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HD-200 Quick Vault Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.6 out of 5 stars for 215 customers ratings and reviews

First Safe
written by Duke on October 28, 2019
A compact user friendly safe.

written by Dustin on October 16, 2019

Hand gun safe
written by John on August 5, 2019
Easy to set up and use.

written by aries2870 on March 30, 2019
Very Good product. Easy to setup and use. Only 1 reason I did not give it Excellent, no compartment for battery when you put it on a table or nightstand.

Best of it's type
written by User on March 19, 2019

Happy so far
written by Gregorio on March 12, 2019
I started with the Liberty Bio metric vault and could not get it to consistently open. Moved to this one and at least it opens when i want it too.

Good Quality & Functional Vault
written by Dwight Schrute on February 28, 2019
I bought this as a secondary gun vault with the intentions of storing 1 pistol & a magazine. It has plenty of room for that & a little more. The light feature is nice too. If you're looking for a quality vault to store a pistol or even just valuables, this is a great option. This was my first Liberty vault/safe & would consider them first for future purchases.

Great Handgun Vault for the Price
written by John H. on January 12, 2019
The Pro-225 has a simple setup and works great. Quick opening door gives you fast access to your handgun.

Great Product for a great price
written by Luke S on December 19, 2018
I am really liking this vault so far. I don't use it to secure my guns from theft, but the more important factor is that my children can't get to them. I got the HD-200 for a Christmas gift and I'm super excited. the buttons are instinctive and work well. I thought at first I wouldn't like the safe making a 'beep' every time the button is pressed (there is an option to mute the sound), however, the beep is a soft and muted beep and not very loud when the safe door is closed. I actually like that because in the middle of the night when I'm groggy and need to access my firearm quickly I don't want to have to guess if I've pressed the button or not, so having the audio confirmation for me is actually great, so I will be leaving the sound on. Great little safe, fits on the shelf of my nightstand perfectly.

Great safe for the money
written by Andrew G on December 11, 2018
This is my second HD-200 safe. The other one I had for almost two years and it stopped working. i must have had a bad safe, but I love the quick-vault and think this is the best safe you are going to find for the money. Just don't lose your keys because it WILL run out of batteries at some point and the only way to change them is from the inside.

written by K on November 23, 2018

written by John on September 11, 2018

written by Fitzhugh on July 28, 2018

Safe storage, quick access.
written by Maddog Merlin on July 26, 2018
I have wanted to get a vault like the HD-200 for 25 years. My daughter is moving to another town with a less-than-stellar reputation for safety, and will be living alone. I bought one for her and; what the heck, I ordered TWO!

Solid product
written by Rangerman on July 3, 2018
Simple and solid. Only downside, door is a little loud when it opens.

Heavy duty secure safe that is easy to operate
written by Stephanie M. on June 13, 2018
It will likely only fit smaller guns. Can only be mounted horizontally. The buttons make noise but there is a mute option that I did not realize until after I purchased it. That makes me very happy. Good safe for great price.

written by GH on June 2, 2018

2nd choice
written by Jay Gresham on May 30, 2018
I originally purchased a Liberty HD-250 biomatric handgun safe. After many attempts I was unable to get the safe to accept my fingerprint. I returned it to Cabelas and with the help of 2 very knowledgeable outfitters we pulled another off the shelf and tried to set it up.. we failed a bunch until 1 guy was finally able to get his print to work consistently. The other guy after quite a few attempts was able to register his print. My turn came and for some reason we were never able to get my print setup ! 1 hour later I gave up and decided to purchase the HD 200 without biometrics. This safe has worked well, easy setup , but really would have like the cable attachment as my wife "Frowns" on me drilling or screwing objects onto or into her furniture ! Jay

Excellent Customer Service
written by Mike B. on May 8, 2018
I purchased the HD-200 more than 2 years ago. I noticed that over time, the motor that opened the door seemed to get weaker and weaker, to the point where it would not open the door at all, or it would take entering the code 3-4 times. Obviously, this is not ideal should there be an emergency situation. I did register the product, and contacted Liberty Safe customer service about 6 months outside of the 2 year warranty. I sent an email to the general customer service contact identified on the website, and received a call the next day. I discussed the problem that I was having, and the customer service representative suggested that I try a specific brand of battery and see how it worked. I followed his direction, and ended up having the same problem. I was provided a return number, and shipped the safe to Liberty to either repair or replace the safe. Within a week of sending the safe, a brand new safe was shipped to my house as a replacement. It cost me $18 to send the safe in, but the turnaround time was excellent, and the fact that I was given an entirely new safe was reassuring. At any rate, I love the safe, and am grateful for the first rate customer service.

Good value
written by Safety-conscious Grandfather on March 6, 2018
The Liberty Gun Vault is a good value and has provided the safety that I sought to keep handguns out of the wrong hands. The combo system relies on a 9 volt battery that Liberty advises should be changed annually. I have found that the battery died even with minimal use thus requiring use of the back-up key to access the safe. Using a reminder to pro-actively replace them is likely a better idea than to retrieve a hidden key in an emergency.

written by Bob on February 4, 2018
Pleased with purchase.

Decent Safe for a Decent Price
written by J17 on January 13, 2018
The safe seems to be durable and safe, however, the door sticks when unlocked and doesn't always open. I see this to be a potential problem in critical cases, however, I will see if the door release loosens over time. Although it's the first safe I've ever bought, overall, seems like a nice safe.

Satisfied Customer
written by Mark K. on December 23, 2017
Very sturdy construction. Easily holds two handguns - 357 Magnum snub revolver and 45 semi with extra clip. Only wish it was quieter when opening, but can minimize noise if you use thumb to ease the door open.

Pro-225 Biometric Safe
written by Butch on December 9, 2017
Easy to set up after rereading directions.

Good vault for the money.
written by Cocoa ed on December 9, 2017
Good vault for the money, As received was missing two of the rubber pad supports.

Good safe and easy to use
written by Len on October 23, 2017
This safe is easy to use and very quick access to the weapon. I feel safe that my kids cannot get into it and it is easy to hide in the bed stand.

Auto open
written by T on October 22, 2017
I had bought the 90 series because it could fit in the average drawer. However, I returned it twice because the auto open would only work about half the time. Also, the buttons for the code entry were hard to push.

written by Dave on August 7, 2017

written by Sandyjina on August 5, 2017

Good Solid Pistol Vault.
written by Drew on July 18, 2017
The Vault was on sale which helped me decide to purchase it. The installation of the battery and enrolling bhe biometric access took about 15-20 minutes. Access with my finger is quick and the door opens very fast. It only holds one full size 1911 .4l5 cal. pistol with a couple of boxes of ammo which suits me fine. I would recommend it to anyone looking for such a vault.

written by SB Schaumburg on April 6, 2017

Great safe for CCW
written by Hunter S. Fitzthompson. on March 27, 2017
This safe is great for CCW and other goods you would like to keep safe in your automobile.

Good space for the price
written by Clifford Diver on March 26, 2017
Easy set up. It feels durable so far. I just got this today. I think it is a fair price for the space and security you get.

Great Price. Solid Product.
written by Ed Byrnes on February 25, 2017
This is the first and only handgun safe I own. Bought it for quick access and to keep it locked away from my toddler. Seems like a sturdy safe with a simple design. Only complaint is that the indicator light on the top of the vault doesn't seem to work. No big deal but you would expect that to work right out of the box.

Good safe
written by Jay widen on February 22, 2017
I bought this safe because of it being easy to access for me and to keep away for small children. It was an affordable safe to buy.

Simple yet solid
written by Eric Estoesta on February 7, 2017
Code is simple to set. Door opens QUICK. You can mute the sound if you want. There's a tamper feature. After 5 failed code entry, the keypad is disabled for 3 minutes. Can only be opened by the key. The buttons are intuitive. I'm already used it with eyes closed and with either hand. Overall good design and priced right. A must have to aid in preventing unauthorize access and peace of mind.

Great Box - For Horizontal Surface
written by Occasional Shooter on January 21, 2017
Great box, just need to find a place to mount it that is flat, secure and horizontal.

written by Amarillo Annie on December 28, 2016

Very Nice Safe
written by Double D Outfitter on December 11, 2016
Very well built safe, very easy entering multiple fingerprints, good for households with children.

ProVault Biometric PRO-225
written by Jim Hughes on December 11, 2016
Easy to set up and use! Door opens with a bang.

Good finish easy to operate
written by Patrick Henry on December 4, 2016
The finish on the cabinet is nice. Easy to program the code.

written by djattherange on November 19, 2016

Superior Quality
written by Pastorrobin on November 11, 2016
This is a beautiful hand vault. Strong and manly with plenty of room for my Sig 226 Extreme with the attached laser. The battery install is cumbersome, so expect that to irritate each time you replace it. It's daily use is excellent however, as a secure, fast access pistol safe for your primary home defense handgun.

Happy in Ohio
written by grandpa on September 26, 2016
Like that it has both touch buttons and a backup key. Wish it had more than 4 digits to choose from. Wish it had two mounting holes, one on each side near the back at top so I could run a cable through it to secure as an option.

Nice vault!
written by Bonilla Guerrilla on April 8, 2016

N.W. Safes Great Service
written by Pick2 on April 3, 2016
Great service from Northwest Safes. 5 star for service.
Also purchased the Fat Boy & Ammo Can, ask me a month could be 5 star.

Secure with quick access
written by JRock on March 31, 2016
Need to secure handgun and an extra clip for home. Wanted security with a quick access build to fit in nightstand shelf. This fits the bill. It's the right size for this need. The only drawbacks, if I had to be really picky: the door is great that it's on a spring, huge for quick access, however it opens louder than I'd expect, and the latch on the door could be less protruding imo. These are minor to me, I mention to you, but compared to others, this is def. a top 2 safe for this application. Right price. Good value in security.

Perfectly fit my needs...
written by Arizona Throwdown on March 4, 2016
Love the dual access (keypad and key). Roomy enough for my pistol, spare mag, and tactical flashlight! Just the ticket for any responsible gun owner that wants to secure their firearm from unauthorized hands (especially children)!

Safety First
written by Thomas Brown on February 13, 2016
Very good quality, like the inside light, would have liked it to have a little fire proofing. This will keep the grandkids from getting access to the handgun.

Liberty HD-200
written by Jimmyleg on February 7, 2016
The vault looks to be well constructed and it provides quick and easy access. I'm not a fan of the fact that this model is built in China. Part of me thinks that maybe I should have bought a USA made model that comes with a longer warranty. Something tells me that the 2 year warranty on China made models is a bad sign.

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