From Paradise to Hell

From Paradise to Hell

John and Sheri Hughes thought they’d found their Paradise. They moved to Paradise, California just a year and a half before the unthinkable happened: the devastating Camp Fire roared through northern California, obliterating as much as 80 acres a minute at its peak.

Thankfully, the Hughes were safely evacuated. Once the fire was finally out, they returned home to see nothing but blackened, unrecognizable rubble. There was one surprise waiting for them, however: their Liberty Safe was intact and still standing.

Opening Their Liberty GUN Safe

Sheri and John were shocked to see their Liberty gun safe standing strong in the middle of the wreckage. The California Camp Fire was so hot and burned for so long that the couple was sure nothing would survive.

Their Liberty Home Safe was charred on the outside, but once they got it open they could hardly believe what they were seeing: their valuables were safe and in pristine condition.

John says, “One of the appliance guys down in Chico — I told him that my guns were saved and I had them in a Liberty Safe. He said, ‘That’s weird, because you’re the first guy that I’ve talked to that has anything left.’”

The Hughes kept their irreplaceable items in their Liberty. Sheri says, “Some of our important paperwork was in there. A couple of passports, baby birth certificates, our high school diplomas, and it all survived. I was pretty amazed. I was truly amazed.”

John was especially thrilled to see that his great grandfather’s .30-30 had been saved.

“Some of these guns were passed down for generations in his family, and they mean the world to him,” Sheri recounts, and then adds, “Definitely going to get another Liberty Safe.”

The Liberty SAFE Promise

At Liberty Safe, we’re serious about our lifetime guarantee. We’ve built our company around quality and innovation, and that includes holding our safes to some of the most rigorous fire-protection standards in the industry. When we say our safes offer certified fire protection, that’s exactly what we mean. We want to be the company offering the best home safe fire protection in the world.

We were so happy to be able to send someone out to help Sheri and John get their safe open, and as soon as they’re ready, we’ll be delivering a brand new Liberty Safe right to their door.

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