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Customer Star Rating
Home Safe 12
written by Willie
March 26, 2015
5 stars
Customer Star Rating
written by Bill
March 25, 2015
Just what I was looking for!
Customer Star Rating
Pleased with the nice quality and price
written by Laurie Gilleran
March 24, 2015
Customer Star Rating
written by PISGAH97
March 18, 2015
Customer Star Rating
Satisfied customer.
written by Elvis Presley
March 16, 2015
My husband and I had talked about getting a safe for a long time but had not actually looked at any. We wanted something safe and secure to keep important papers,jewelry, coin collection, and collectibles in. The salesman was very knowledgeable in helping us to make a choice from our description of what we wanted. We purchased the very first day that we looked at safe's at Mark's Outdoor. Now that it is at our house we are very pleased with it!! I highly recommend that anyone go to Mark's first before they make a selection.
Customer Star Rating
We're Real Pleased w our Liberty purchase
written by More Secure now w tough Neighborhoods Surrounding
March 16, 2015
We live in a very nice neighborhood. However, adjacent neighborhoods are becoming more and more dangerous and that danger is spilling over into civilized society. Demographics in many communities are trending toward Democrats, minorities and, aliens becoming the predominate political lack of leadership.

Obama and Eric Holder have fanned the flames of Racism and devisivness that had been healing in America for several decades ... but no more, thanks to them. The unfortunate hatred by minorities for anyone with another color of skin and minority/democrat authorities who tolerate high crime from "communities" who've abandoned the concept of fatherhood and family require the civilized segment of our culture to protect itself.

Thank you for building your products in America and for treating your employees more like family than hired help. Let's pray for a spiritual revival in America and that the Church would once again involve itself in the political and governmental affairs of our once strong ... now failing Judeo-Christian culture.
Customer Star Rating
Great safe.
written by Windy50
March 11, 2015
Just purchased the safe and brought it home. It is well made and very sturdy. I will need more experience with using it to say more. So far the lock is easy to set and the interior is nicely finished.
Customer Star Rating
Liberty Home Safe
written by J Norman
March 10, 2015
Thank you Mike Wards' located in Mobile, AL for your professional service!
Customer Star Rating
Great little safe
written by /D
March 8, 2015
This is a great safe for those who are not worried about storing rifles.
Customer Star Rating
adequate but lacking
written by mike e
March 1, 2015
the safe fits my needs and space available. the top shelf is not removable which poses a hindrance for longer firearms. there is no outlet or access to place an electric dehumidifier in the safe which is necessary for gun storage. it appears to be very secure by the looks of the locking bolts. for the price and size it is a very adequate piece of hardware.
Customer Star Rating
Weapon Safety
written by Jim Hannah
February 28, 2015
We purchased the 12 CF model. It weighs 365 lb so once in place, it's not going to be easy to move, even if not anchored. If you have handguns in the house and have kids, grandkids or friends with kids, you need a secure place for the handguns and ammo. The Liberty Home Safe gives you that protection and still have easy access to the weapons using the electronic keypad. if you want faster access, they have the optional Biometric (fingerprint) lock built into the electronic keypad. I am considering getting that in the near future. All in all, the safe is great.
Customer Star Rating
Fantastic home safe.
written by Don S.
February 25, 2015
This safe offers the most interior space for the money that I could find, after searching on line as well as the retail store. Made in the USA, comes with a life time warranty against fire as well as burglary. You need to check out Liberty safes and compare before you buy anything else.
Customer Star Rating
a Safe Bet
written by bobloblaw
February 24, 2015
Well made safe durable, easy to use and access, door opens 180 degrees. Very good value, not the cheapest by far but I believe you get what you pay for.
Customer Star Rating
Home Safe 12
written by Gator
February 24, 2015
5 stars
Customer Star Rating
Liberty Home Safe 12
written by Rob Reichert
February 23, 2015
5 star safe
Customer Star Rating
written by Payner Pie
February 11, 2015
I love the quality of this safe, it holds the items I wanted to use it for and then some. Made in USA sold me this safe. I compared it to others and it is by far the best on the market.
Customer Star Rating
Nice safe
written by Chris
February 7, 2015
Nice quality built safe. Easy to use. Nice interior I would recommend it to a friend. Also would recommend Dean Safe Co. Very nice and knowledgeable staff
Customer Star Rating
feel safe with your safe
written by charles memphis tn
January 29, 2015
I recently purchased a liberty safe. after looking at other products thierwas only one choice. the fire rating the size the warranty the dealer the no hassle delivery,all handled by the dealer and I got a great price.
Customer Star Rating
Love my new safe!
written by tankersm
January 24, 2015
Purchased a Libery Home 12 model and it is the perfect size to meet my needs - more space in it than it appears. This is a high quality safe. The deliver men were fast, but very careful and thorough - explained how to reset the lock from the factory settings and offered to do it for me if needed. Very happy with this purchase!
Customer Star Rating
Home Safe 12
written by newbie
January 10, 2015
great safe- meets all my needs

Customer Star Rating
Home Safe 8
written by Tbone
January 4, 2015
5 stars
Customer Star Rating
Home Safe 12
written by John
January 3, 2015
Exceptional quality
Customer Star Rating
Good safe, a little pricey?
written by Tony1790
December 29, 2014
Overall a good safe, not on par with my other Liberty safes perhaps, made in China was a real negative for me, but it was a christmas present for me, so how can I complain :-)
Customer Star Rating
Sade and Easy
written by Churchman
December 19, 2014
After reading reviews concerning problems with other safes I decided to check out Liberty based on reputation. Went to several stores (Home Depot, Lowes, Amazon, an office supply house) None of these helped to make a decision. The Mike Ward's Liberty safe store had knowledgeable people who made suggestions and helped. Delivery was important and the people involved were very helpful getting the safe set up. They also bolted it to the cement floor in the main office.

Customer Star Rating
written by Scott
December 18, 2014
Customer Star Rating
Excellent Safe
written by Betty
December 5, 2014
Customer Star Rating
written by Jeff C.
November 14, 2014
Customer Star Rating
written by Ernie and Mary M
November 12, 2014
The sales reps at Northwest Safe in Enumclaw were extremely knowledgeable and helpful from start to finish.

The safe was delivered on time, even though we had severe weather, and by very professional representatives.

Great job by all. Thank you for helping us feel more secure!!!!!
Customer Star Rating
Home Safe Review
written by dw
November 3, 2014
5 star
Customer Star Rating
Gun Safe for the Home
written by bdgunowner
November 3, 2014
I recently acquired a safe from Liberty in order to store my guns in a safe environment in my home. The safe is wonderful, comes with adjustable shelves and gives us a feeling of confidence that no unauthorized person will be handling our guns. I like the idea that I can also store my important papers in the same safe. I loved the idea that we had a large number of choices in picking the right safe for us and that these safes are recommended by the retailer where we buy our guns. I am also happy that we were able to have our 365lb safe put in an out of the way place in our house. If I had one item which we were not thrilled about was the cost of delivery - we thought the price was a little high. The safe however was everything we were looking for in security.
Customer Star Rating
Safe for the bedroom.
written by Buckeye Country
October 30, 2014
Not too large nor too small to hold pistols, ammo and important documents.
Customer Star Rating
written by elba
October 19, 2014
Customer Star Rating
Excellent Safe for the $$'s spent
written by Ken
October 3, 2014
I would highly recommend a Liberty Safe that can be purchased at a participating John Deere dealership. You get the security of the Liberty safe with John Deere branding. A win-win from all aspects
Customer Star Rating
Great Purchase
written by Rain
September 14, 2014
The safe I purchased from Liberty is awesome. It has the space I needed with some extra room for growth. It is also more secure than I originally anticipated. I love the way it seals and locks itself in the event of a fire or any water damage. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Lifetime Warranty. It can be transferred to one of my children if I decide to upgrade in the future and give this safe to one of them. If I decide to sell it to anyone else later, the warranty can also be transferred to them. Most safe companies do not allow that. Liberty definitely beats all the rest with that policy.
Liberty's Response:
Thanks for your positive review! Just to clarify for the general public, the safes are not in and of themselves waterproof. In the event of a flood, the safes will not be waterproof because the safes are not airtight. In a housefire, however, the heat will cause the polusol seal around the door to pop and expand to seal the door (to keep out the heat). This then prevents any water from the firefighters or other fire systems to penetrate the safe door. We pride ourselves on how our safes have withstood many natural disasters including fires, tornados, storms and earthquakes (the pictures are always fascinating). Let us know if you have any further questions.
Customer Star Rating
home safe 8
written by clair
September 9, 2014
yes its fine, large enough that one can't walk with it, wish it was a bit smaller.
Customer Star Rating
Home Safe 12
written by BART45
September 7, 2014
Customer Star Rating
Home Safe LH-05
written by Harvy B.
August 29, 2014
Appears to be a very well made product. If the safe was made in America, I would have given it a 5 star rating.
Customer Star Rating
Great Safe for the $$$
written by Marvel Wilson
August 27, 2014
Great safe at a competitive price with a life time warranty
Customer Star Rating
Home Safe
written by Pandabear
August 26, 2014
This is the perfect size for the items I wanted to use it for. There is plenty of rooms for guns, ammo and also personal papers such as homeowners, wills, passports, etc. The battery is easily changed and the lock is also easy to set and use. This is the perfect safe for a homeowner.
Customer Star Rating
R. J. Lock & Security is Great!
written by Joe Barresi
August 24, 2014
Can't say enough about the people who sold us our safe. R. J. Lock & Security is a great place to shop for a safe. They have a great selection, and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable but never pushy.
Customer Star Rating
Home Safe works great!
written by Home Safe in Redwood City
August 22, 2014
Assistance at Liberty Safes of San Jose was very professional and extremely helpful.

The Liberty Home Safe 8 is far sturdier than the smaller and less fireproof safes available at office supply stores. Safe can be bolted to floor of closet for extra security.

Delivery team was on-time (actually a few minutes early!) and installed safely in very short order.

We highly recommend Liberty Safes of San Jose for products and service.
Customer Star Rating
Home Safe Purchase
written by Dave
August 13, 2014
We had been paying $85 per year for a safe deposit box at the bank. We decided to buy a home safe and save that annual cost.
Customer Star Rating
My second Liberty Safe
written by AZ
August 12, 2014
The products are made in Utah, USA. The accessories available are great (firearms, jewelry, etc.). When I call, I get a human being that speaks English.
Customer Star Rating
Must Consider Home Safes Series
written by "Safely" Submitted
July 31, 2014
We went to a Quality Dealership after looking at Sam's Wholesale, Lowes, and on-line shopping but were sold within one week after finding Liberty Safe!
Customer Star Rating
Home Safe 12 Review
written by J
July 26, 2014
Customer Star Rating
LH 12 Home Safe
written by TTT
July 24, 2014
5 star
Customer Star Rating
written by Warren M.
July 23, 2014
Just got my Liberty Home Safe and I'm already impressed. Appears to be extremely well built and finished. Purchased from a professional safe company whose employees did an excellent delivery and installation job, and provided clear instructions for its care and use. Looking forward to many years of secuse storage of valuables.
Customer Star Rating
New Safe owner very happy
written by DHinson
July 21, 2014
So far, so good. Very easy to use and much more peace of mind. Thanks!
Customer Star Rating
written by doc
July 15, 2014
Customer Star Rating
written by Hawkeye
July 9, 2014
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