Are Gun Safes Worth It?

Are Gun Safes Worth It?

What You Need to Know before Buying a Gun Safe

Gun safes are an investment, and one of the most common concerns we hear about is whether or not they’re worth the money. So, let’s take a look at some of the reasons your home can benefit from this security upgrade.


If unattended, gold, jewelry, cash, medication, collectibles, and so much more are at risk. Most burglars are going to be smash-and-grab opportunists, trying to get in and out of your home in less than ten minutes. But guess what usually takes longer than that to break into? A high security safe! Many times, simply having a safe in your home works as an effective deterrent. For that reason alone, a safe can be worth purchasing.

On the same note, if you live in an area with high crime rates or in a neighborhood that sees a lot of break-ins, you should definitely consider getting a gun safe.

Firearms Storage

Most gun owners want to secure their firearms when they’re not in use. A gun safe will keep them out of the wrong hands.

Fire Protection

In the event of a fire, many items can be replaced. But some mementos, such as photo albums and heirlooms, can’t. A fire-rated gun safe might help you protect those personal belongings when the unthinkable happens. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your home unoccupied frequently or for long periods of time?
  • Do you live in a remote area far from a fire station?
  • Do you live in an area that sees frequent wildfires?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you may want to consider a home or gun safe with highly rated fire protection. Not sure which safe is right for you? Take the Liberty Safe Quiz.

Protecting Your Kids

Kids are experts at getting into everything you don’t want them to, and sometimes, the results can be disastrous. Be it destroying your collectibles, getting ahold of your controlled substances, or having unintentional access to a firearm, it’s important to keep your personal belongings safe, and any children who come into your home (kids, grandkids, neighbor kids) safer.  

If any of these topics resonated with you, you definitely consider purchasing a reliable home or gun safe. After all, the whole point of owning a safe is being able to rest easy knowing you’re protected.

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