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What Are Liberty Safes Made of?

At Liberty Safe, your security is our priority. That’s why our safes are carefully assembled with only the highest quality materials.

We start with American made steel. The bodies and doors of our safes are formed from coiled 14, 12, 11, 10 and 7-gauge steel, depending on the model of safe, with a pickled and oiled protective coating to help prevent rust. Unlike our competitors, we take care to have no seams on the front or sides of our safes’ tops – making a stronger box that’s more resistant to prying.

Our safes are finished with a durable powder coat paint that’s cured onto the metal surfaces. We use three kinds of paint finishes: textured, marble, and gloss. No matter which finish you choose, your Liberty Safe is sure to be a beautiful part of your home. And since the paint is electrically charged to our steel safes, a Liberty Safe will continue to ornament any room it’s placed in for years to come.

These safes aren’t just decorative, though – Liberty Safes have fire insulation installed on all six interior surfaces, including the door. With multiple layers of fire-board, all interlocked, a Liberty Safe is a quality choice to help your prized belongings survive a fire.

After the fire-board goes in, our safes head to final assembly. There, they receive their fabric interior and shelving system. We choose high quality fabric and heat glue it to sheets of wood to create a long-lasting and luxurious interior for your safe.

Finally, Liberty safes receive their final security feature: locks and locking bars. We install UL Listed electronic or mechanical locks along with locking bars that range from 3/16” thick steel up to ½” thick! And don’t forget, all of our steel is American made. We won’t settle for anything less than the best – that’s why you can trust a Liberty Safe.


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