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Brightview Safe Light Kit Ratings and Reviews

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Average 2.4 out of 5 stars for 49 customers ratings and reviews

One light did not function out of the box.
written by Morgan on January 10, 2019
As stated above I had one light that would not turn on out of the box. I called the number on the packaging to try and get a replacement sent out, sat on hold for quite some time only to be told by the representative that without the serial number to the safe there was nothing she could do for me. Was instructed to call back when I had the serial. WHAT DOES THE SERIAL NUMBER TO MY SAFE HAVE ANYTHING TO SDO WITH A FAULTY LIGHT OUT OF THE BOX???

Good safe but crummy lights
written by Rusty Brown on December 16, 2018
Had safe for almost 1 month and lights already do not work. Had to toss in garbage!
Liberty's Response:
Hi, please call our customer support and we will send you a replacement.

Design is poor
written by Erwin on October 29, 2018
Purchased a Franklin with the upgraded ProLogic L01 & interior. The brightview (wireless) safe light kit was included with the purchase but are essentially useless. Installation of the light kit was very easy and allows for flexibility to mount in almost any corner of the safe; however, they do not function as advertised. The item description says the lights when mounted in the safe must have a small amount of light to see movement and activate. I have a lamp positioned less than 5 feet from my safe with a 60 watt bulb, in clear view of the interior when the safe door is open and when I wave my hand in front of the brightview lights nothing happens. When I shine my flashlight into the safe without any movement, the lights activate. I'm extremely happy with my safe and the ProLogic lock, not the Brightview Safe Light Kit.

Sorry, they're horrible.
written by Justin on June 29, 2018
These lights would be an absolute rip-off if they were half the price, which is sad because I really wanted them to work. The motion sensor is useless and only trips if you take it out of the holders and bring it into a well-lighted area-- THEN they turn on. The fact that they don't detect motion in darkness makes them a head-scratcher, since you'd be putting them in low-lit or no-lit areas. They are a NO-BUY even before the poor battery life is considered.
Liberty's Response:
Hi Justin, we will have someone from customer support reach out to you.

Lights stopped working.
written by Matt on June 24, 2017
We bought these lights thinking they would be great and last a long time. They stop working within a few weeks. You have to constantly replace the batteries. They do no operate as advertised.

Need more!
written by Goose on November 4, 2015
The lights are nice and bright and I like that I can slide out to get light where I need it. The Franklin would be better with 5 rather than 2 in my opinion.

Battery Life over 9 months and still going strong
written by Kate on October 19, 2015
I was asked by Liberty to test these lights. I know they updated the light and fixed the battery issue. I have been using them in my safe for 9 months and they have been great. The lights are bright and still going strong. I get in my safe about once a day.

Been great for me
written by Michael on September 17, 2015
I see some reviews that aren't so good. Maybe u got a bad batch but mine are great. Battery life has been solid and lasted over 6 months. I'm buying more for the bottom of my safe.

In The Dark
written by Jimmy 2_Tone on September 6, 2015
Like many of the others the light kit is sub par. I've had my safe a little over a month and the batteries in one light are dead and the other is weak. I am very satisfied with the safe, I give it 5 stars but the light kit gets only a 1 star for being a good idea but only in theory
Liberty's Response:
Looks like you recieved a set of faulty lights. We will contact you and get you a replacement. 

Unfortunately no good
written by Steve Thornton on June 24, 2015
I have tried these lights and both of my sets the timer does not work right and the batteries hardly last no matter how good of battery I put in them. I took a chance on these lights due to mixed reviews but when I can afford them I will be getting the wired ones. However I love my liberty safe!
Liberty's Response:
I assure you we will be in contact and get you a working set of lights. Sorry for the inconvenience. 
UPDATED REVIEW: July 11, 2015
Follow up to previous review
I had written a review saying how the life of these lights were poor and the timers had issues. The 5 stars on this review is to Liberty as a whole. They sent me new lights immediately. That is how customer service should be. I will never buy a safe from anybody else or any accessories. I hope corporate can see this. Thank yall very much!

written by P on March 11, 2015
bought this with safe, lasted less than a month.Tossed in the garbage where it belongs.

Liberty's Response:
It looks like we got a batch of lights that are prone to faulty circuitry. We will be in touch with you and arrange for replacement lights to be sent out. 

Brightview safe lights
written by dAVE on March 10, 2015
Bought the Safe last year a Franklin 35.....great Safe.
However the light kit is near useless. I have the light kit set at the shortest time setting and do not enter the Safe that often, but the batteries about dead.
Either there is a steady draw off the batteries or external vibrations turn them on.
Its cheaper and easier and more reliable to just use a flashlight.

Liberty's Response:
It looks like we got a batch of lights that are prone to faulty circuitry. We will be in touch with you and arrange for replacement lights to be sent out. 

written by Craig on January 16, 2015
This is an update to my previous reviews. After talking with your customer service dept about still having problems with battery life on the Brightview Safe Light Kit, they offered to replace them. They replaced them with a Clearview Kit which works great! It's nice to deal with a company that stands behind their product. One more reason to buy an American made. I would rate the Clearview Kit with 5 stars ***** Thank you very much. Again great customer service.

Poor battery life
written by Evan Spooner on January 10, 2015
Have a set of these lights one works perfectly and the other works for a day or so and the batteries die. Have had these light installed for only 1 month and have been through 5 sets of batteries in the one light. Assuming the light is staying on all the time and not shutting off.
Liberty's Response:
We are working with the manufacturer to solve the problem. We have new lights to send you that should extend the battery life to several months with regular use. 

Do not buy
written by J on January 2, 2015
What a waste. Sad. I normally like their products. Ours would only turn on when I shined a flashlight into to safe to try to figure out why they were not working. I need motion activated lights, not "light" activated lights. Wish my family had read the reviews before buying. Going to return them today and look for another product.

Poor Battery Life as Well
written by Wbrown on January 2, 2015
Bought safe at end of summer. Just seeing these reviews. Having same problem with dead batteries. Rarely access safe and batteries last no time.

The light are not up to the quality of the Liberty name....
written by Nick R. on December 29, 2014
I bought these 12/26/14 and this is Monday 12/29/14 and the batterys have went dead twice this weekend !!!! I'm not opening and closing the safe but twice each day and it's set for two minutes to stay on. I sure wish I would have bought the plug in model and saved the 50.00 I'm hoping that liberty will remove these and just sell the plug in kit it would be so much better. Liberty has the absolute best warranty in the business. I gave it one star for the bad light but the service from liberty is second to none !!! Five star rating for the safes and company as a whole !!!
Nick R.
Liberty's Response:
Sounds like your lights have a major problem. We will be in touch to see about getting these lights exchanged so that we can get them back and see what the problem is. We will get you taken care of. 

Not worth the money, even if free
written by Bowman on December 27, 2014
Battery life very poor, bought new safe an lights came with safe, worked a couple times an had to replace batteries, have replaced batteries several times but only last a week or so. Lights must come on when safe is closed or they just eat batteries..
Liberty's Response:
This doesn't sound good. We will be in touch to see if we can help you get them working the way they should be. 

written by gjt51 on December 20, 2014
I just bought a new Liberty Franklin 24 and VERY HAPPY with the safe, but the light are unreliable. Sometimes they wil not come on unless you shine a flash light at them. What good is that. I will be buying better lights and just put a switch to turn them on. Liberty you need to fix them or take them off the market.
Liberty's Response:
the lights do require a change in light to sense movement. If your safe is located in a dark room, there might not be enough light to trigger the sensor. 

Clearview Light Kit is much better
written by Allegheny on December 18, 2014
This is an update to my previous review. Shortly after I posted my review stating that the lights were going through batteries very quickly, Liberty Safe contacted me. The Service Rep offered the Clearview Light kit as a replacement (no batteries needed). Its good to know Liberty stands by their products and is willing to thrill their customer. I enjoy having these lights in my safe. The motion sensor also works great. I would not want to be without these. Thank you Liberty Safe!

Franklin 35
written by J Quillen on December 6, 2014
I got a set free with my safe, also bought an additional set because I have poor lighting around my safe. They haven't worked since I've installed them. All they do are eat batteries. Just got done putting new batteries in two of them, left the door open and watched them turn on for two minutes ( which is how I set them) shut down for a short period then turn back on. They must do this until the batteries are dead. What a waste of 50 dollars. I just leave a rechargeable light stick on top of my safe now, trust me not sold by liberty.

Poor battery life
written by ziapack on November 20, 2014
Ditto what has been previously written, the lights are fine, battery life is very poor. I access the safe maybe twice a week and need to replace the batteries about once a month. I'm better off without the light.

Poor battery life and construction
written by Bill on November 18, 2014
When I found out that the safe I bought came with these lights, I bought another set for another safe.

The Good: quite bright!

The Bad: Battery life is poor with both sets of lights, even when set to stay on for only 1 minute. Also, one of the battery terminals broke off in one of the lights.

Bright Lights and compact but short battery life
written by Joe on November 15, 2014
The lights are compact and very bright. However the battery life is short lived. I have them adjusted to go off after two minutes and I'm not always in and out of my safe.

written by Craig on November 12, 2014

Disappointed with these lights
written by Allegheny on November 5, 2014
Battieries loose their charge very quickly I have had the safe since July 2014. The batteries have been relace 3 times and they need replaced again. I do not recommend the batteries
Liberty's Response:
Sounds like we have a problem. We will be in contact to see what we can do to resolve. It could be a timing adjustment issue. Either way, we will get them working right for you.

Battery fail with in a month
written by TCBum on October 31, 2014
Great lights but they eat up batteries about every 15 to 20 days. Followed the instruction and set the light to go off after 1 minute if inactive. I have had these lights going on 8 months and they are VERY expensive to operate. I have also tried different brands of batteries but the same results. Sorry Liberty---not worth the money!
Liberty's Response:
On rare occasions, we've had defective units. We can replace them with a new set. We'll have customer service contact you.

Batteries fail in a couple of weeks
written by saxman on October 19, 2014
I have tried different kinds of batteries and only open my door once or twice in a week. Lights go on an off the way they are supposed to. But get weaker and weaker each time I open the door. Something in the sensor circuits must be draining them, not the time they are on.
Liberty's Response:
There must be something wrong with the unit. I will have customer service email you and resolve with a new set.

Great light, poor battery life
written by Dan on October 13, 2014
I echo the sentiment of the other posters. The lights are great, and easy to install. However, the battery life is poor. While I may be getting into my safe more frequently that others (3-4 time a week) I need to change mine about every 2-3 months. (and they are set for 1 minute) I have 2 lights but only use one due to the need to replace the batteries so often.
Liberty's Response:
Contact our customer service. Yours may be defective. We will replace.

written by Coyote on October 9, 2014
Package says motion activated not even close. Wave your hands in front of lights and nothing comes on seems to be light activated. Wasted money in my opinion. If I need Flashlight to turn the lights on
Liberty's Response:
Yes, you are correct. They are light activated on the motion sensor.

Poor Battery Life
written by Patrick on October 4, 2014
For what I was spending in battery's it was cheaper to buy the $149.00 Clearview Safe Light kit.

3 sets of batterys in 6 months
written by David S. on September 29, 2014
I thought the first set of batteries were of poor quality, but I went through 2 more sets if Duracell's after that. All in 6 months. I open my safe on average about twice a month. That's 18 batteries in 6 months, so plan on about 36 a year.. better buy them in bulk at Costco.
Liberty's Response:
Wow David, that is not right. We will have to contact you and see what is causing the short battery life. We will be in touch.

poor battery life
written by El Guapo and Jefe on September 24, 2014
The batteries ran out in less than 1.5 month and I had the light ON time set for 1 min. Maybe the batteries that it came with are of terrible quality, going to buy some Lithium Ion and recharable NiMh and see which one is last longer. Has anyone seen longer last time with better batteries?
Liberty's Response:
El Guapo, the batteries that come with the lights are not the the highest quality. You will find better results with a higher quality battery. Let us know if that is not the case and we will see how we can help. 

One out of two didn't work, poor customer service
written by Weaver on September 23, 2014
One unit works great, the other one would not turn off. Tried every time setting, every way to reset unit, still would not turn off. Stayed on at half strength for 13 days.

Contacted customer service and was told they would send a new one out to me promptly. Emailed my address and phone number to the young lady in customer service and �??�??.nothing. Sent two emails back to the same customer service rep and no reply. 5 weeks now, nothing, no lights, no reply email.

I hate to think that once they have payments from the safe sales, the accessories are an afterthought. Really happy with my safe, just not the customer service.
Liberty's Response:
We will jump on this right away. Thanks for letting us know.

battery life is terrible
written by Bill W. on August 29, 2014
The lights are OK when they are working however the batteries do not last. I changed the batteries out several times before realizing they only last about 30 days. Being I only open the safe about once every two weeks I found it's easier to just leave a flashlight in the safe for when I open it. Would not recommend.
Liberty's Response:
Sounds like you may have a faulty set of lights, or they have not been adjusted to shut off at in a shorter period of time. Give us a call and we will get you taken care of. 

Poor battery lifete
written by woodman on July 9, 2014
Leds are supposed to be very conservative on power but my lights only operate for very few safe openings. Very disappointed in battery life. For the price paid I would not recommend this product.
Liberty's Response:
Sounds like you have something going on with your particular lights. The battery life is typically very good. We will be in contact to see if we can get your lights working the way they should.

Bad battery life
written by Craig on June 19, 2014
THe battery life is really short on these lights kills any type of battery within a few weeks with limited use very diaappointing
Liberty's Response:
Thanks for the review. The battery life is typically not an issue if the lights are functioning properly and adjusted correctly. We will be in contact with you to see how we can get your concerns resolved. Once we get them working properly, you will love them. 

Poor battery life
written by CB on June 14, 2014
Absolutely love my Franklin 35, but these lights disappoint. I had my safe delivered at the end of April and the lights both were dead less than 30 days later. Knowing quite a bit about LED lights, this performance is extremely poor. I have 1xAAA LED flashlights that will last hundreds of hours. I have not had my safe door open for more than an hour or two total since I've owned it and six AAA batteries are dead. Also somewhat of a pain to install. Would not recommend.
Liberty's Response:
Thanks for letting us know CB regarding your Brightview Safe Lights. That seems strange the batteries would only last for a couple of hours. It's possible they are defective.
I'm going to forward to our customer service manager and have email/contact you first of the week. 

Bright light / Poor construction / Disappointing customer servic
written by Bryan on May 6, 2014
The lights are very bright and the motion detection works great. The only problem I have with the light is in the construction. The metal end that the battery sits against came loose from the circuit board. I was very carful during the battery installation so I don't think it was anything I did. I emailed Liberty to see how to go about getting a replacement but have not heard back from anyone. Disappointed in their customer service so far. We will see if they make it right or not.

The lights I would give 5 stars if they were not broken. Customer service we will see about...
Liberty's Response:
We will have our customer service department contact you so we can get you taken care of. Thanks for your patience.

Great lights for as long as batteries last
written by Jim B on April 30, 2014
Liberty was nice enough to replace the original triangle lights, that wouldn't stay in place, with these. Lights are much better but battery life is horrible. I've set to one minute and they only last for about 4 openings of the door. Pretty soon I will have spent enough on batteries to have purchased a set that I can plug into an outlet. Liberty makes great safes, but have a lot to be desired on lights.

Great, but battery life is short
written by Apex on March 26, 2014
These lights really transform my safe into a wonderfully useful place to store my guns. I have had them 5 months. Note 2 things though. First, battery life is poor in my experience, and I use fresh Energizer batteries. I have reset them from 2 minutes to 1 minute in hopes of extending battery life. I also am now careful to close the safe door as soon as possible. Second, the sensors that turn them on are not motion sensors-- they are light sensors. When you open the safe door, the ambient room light causes them to turn on. If your room is dark, they won't come on, even if you wave your hand in front of them. Not a big deal though. I keep I tiny flashlight in the safe. As soon as I click it on pointed into the safe, the safe lights turn on. Do I recommend these? Absolutely.

Works Great!
written by Aaron .S. on January 2, 2014
Easy to install, guess Blue down there hasn't heard of the 10% rule? Either way, worked great for me. Only complaint is battery life, it sucks them down quick. Lasts ALOT longer if you set them to 1 minute (you won't be in there longer anyway, and if you are, the motion sensors will pick that up and kick on for another minute) so my suggestion is to set them for a minute. Ended up buying 2 sets for my 18 gun safe, but the job was done pretty well with just the 2. (4 is better!)
My roommate bought 6 for his 30 gun safe and loves them as well.

Brightview Safe Light
written by CJ S. on October 19, 2013
After watching the video, these lights were very easy to install and set the timers. I plan on getting a second set to light the lower shelves in my Liberty safe. Because of the motion activation and minimum space requirements, I am also considering getting additional lights for my closets.

Much better than the triangle lights
written by GunMan on October 16, 2013
These lights are fantastic. I bought these to replace my old triangle light because I kept hitting the roof and it would fall down. These lights fit in the corner of your safe perfectly and out of the way. I watched the training video on Liberty Safe and set the time to 3 minutes. I am going to buy another set to put in the bottom corner. Thanks Liberty.

written by WLS on September 16, 2013
I don't know what blueline did, but I just installed mine. No problems and they are securely attached. I was pleasantly surprised that when I set the time to stay lit on both lights to 3 minutes, they both went off in 3 minutes. I recommend them.

Excellent product
written by New Liberty Owner on September 13, 2013
In response to one negative review I saw, yes the material the pins go into isn't consistent, but it doesn't have to be. These are not heavy and they work slick. And, if you do have a problem, Liberty customer service is fantastic, so buy with confidence. Either the product will meet your needs, or Liberty will stand behind it.

Brightview Safe light kit LF35
written by Maniac4861 on August 12, 2013
These lights are nice like Bob said.
My Franklin 35 came with 2 lights and I am ordering 2 more. The problem Blueline had can be overcome by using pliers and holding the pins a 1/2" back and driving, then drive another 1/2" until they are fully seated. A very cool idea.

written by Bob on August 3, 2013
These lights are great. They can be easily removed from their holders so you can shine a light at the back of my safe. The time the lights can stay on can be adjusted from 1 minute to 10 minutes. They are very easy to mount in your safe.

Brightview safe light kit
written by blueline068 on July 29, 2013
Just recieved the kit and have to say there's no way it's worth the money. T-pins are impossible to get into the material with out bending them. If by chance you hit a soft spot they dont hold. Very dissatisfied, expected much more from Liberty. Now I'm going to have to try velcro and if that doesnt work they're going back.

*Free standard shipping on accessory orders over $25 is available in the contiguous 48 U.S. states only.