Liberty Safe Survives a Raging Garage Fire

How to Impress a Fire Chief

When Missouri residents Mike and Cassandra discovered a fire in their garage in late 2018, they feared the worst. It took only a few minutes for the whole garage to be engulfed, and though firefighters were able to limit the damage to the home itself, what the flames did touch was utterly consumed.

The heat of the garage fire was intense. At the fire’s peak, it was so hot that firefighters left boot prints in the cement. An effect known as spalling, the surface of the concrete cracked and flaked under the emergency responders’ boots, leaving a permanent reminder of where they had stepped.

This spalling effect is a sign that the fire likely reached temperatures at or around 1200°. With temperatures reaching that high, Mike and Cassandra didn’t think anything would survive the fire. And they were right. Nothing in their garage survived...except for their Liberty Safe.

Opening Their Home Safe

When the smoke finally cleared, the couple had serious doubts about anything surviving. “Everything is going to be lost,” Cassandra thought. “I hope that safe is as good as they say it is.

The safe in question was charred and tarnished on the outside, but still standing. Mike and Cassandra weren’t holding out hope, though. “I am, right now, just sweating bullets,” Cassandra said. They fully expected to open their safe and see nothing but ashes inside. They were in for a very pleasant surprise.

Inside, the safe was a refuge, completely untouched by the garage fire. Everything contained inside had made it through the inferno unscathed. “I was so flabbergasted,” Mike said. “I’ll tell you right now: whatever they put in there, it works.”

“Everything was fine,” Cassandra added. “I was so impressed.”

It was a good thing, too, because they kept much more than just guns in the safe — they left all of their important documents in there, too. Cassandra said, “I left all of our birth certificates, our checkbook, the deed to our house, insurance papers, copies of IDs, guardianship papers [in the safe].”

As Mike began pulling things out of the safe, one by one they each proved free of fire damage. From the guns to the papers to the old family photos, not a single item was so much as singed. “I would have never been able to replace some of that,” Mike said.

They weren’t the only ones stunned by the level of protection their safe provided. “The fire chief,” Mike said, “When he came out and I had opened this up and showed him no damage hardly at all in here, he went out and bought him a Liberty Safe to put his stuff in.”

As a final note, Mike added: “You can’t afford not to have one.”

The Liberty Promise

At Liberty Safe, we’re serious about our lifetime guarantee. We’ve built our company around quality and innovation, and that includes holding our safes to some of the most rigorous fire-protection standards in the industry. When we say our safes offer certified fire protection, that’s exactly what we mean. We want to be the company offering the best home safe fire protection in the world.

We were so happy to hear that our product protected Mike and Cassandra's valuables from their terrible garage fire. As soon as they're ready, we'll be delivering a brand new Liberty Safe right to their door.

For more fire survival stories watch how a Liberty Safe survived a California wildfire or how a Liberty Safe survived a house fire that burned for hours.


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