500' Helicopter Drop Test, Plus Explosives by Liberty Safe

500' Helicopter Drop Test, Plus Explosives!

The Ultimate Gun Safe Torture Test

We really enjoy putting our gun safes (and our competitors’ safes, for comparison) through the gauntlet. Maybe it’s our inner sadist, maybe we just like seeing the carnage in the aftermath, or maybe we just really like having an excuse to use explosives. Whatever the motive, we do our Torture Tests in the name of proving that Liberty Safe is America’s #1 safe brand.

We know what a Liberty is capable of, and our gun safe tests will help show you too. When you see that our safes can be blown up, ripped open, cooked in a furnace, or dropped from a helicopter, and they still hold up far longer and better than the competition, you'll understand why so many Americans rely on Liberty Safes.

What Liberty Safes Offer

We’re dedicated to offering the best protection for your valuables both at home and at work. And did you know there’s more to Liberty than just full-size safes? Whether it’s a small-security solution or big picture peace of mind, Liberty Safe has you covered.

Imagine an intruder brakes into your home: If your firearm is locked in a traditional gun safe, it could take time to unlock and access your firearm — time you may not have. Our small gun vaults keep your firearms safely locked away, yet easily accessible via biometric locks. With just the swipe of a finger, the gun vault gives access to authorized persons within 2 seconds. It’s a great option for businesses or homes with small children.

Non-Traditional Security

We also carry a line of home safes—smaller, low-profile safes that are affordable and easy to hide in a closet. Best for smaller valuables and documents, they pair perfectly with the full-sized safe you need for your long guns.

Need serious security? Our new vault doors mean you can secure entire rooms for valuables or create a panic room right in your home. With the same patent-pending locking-bar technology as our full-size safes, vault doors mean you are never limited by size. What’s more, our vault doors can be both locked down and unlocked from the inside, creating the ideal safe room.

We know that keeping homes and businesses secure doesn’t come with a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we’ve committed ourselves to innovation that addresses everything from locking away heirloom jewelry to protecting large collections of valuables and even entire families from would-be intruders. We want you to enjoy the piece of mind you deserve.

Our safes are built better to protect better. We’ve done the Torture Testing to prove it.


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