What Makes Liberty Safe the #1 American Gun Safe Manufacturer

We're very proud to be able to call ourselves America's best home and gun safe manufacturer. We've worked REALLY hard to earn that title. There are a number of things that set us apart from the competition, but in this video, we focus on just four of them:

  1. Ultra-tough 2-piece roll form safe bodies
  2. Military-style locking bars
  3. American-made steel
  4. Industry-leading fire testing

Roll-Form Technology

Liberty Safes are built using highly specialized roll-form technology. This is an automated process that lets us bend a single piece of steel to shape the top, bottom, and sides of our safes. Why does that make them stronger? Because they're made of one solid piece of steel, with fewer welds. Welds are a potential weak point, so the fewer of them you have, the stronger your safe is. To our knowledge, no other manufacturer uses this type of technology.

This, and the precise, robotic tech we use for the welds we do need, creates our trademark, ultra-strong, 2-piece body construction.

Military-Style Locking Bars

We developed the next generation in locking technology with our exclusive, military-style locking bars. Most safes use round bolts to keep the door locked tight against the safe body. The problem? These are attached with a rivet. That rivet point can sometimes be popped with a pry bar. This lets thieves bend the locking bolts and get the door off your safe.

Our locking bars were designed to overcome this potential weak point. They're one solid piece of steel, and they've been proven to be significantly harder to pry past. In fact, in a pull test designed to see how long our locking bars could withstand direct force attempting to pull the locked door open, they were 120% stronger than a competitor's safe. To learn more about the benefits our locking bars offer, click here.

American-Made Steel

We also use better materials to make sure our gun safes are the highest quality. We build our safes from American-made, pickled and oiled steel. This is a specialized way of treating steel. It involves chemically washing the steel to remove any impurities — that's the “pickling” part. Then oiling the steel to prevent rust from forming. This ensures maximum strength while preventing rust.

Industry-Leading Fire Protection

Finally, we've earned the title of America's #1 home and gun safe manufacturer because of our fire testing. We use fire-rated gypsum board to increase fire resistance. And our certified fire testing leads the industry. It's based on studies conducted by Omega-Point Laboratories. And it's designed to mimic what would happen in an actual house fire.

Unfortunately, not all safe companies conduct legitimate fire testing. There is no regulation for fire claims in the safe industry, so some companies claim better protection than their safes actually offer. Not Liberty Safe. We've furnace tested over 200 safes to make sure they'll stand up to the fire protection we promise.

No other manufacturer subjects their safes to the number of actual fire tests that we do. At Liberty, fire protection is more than just a claim on a door sticker. Our safes will perform exactly as stated. We want to make sure they can really withstand the heat and keep your valuables protected. That's why our safes have survived more fires than any other brand. To learn more about our fire certification, watch this video.

At Liberty, we're serious about the promises we make to our customers. Our commitment to technology, innovation, American-made durability, and legitimate fire testing — along with our amazing customers — are just a few of the things that have made Liberty Safe the #1 manufacturer in the United States.