Safes Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 444 customers ratings and reviews

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Liberty LH-12
written by Dannyboy on June 6, 2018
Great medium-sized safe for hand guns and personal property.

written by Fish on May 21, 2018

written by Duck on May 19, 2018
I loved the display of the safes at Liberty Safe in St Charles. The difference sizes, colors and options for each one. Very sturdy.

Our Liberty Home Safe
written by The Delt called Dude on May 18, 2018
Our Liberty Home Safe 8 Black Textured Chrome Electronic 60 Min is our security blank here in McKinney, Texas! We consider it a top of the line safe and it conveniently permits us to maintain our important documents and valuables in an extremely secure way.

written by No name on May 17, 2018
Excellent price,quality, and security

so far so good.
written by Tony Clifton on May 10, 2018
Just got it today. Great so far. Ask again in 6 months.

Second Hand
written by Rocky on May 9, 2018
Purchased this small home safe from an online sale site used, its 10 years old. I got it for the wife; jewelry and documents. My Liberty Lincoln 50 is full and I needed more room! Like all Liberty Safes, works like a champ!

homoe safe 17
written by tom on May 8, 2018
The quality is nice for the price.

LH17 review
written by MollyRex on May 7, 2018
Safe is well built and has very good capacity.

great safe
written by james hamm on April 20, 2018
I have only had my new liberty safe a few days and I love it. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good safe at a fair price.

The Perfect Safe
written by PhoenixGuy on April 18, 2018
I wanted a safe with a flexible interior and one with clean exterior lines.

good service
written by bossman on April 12, 2018
the service was great the install did a great job overall very happy

Great safe, made in America.
written by DAVID on April 3, 2018
I would not purchase any other brand.

Excellent !!!
written by Bob on March 31, 2018
Very well built safe !

Excellent Quality
written by Dee on March 23, 2018
I bought my first safe to secure some of my firearms, and after shopping around I chose Liberty! You can not beat the quality! My next safe will be a Liberty as well!

Liberty Home Safe 8
written by Pam G. on March 20, 2018
It was time to replace my old safe. Did some research on the internet on various safe brands and options. Just purchased a Liberty Home Safe. The setup was easy. The safe is high quality and easy to operate. Large interior with two adjustable shelves. I would recommend this safe to friends and family.

Great Safe!
written by annonomous on March 19, 2018
This safe is great! i would recommend it to everyone!

Change lock
written by Freedom Focused on March 18, 2018
product arrived to our home. easy to follow instructions. changing lock code with door open first is key.

Very pleased.
written by The DLP on March 16, 2018
We needed a 2nd safe and chose the Home 12, everything looks and works great. In the future we'll buy a bigger one in the 1st place!
My only complaint is that it was made in China, but as long as Liberty will back it up like the US made ones I'll be happy.????

written by Angela on March 12, 2018
we actually use this safe for an ammo safe and it is perfect.

Versatile to use as vault or ammo can
written by Ashka0777 on March 9, 2018
I chose this safe to use as an ammo container. It has a decent fire rating and if needed I can revert back to a safe.

written by Dayne on March 8, 2018

written by Karl on March 1, 2018
Good product Good service.

Great product!
written by Catblue on February 23, 2018
Perfect size for my needs. Sales person was very knowledgeable and friendly. Delivery was right on time and professional.

Best Safe There Is....
written by Midwest Gun Hawgs on February 21, 2018
This is my second Liberty Safe... Would buy nothing else. A great American product.

Perfect Size & Security
written by Peace of Mind on February 5, 2018
After researching numerous safes and visiting a number of stores, the Liberty Home series safe was the best value and was available at an affordable price. Sandy at David's Gunroom in Atlanta was exceptional. She went above and beyond to help me verify which safes would meet the requirements I needed for my business. I spoke with many retailers and none of them took the extra time that Sandy took to help me with all of my questions and to make certain the safe I was considering would meet all of my business needs. I have peace of mind now that I have a Liberty safe!

written by anonymous on January 26, 2018

written by Junkman on January 16, 2018

Ed C. (Ohio)
written by Ed C. (Ohio) on January 15, 2018
With this being our first safe purchase everything went easy , the safe is top quality!

written by Jim D. on December 29, 2017

written by Jim on December 27, 2017
I would highly recommend this safe

Liberty Home Safe
written by Jinx on December 24, 2017
This safe has done what it was supposed to do. It was easy to set up and get started. The only problem that I have with it is the electronic lock. It will drain the 9v battery if I don't take it out after I have used the safe. It hasn't been a huge issue yet, but it is annoying.

Safe and secure
written by SL on December 23, 2017
Excellent product and delivery.

Bill's review
written by Bill's review on December 21, 2017

Safe Home
written by Mike from Fiori on December 16, 2017
Previous experience with Liberty Safe was very positive. This was an upsize for us

safe safes
written by ice man on December 11, 2017
since I got my liberty safes I have never felt better about the protection and peace of mind they provide. I gave my old safe away.

written by jose on December 3, 2017

written by jpn on November 29, 2017
Just received safe today and everything seems to be ok.

Liberty Home Safe 8
written by Gregg on November 26, 2017
Since my wife and I have taken up a large portion of our Liberty Franklin 35 gun safe securing "other than gun stuff" I'm out of room for more gun/hunting related items. We needed additional storage to secure items like jewelry, coins, important documents etc.

I purchased the LH08B at Target World in Cincinnati and they were great to deal with. The safe was on sale and they were very knowledgeable, and professional to deal with. I decide to take the safe home in my pickup so they even loaded it for me.

With a lot of muscle and some difficulty, my neighbor and I were able to unload it from the bed of my pickup and use a hand truck to move it to my basement and un-crate it. As expected, the LH08B was in perfect condition.

I later moved it to a location under a counter top in my ammo reloading area and it was fairly difficult to move across the tile floor by myself. I marked the mounting holes, moved the safe out of the way, drilled the holes, re-positioned the safe and bolted it to the concrete floor.

After moving the safe around by myself, I'm not concerned about someone "walking off" with it, but decided to bolt it down just to make it more difficult for a bad guy(s) to move it out in the open and try to pry it open. Even if they did move it, I feel confident that they wouldn't be able to get it open very quickly, if at all.

Having previously purchased the Franklin 35, I was already aware of Liberty's reputation, quality and secure construction so it was a no brainier to go with another Liberty product. With it's small foot print , abundance of storage, and secure feeling because of it's weight and secure construction the the LH08B met our needs perfectly.

Home Safe 12
written by Alan W on November 21, 2017
The size of the Home Safe 12 is what drove me to this product. It is a very nice safe and fit my needs perfectly. It is also fairly heavy for its size. I've owned quite a few safes over the years and I would recommend the Home Safe 12 based on my initial impressions!

Great Safe
written by Brian on November 10, 2017
Love our Liberty safe. Great quality and plenty of room in the Liberty 12. West Coast Safes is a great place to shop. Tons of selection.

Great Safe!
written by -Jewelry Girl on November 9, 2017
Great safe with great delivery up multiple stairs. Love the inside configuration with 60 minute fire rating. Would recommend to anyone!

written by Chelle on November 8, 2017

Great liberty safe. great service from John A Koons Locksmiths
written by Rob M on November 7, 2017
I needed service quickly. Stan at Koons Locksmiths helped to arrange for a safe and quick delivery and installation. The installation crew was great.

written by Rob-N on October 29, 2017

Space Conscious
written by Mr Incognito on October 26, 2017
The unique 24 inch width makes it easy to fit into a closet. Height make it easy to enter. Door opens flush with the side of the safe. Shelves are secure, padded and adjustable. Ability to bolt to the foundation secures it along with its 500 lb body empty weight.

written by Bill on October 26, 2017
We are pleased with the product!

written by G_Man18 on October 19, 2017

written by Tim W. on October 17, 2017

written by JONNDAN on October 14, 2017

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