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Fire Testing Gun Safes by Liberty Safe

Fire Testing Gun Safes

Plenty of gun safe companies claim their gun and home safes offer fire protection, but many have never done any actual testing. We think you deserve better. That’s why we deliver the best certified safe fire protection in the industry.

Research-Based Testing

Liberty Safe bases fire testing on guidelines developed by the U.S. Department of Commerce National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). These guidelines were developed through a “full-scale house fire" study designed to mimic what happens during a real home fire.

The NIST’s study provided one vital piece of information:

Within the first few minutes of a house fire, temperatures quickly soar to 1200 degrees F.

Don’t Be Fooled

Here’s the problem. Many safe manufacturers base their fire certification on tests that have nothing to do with how fast temperatures heat up in a real fire. In fact, many delay the ramp-up to 1200 degrees over 20-30 minutes. They do this, then claim their gun safes survived in the furnace at “1200 degrees.” Some even rate their safes as high as 1400 degrees.

Liberty Safe doesn’t play this game.

During our fire tests, we ramp up the heat to 1200 degrees within ten minutes.

Then we keep it at 1200 degrees throughout the duration of the test to make sure our fire ratings are legitimate. Testing our fire safe gun safes to match real-world conditions means more protection for your valuables.

Disaster Tested, Liberty Approved

No other safe company has more success stories from real customers whose valuables have survived a fire inside their safe. Liberty gun safes have survived home fires, wildfires… even California’s notorious Camp Fire. See some of our favorite fire survival stories here!

Liberty Safe… Always Protected™


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