The Best Gun Safes for Fire Protection

The Best Gun Safes for Fire Protection

What Gun Safes Offer the Best Fire Protection?

Fire protection is second only to security in terms of why people buy a gun safe. Not only do you want your firearms to be protected from theft, but you also you want your valuables to be safe in the event of a home fire.

The problem is most safes, even high-security gun safes, aren’t fire tested by an impartial third party. They’re tested by the manufacturer, and that means the manufacturer gets to set their own testing standards and fire ratings. In other words, fire testing isn’t standardized in the industry.

As a result, there’s often no way to be sure that a fire rating is accurate. Still, there are safes on the market that are built to withstand real fires, and that have been tested using standards based on real science, like those developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology for a full-scale house fire. These rigorous standards are what we use to test our safes at Liberty, and we redesign any safe that fails our test. That’s why our safes have survived more house fires than any other brand.

Just look at our Liberty Presidential. This safe offers 2 ½ hours of fire protection. It’s also built from 7-gauge steel, with up to eighteen (depending on the size you order) ½” thick, military-style locking bars for unbeatable security. It also comes in three different sizes, with over a dozen different finish options.

Ours isn’t the only brand with solid fire protection, though. So, for those of you who want to see what other brands have to offer, here are our top three picks for safes with solid fire resistance:

  • Browning TL-30
  • AMSEC TL-30x6
  • Sturdy 60x28x72

Browning TL-30

This safe starts with a ¼” steel body, but what takes it a step further is the steel-reinforced, high-density aggregate ProSteel (the company that manufactures Browning’s safes) lines the safe with. This aggregate is stronger than concrete and acts as an incredible insulator.


The TL-30x6 is similar in design to the Browning safe. Like the Browning, the AMSEC is lined with steel-reinforced cement. The concrete lining makes the safe walls a full 3” thick, a fact that allows it to withstand fires for a full two hours.

Sturdy 60x28x72

This safe is unique for a couple of reasons. First, fire protection doesn’t come standard; it’s an add-on. But if you’re willing to shell out the extra cash for it, Sturdy lines the safe not with fire-board or concrete, but with ceramic and fiberglass insulation (much like an actual furnace). The safe features a 7-gauge steel body for some serious security, and it’s also one of the largest safes on the market.

A final note: most safes insulate with fire-rated gypsum board, known as “fire-board.” It’s what our Presidential is lined with. You won’t always find it referred to by its generic names, though. But even if a company uses a “marketing” term to describe its fire-board, it’s likely the same thing other safe companies are using.


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