Are Gun Safes Bulletproof?

Are Gun Safes Bulletproof?

What Happens When You Shoot a Gun Safe?

We’ve had a LOT of customers ask us if gun safes are bulletproof.

If you’ve watched our other videos, you know we don’t love using “proof” words, like waterproof or fireproof. The only thing that can claim 100% anything-proof is your great grandfather’s moonshine. But we know that what you’re REALLY asking is - can you break into a safe by going wild west on it?

Gun safes are usually built from steel ranging from 14 gauge to 7 gauge. With gauges, the lower the number, the thicker the steel. And obviously the thicker the steel, the better the protection against a bullet.

As you’ll see in the video, a .22 caliber bullet barely nicks the paint on a 10-gauge steel safe. A 9 millimeter puts a small dent in the door. And a 50 AE? Still barely leaves a mark. But firearms and bullets with more piercing power may make it through.

Safes aren’t completely bulletproof, but with thick enough steel, they do a good job of stopping bullets. It would be almost impossible to shoot your way into a safe; that is unless you shot 10 gun safes with a M4 Sherman tank.

Can You Shoot The Lock Off a Gun Safe?

But what about shooting off the lock to get the door open? These days, every safe worth its muster is equipped with at least one relocker. The relocker engages when enough force is applied to the safe (like from a sledgehammer, or a .50 caliber round). The relocker prevents the bolts or bars in the door from unlocking, even if the lock is blown off the door.

A relocker is designed to keep your valuables locked up if your safe comes under attack. So even if a thief tries to go full-auto on your gun safe, you can rest assured it will stay locked.

So, rest easy, especially if you own a Liberty, because you’re Always Protected.TM


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