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HD-200 Quick Vault Ratings and Reviews

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Worked until it didn't
written by anonymous in the midwest on November 7, 2018
I have owned this safe for about 3 years. I like the simplicity and the space inside--seems like a good fit for what I needed.

A few months ago I went to open it and I could hear the mechanism moving inside but the door did not open. Being on the far side of a major relocation I could not locate the physical key. Fortunately--FORTUNATELY--I wasn't in a situation in which I desperately needed what was inside.

I tried for a few days and eventually it did open. I've removed everything from it and it continues to be very sporadic--mostly doing the same thing: makes sound, does not open. I can't figure out any pattern.

I have contacted Liberty via the website about this and have had no response. Perhaps I have just allowed the battery to get low but it seems unlikely as it makes sounds as if the mechanism is moving. If it is the battery, some indicator of when that's about to go would be a major improvement.

I guess if you have one already, I would suggest not bolting it down to anything so that if it fails like mine did you'll at least have something kind of heavy to throw.


Automatic Door goes bad
written by Franky on January 3, 2018
The automatic door stops working after a few months... now it won't lock at all.

Unhappy with performance
written by Craig on January 2, 2016
We will be in contact today to see what is going on and get it taken care of. The HD-200 is a great product and once we get your issues figured out, I am sure you will agree.

Not made in the USA
written by Danp on July 28, 2015
Unlike the other Liberty safe handgun vault, this model is not made in the USA and is made with thinner steel!
Liberty's Response:
You are correct, the 90, 100, 200, & 300 are Liberty Imports. They have been engineered and designed by Liberty, so the quality is second to none. We don't have the capabilities to build these in the US at this time. The HDX-150 and 250 are Made in the USA. 

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