Can You Put a Gun Safe on Stone Flooring?

Can You Put a Gun Safe on Stone Flooring?

Natural stone flooring is a popular alternative to ceramic tile. It’s sturdy, durable, and can withstand heavy foot traffic. But can it withstand a home safe or gun safe? If you’re considering putting a gun safe on your stone floor, here are a few things you should know.

Can You Install a Gun Safe on Your Stone Floor?

It is possible to install a gun safe on your stone floor. This type of flooring is strong. In fact, it's comparable to concrete because of its dense composition. Much of the installation process replicates how a safe would be installed on concrete.

Will a Safe Damage Your Stone Floor?

Liberty gun safes are very heavy, but that isn’t a problem for most stone floors. However, it’s possible a safe could scratch or scuff a stone floor’s surface if it isn’t correctly installed. That's something you'll definitely want to be careful of when having your safe installed.

Safes must be level so they don’t slide or scoot around. When a safe isn’t level, it puts added stress on tiles. The tiles can crack under the pressure.

It can be difficult to drill holes in stone. Even with special drill bits and a hammer drill, it's very easy to crack your stone floor when trying to anchor a safe to it. Most professional movers will refuse to anchor your safe down to a stone floor simply because they're too easy to crack. So, while you can set a safe on a stone floor, anchoring it down is another matter.

Could Your Stone Floor Damage a Gun Safe?

Stone is “warmer” than porcelain tile, but moisture from humidity can still accumulate underneath the safe. When this happens, the bottom of the safe may suffer corrosion damage. The rough surface of the floor might scrape or ding the safe bottom.

How to Protect Your Floor

A rubber mat under the safe will can help in a number of ways. It can help with even weight distribution, which is critical to prevent cracked tiles. It can also help protect the bottom of your safe from moisture.

The best way to protect your stone floor is to have your gun safe professionally installed. Your installation pro will have the right tools for the job.

Learn more about protecting your safe and home by contacting your local Liberty dealer. How much does it cost to have a safe delivered? Get some rough estimates in this video.


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