Can You Put Your Gun Safe on a Tile Floor?

Can You Put Your Gun Safe on a Tile Floor?

Is it possible to install a gun safe on a tile floor? Here are a few things you should consider.

Can Tile Floors Hold a Gun Safe?

In most cases, a tile floor can hold a gun safe. However, some types of tile are better suited to withstand the weight of a safe. The Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) has developed a rating system to help consumers determine what tiles are best for different uses.

Tile floors for supporting a safe are rated:

  1. Group III – supports medium-heavy traffic; kitchens and/or entryways
  2. Group IV – heavy traffic; hard tiles for hard use
  3. Group V – extra-heavy traffic; areas likely to have abrasive dirt/sand and/or excessive moisture

Ceramic wall tiles used for kitchens and bathrooms are not suited to support the weight of a safe. If you're buying a safe that weighs over a thousand pounds, make sure your tile is high-quality and sturdy enough to withstand the weight.

While some tile can handle the weight of a safe, anchoring your safe down can be problematic. The pressure from bolting the safe down can cause the tile to crack, so most installers don't recommend bolting a safe to tile. If you want to install your safe on a tile floor, talk to your safe installer about anchoring the safe to the wall, instead.

Will a Safe Damage a Tile Floor?

Uneven stress can cause tiles to crack. If you plan to install a gun safe on a tiled floor, make sure the area is level so the weight of the safe is evenly distributed.

And of course, you likely won't be able to anchor your safe down without doing damage to your tile. A wall anchor may be a better option.

Will Tile Floors Damage a Safe?

In high-humidity areas, it is possible for moisture to build up on tile. If your gun safe is sitting directly on the tile, moisture could be trapped between the safe and the tile. This could cause corrosion to your safe (which may be not covered under your limited lifetime warranty). The moisture could also corrode the anchor bolts.

How to Protect Your Tile Floor

Because drilling through tile can be tricky, you should rely on an experienced professional to install your gun safe and bolt it to the wall. An installation professional will have the necessary tools and knowledge you need to drill through the wall of your safe and anchor it properly to the studs in your wall.

How to Protect Your Gun Safe

To protect your gun safe, work with an installation professional. Anchoring your safe to the wall is essential to protecting it from tipping over or sliding on your tile floor. Your safe pros may also recommend using felt pads or a thin carpet mat to protect both your safe and your floor.

Your local Liberty dealer can help you arrange professional installation for your gun safe. Contact your dealer for more information.


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