At Our Core

As Keith Warren from The High Road says, we "just build them better." For 30 years, Liberty Safe has been building the best safes in America. We’ve worked hard to earn our title as the #1 manufacturer in the U.S.

We build our full-sized safes right here at home, in a small town called Payson, Utah. That means more jobs for American workers, and all the benefits of American ingenuity and durability.

We’ve worked hard to develop technology that gives us the best fire-rated safes. We conduct burn tests, our fire seal blocks out both heat AND smoke, and we’ve had more safes survive house fires than any other company.

Our American-made gun safes have also survived natural disasters, like tornadoes and wildfires. One of our customers had his safe picked up and thrown a block and a half away by a tornado… and it stayed closed. His valuables were protected, despite the twister.

We offer a lifetime guarantee on our safes, because we know they’ll get the job done. Liberty safes are rugged, durable, and designed to offer the best home safe fire protection in the world.



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