Our Guide to the Different Types of Liberty Gun Safes

Our Guide to the Different Types of Liberty Gun Safes

Choosing the right home safe, gun safe, handgun vault, vault door, or fire-rated safe for your home or office can be confusing. But we at Liberty Safe believe we build the best USA-made gun safes, home safes, vault doors, and handgun safes you can buy, and the choice to purchase a Liberty Safe is the easiest one you can make… once you know a bit more about the different types of safes Liberty offers.

In this article, we’ll go over the different types of Liberty gun safes and their key features, and then we’ll cover some helpful info like where to install your safe and other considerations.

Liberty Gun Safes

Liberty has an extensive line of gun safes for sale, from the basic and functional to the top-of-the-line. There is a Liberty Safe that is perfect for your needs and your wallet. Let’s start with the budget-friendly Centurion line and work our way up.

Liberty Safe Centurion (Security Level 1)

The Centurion line is the top choice if you are looking for entry-level security and fire protection for the lowest possible entry price. With sizes capable of holding 12, 18, or 24 long guns (plus shelves for smaller items), you’re sure to find a Centurion that’s the right size for you.

The Centurion line is the top choice if you are looking for entry-level security and fire protection for the lowest possible entry price. With sizes capable of holding 12, 18, or 24 long guns (plus shelves for smaller items), you’re sure to find a Centurion that’s the right size for you.

Since we often recommend first-time safe buyers purchase the largest safe they can afford (since a good safe tends to fill up quickly, even with a capacious interior), the Centurion 24 is a frontrunner here. Large enough to secure a growing gun collection and featuring a full 40 minutes of fire protection at 1200° F, the Centurion 24 comes standard with chrome hardware (including a 3-three spoke handle), our dual-flex interior shelving system, a SecuRam TopLit electronic lock, and a versatile, factory-installed interior door panel.

Like the smaller Centurions, the Centurion 24 features a 14-gauge steel body, Liberty’s thick, military-type locking bars, a one-piece drill- and pry-resistant hardened door plate, and our proven relocker mechanism that locks the safe down in the event of attempted brute force entry. With real protection, increased fire resistance, and greater capacity—all at a fantastic price—the Centurion 24 is an excellent choice for a “starter safe” for those with larger gun collections or even as a second or third safe where a top-tier fire rating may not be needed.

One additional advantage of the Centurion line for apartment-dwellers and do-it-yourselfers is that the weight of even the largest (24-gun) Centurion model weighs in at a relatively manageable 381 pounds empty. (For comparison, our largest Presidential series safe weighs 1,585 pounds.)

Liberty Safe Freedom (Security Level 2)

Liberty’s Freedom line gives you greater capacity and uprated features than the Centurion line, but still at a very attractive price. The Freedom boasts an impressive fire rating of 40 minutes at 1200° F for all sizes. It comes standard with level 2 security features, a fast-access SecuRam TopLit electronic lock, a factory-installed door panel for greater storage, a polished chrome handle, and room inside for up to 30 long guns (depending on the size you choose), or a combination of firearms and other valuables.

Freedom safes come with gray fabric interiors and a tough, textured black exterior surface finish, making them resistant to fingerprints, dust, and scratches. Like all Liberty Gun safes, you get serious fire protection with quality fireboard insulation and the proven Palusol heat-activated expanding door seal to help lock out heat and water.

Liberty Safe USA (Security Level 3)

Liberty Safe's USA line consists of great “first safe” options for people who want more security and fire protection than the Centurion or Freedom lines but still look for a great price and manageable overall size and weight.

The USA line comes standard with a tough, textured, corrosion- and fingerprint-resistant black finish with a gray fabric interior and chrome hardware (including a 3-three spoke handle). The versatile dual-flex, fully upholstered shelving system, and a factory-installed interior door panel allow extra storage options.

Liberty’s USA line features a UL-listed safe body, a UL-listed top-lit digital SecuRam lock (or choose an S&G mechanical lock), three hardened steel drill-resistant lock plates, thicker hardened military-type locking bars, our proven relocker mechanism that locks the safe down in the event of attempted brute force entry, and a full 60 minutes of fire protection at 1200° F.

For protecting larger gun collections from theft and fire at a great value, the USA 48 gun safe is a top choice. Packed with solid security features at an entry-level price, the USA 48 is also ideal for serious collectors needing a second or third safe with lots of room.

Liberty Safe Colonial (Security Level 4)

Liberty's Colonial line is ideal for people who want more features, security, color options, and fire protection than the hot-selling USA line but still want a great deal on a good-sized safe. Featuring a level 4 security rating and a full 75 minutes of fire protection at 1200°F, the Colonial is available in several exterior and interior color options in textured, marble, and gloss colors and with chrome, black chrome, or brass hardware. So you can specify a safe that keeps your valuables, documents, and firearms secure and fits perfectly with your sense of style.

Liberty’s Colonial line features our UL-listed SecuRam backlit electronic lock (or choose an S&G mechanical dial lock), a heavy-gauge, UL-listed steel safe body, our proven slip-clutch mechanism on the 3-pronged handle to protect against forced entry, and hardened steel, military-style locking bars. Also included are a factory-installed door storage panel and an electrical outlet kit to easily install interior lighting or a dehumidifier (a must in humid environments).

All Liberty Colonial safes come with our patented 3-in-1 Flex™ interior shelving system for maximum versatility. (The Colonial 50 Extreme features a 6-in-1 Flex™ system.) Using our flex gun-slot covers and adjustable shelving, you can customize your safe in any of three versatile configurations.

The Colonial 50 is also the first Liberty Safe we’ve discussed that is 72” high–a full 6 feet. For a large-profile, large-capacity, high-style safe at a price that won’t break the budget, the Colonial 50 is a top choice.

Liberty Safe Franklin (Security Level 5)

Luxurious yet affordable, the Franklin safe perfectly combines class and performance. With a dynamic blend of security and style, the Liberty Safe Franklin line is tough to beat. There's a reason that so many Americans have chosen the Franklin as their primary home, gun, and fire protection safe: The Franklin boasts a full 110-minute fire rating at 1200°F, along with formidable security features including the Liberty DX-90 MONSTER MECH, military-style locking bars, and triple case hardened steel plates.

Customize your Liberty Franklin safe and create the perfect fit for your taste and needs. You can choose your exterior finish, hardware color, and interior fabric from several premium color schemes. The Franklin line also features Liberty’s patented 4-in-1 Flex™ interior, giving you four customizable interior options in one safe. You can arrange your safe using our flex shelving in any of the four configurations. Hence, you get the perfect exterior look and internal layout for your unique requirements.

Liberty Safe Lincoln (Security Level 7)

Liberty’s Lincoln safe line comes loaded with high-end touches, including a factory-installed deluxe door storage panel, 5-spoke Suretight handle, UL-listed Sargent and Greenleaf mechanical dial—or select our UL-listed SecuRam backlit electronic lock—available in chrome, black chrome, and brass finishes, deluxe electrical kit with multiple outlets, factory-installed Clearview lighting system, velvet-lined jewelry drawer, and 12” dry rod dehumidifier. You can specify your heirloom-quality Lincoln safe by choosing from multiple gloss, marble, or textured exterior paint schemes to perfectly accentuate your home’s decor.

Liberty’s Lincoln safes feature level 7 security features, including a thicker UL-listed safe body, thicker locking bars, upgraded drill-resistant ball-bearing hard plate to protect the lock from drill attacks, dual relocking mechanisms, a slip-clutch mechanism to prevent excessive force through the handle, Liberty’s upgraded DX-90 Monster Mech™ locking mechanism, and a full 110 minutes of fire protection at 1200°F.

The Lincoln 50 is Liberty’s largest and heaviest level-7-security safe. It will be a top choice for discerning buyers who want the greatest interior capacity (up to 41 long guns plus space for handguns and smaller valuables) and the most premium features for the best price.

Liberty Safe Presidential (Security Level 8)

Hail to the chief! The Presidential line from Liberty Safe offers layers of top-of-the-line protection wrapped in a secure 7-gauge steel body and luxurious style.

Featuring a 5-point ship’s wheel handle and hand-applied finishes, you get the protection you deserve and a beautiful piece of functional art.

The Presidential has various customization options to make your safe the perfect addition to your home’s interior.

First, choose the hardware that best suits your preferences: black chrome, polished chrome, or go full-out with 24K gold plating. Then choose the exterior and interior color combination that you desire. It doesn’t stop there… you can also select between two types of shelving and lock types to get that perfect, customized touch, all protected from moisture-related damage by the PEET air-circulating dehumidifier.

The individualization of this safe continues with our patented 4-in-1 Flex™ interior shelving configurations. With four different shelving layouts to choose from, you can adjust the interior of your gun safe to suit your specific needs.

When it comes to protecting your belongings, you can’t be too careful, and we’ve designed our Presidential safe lineup with the top security features on the market. These armor-tough safes offer 2.5 hours of certified fire protection to ensure safety against even the largest blazes, and feature a massive, ultra-strong composite door, upgraded ball-bearing hard plates to protect the lock from drill attacks, a slip-clutch mechanism to protect against forced entry via the handle, Liberty’s upgraded GX-480 Monster Mech™ locking mechanism, dual relockers to lock the safe down in the event of attempted brute force entry, and Liberty’s exclusive, ultra-strong military-style locking bars to protect against pry attacks.

When you want the absolute best, you need the Liberty Presidential safe.

Where to install a gun safe

There are a few nuances to consider when discussing where to install your gun safe. First, where is a suitable location in your home (or apartment, or office, etc.) that will benefit you from using your safe while providing a sufficient level of security from unauthorized access? Second, what environmental conditions will potentially impact your safe and its contents? And don’t forget: safes can be heavy, particularly when they’re full of guns (or bars of gold, if you’re lucky). Can your floor take the weight? Let’s discuss the practical location of your safe first.

Everyone is different, and people purchase gun safes for various purposes. If you plan to access your safe frequently, you may want it placed in a location that affords you ready and easy access, even if this location allows more people to see and be aware of your safe. Shop owners, for example, may access their safes many times a day and choose to keep them in plain sight.

On the other hand, if you view your safe primarily as a long-term storage tool to protect valuables against theft and fire damage and you don’t need to access its contents very regularly, placing your safe in a more “interior” portion of your home, one where not many visitors may ever become aware of it (even behind a locked closet door or false wall), can be a good choice.

Another consideration for installing your safe, particularly if you choose a larger, heavier model, is whether your floorboards will be sturdy enough to support it properly. Our gun safes can weigh up to 1,500+ pounds, depending on the model and size you choose. Ensure the location in your home or office where you install a heavy safe is rated to support that load.

Should I avoid installing my gun safe in a basement or garage?

Generally speaking, we recommend against installing a gun safe in your garage. There are a couple of obvious issues, the first being that the garage door security is typically not up to the same standards as a good home deadbolt system on your house’s exterior doors.

This means thieves may have easier access to your safe if it’s in your garage versus inside your home. Also, garages often have tools that “thieves of opportunity” can employ to try to break into your safe. Additionally, the open access and ground-level entry to most garages means that thieves can potentially back a powerful truck close enough to get a set of heavy chains around your safe, rip it out of the floor/wall mounts, and drag it away to try to break into it at their leisure later.

Another consideration is whether your basement or garage is at risk of flooding (even basements in “dry” locations are still at risk of flooding from broken pipes in your home or property). For this reason, if you decide to install your safe in a basement, consider elevating it on a secure base to get it up above a potential flood waterline. A steel base/frame that you can anchor into the floor, then anchor your safe to would be best. But in a pinch, you can also use a wooden platform or cinder blocks to allow water to flow underneath (depending on the loaded weight of your safe).

Remember that elevating your safe on a base can create security and even a safety risk. If it's high enough, thieves might put a jack underneath it and tip your safe off the base, making it easier to haul off or pry open the door. You also won't be able to anchor the cinder blocks to your floor or your safe to the blocks, which presents security and potential safety hazards. You may be able to anchor your safe to the wall but be fully aware of the ramifications of elevating your safe on a base or platform.

Ideally, you should invest in a basement sump pump capable of handling a lot of water and make sure to test your pump and its backup battery system regularly.

The preferred and most secure way to bolt down a gun safe is on a concrete surface (taking note of the potential for condensation/seepage discussed below) using heavy-duty anchors or lag bolts. This can also be done inside your home on a concrete slab foundation. While you should consider the points we made above, it’s ultimately your decision, and it is possible to install your safe in your garage or basement, provided you are aware of the risks and take the proper precautions.

The question of moisture and concrete

Garages aren't usually heated or air-conditioned, and frequently basements aren't. These locations are more likely to become damp from moisture and humidity accumulating on the surface of the concrete, depending on your geographic location and how well-sealed your concrete is against moisture (believe it or not, water can travel through the concrete from the outside).

Because of its iron content, steel is naturally vulnerable to rust, so we start with pickled and oiled steel before we begin manufacturing a safe. This process washes away any impurities in the steel, then oils it to protect it from rust. After your safe is built, the painted exterior of your safe also helps to prevent dings and corrosion. Still, nothing made of steel is impervious forever, particularly if exposed to water. So it’s a good idea to either epoxy-coat the concrete floor or put a rubber mat under your safe before bolting it down to help protect the bottom of your safe from moisture that may accumulate.

Handgun vaults by Liberty

Liberty offers several models of handgun vaults, including biometric smart vaults, quick-access combo vaults, and keyed vaults. How you intend to use your handgun, safe will help determine the type that’s right for you.

Keyed handgun vaults are a cost-friendly and size-conscious option for people who want to secure a handgun in a car, office, suitcase, desk, or home and either don’t have access to a full-size safe or simply want to keep their handgun more accessible (or potentially keeping the vault portable). The keyed locking mechanism is secure but is not as quick as the "quick-combo" vaults mechanism, so if immediate access is your priority, a quick-access type is probably better for you.

Most people recommend storing your firearm unloaded inside your vault, and it’s up to you whether you choose to keep your ammunition in the same place. If you’re primarily using your handgun safe to facilitate access to a defensive weapon, you’ll probably want to keep your loaded magazines or revolver speedloaders handy.





Construction of handgun vaults

Liberty’s handgun vaults are made from sturdy steel, 16 or 18 gauge depending on the model, and some are even TSA-compatible for airline use. The lids or doors are assisted by steel pistons or springs for quick and easy access, and the more feature-rich models have interior shelves, lighted interiors, auto-open doors, and battery backups (as well as an emergency key-open feature).

Liberty’s engineers have designed extra anti-pry features into these handgun vaults, and security cables are included to attach them to vehicles, desks, etc; easily. For more permanent/secure mounting, mounting holes are provided for bolts/anchors.

These are California-approved firearm safety devices that meet the requirements of Penal Code section 23655, and the regulations issued thereunder.

Where to keep a handgun vault

Of course, you should keep your handgun vault out of ready access to any unauthorized user or potential thief. The smaller handgun vaults are perfect for concealment underneath vehicle seats, desk drawers, nightstands, closet shelves, briefcases, etc. Larger quick-access vaults can be mounted pretty much anywhere they fit, even under counters, in large drawers, or in any other location you want to have quick, secure access to your firearm or valuables.

Contact Liberty for help choosing the right type of gun safe

We try to provide as much information on our safes as possible on our website so you can learn about the various models’ details and options at your leisure. We’ve also created a useful quiz to help you narrow your potential choices. But we love our awesome safes and talking about them, so if you need additional help, email us at customerservice@libertysafe.com or visit one of our dealers, and we’ll help you find the perfect safe for you.


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