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4a. UL Listed Mechanical Locks

S&G Mechanical Lock in Polished Chrome
S&G Mechanical Lock in Polished Chrome


  • The best locks in the world are on Liberty Safes! Top rated combination dial locks are a standard feature* on all large capacity Liberty Safes.
  • S&G uses a dual functioning heat & drill resistant RELOCKER INSIDE THE LOCKS WE USE ON LIBERTY SAFES. Each mechanical lock has a unique 3-number combination code found in the use & care manual. A key locking dial is standard.
  • Liberty uses two different mechanical locks on their safes.
  • All Franklin and below models receive S&G's popular 6741 lock, which has a +1.25 number dialing tolerance, die cast Zamak lever and wheel centers.
  • All Lincoln and above models include S&G's upgraded 6730 lock, which has the same +1.25 dialing tolerance, but has dual locking wheels (harder for numbers to slip when spinning the dial too fast and hard), and brass wheel centers for extended durability.
  • Both the 6741 & 6730 include S&G's Magic Module footprint for ease in mounting and switching over to one of S&G's electronic locks.


  1. Some customers like the traditional feel of a combination dial lock without the worry of replacing batteries.
  2. If lock is ever tampered with by drilling or torching, the relocker built inside fires and locks up the last tumbler. Other safes companies use cheap locks that have NO RELOCKERS. The internal relocker is one of the reasons Liberty locks are UL Listed and more secure. 
  3. Key locking dial is a day lock feature that adds security by keeping the dial from turning. Security Note: The keylock alone is not total security. For maximum security, the dial/lock should always be spun by the owner before the key locking dial is used.
  4. The "87" key lock feature allows floor models to be locked in the open position (at "87"). Customers can open and close floor models without spinning the dial and locking the safe door. Now that's convenience!