Cheyenne Dalton and Liberty Safe

Cheyenne - That Dalton Girl

Cheyenne Dalton is not your typical teenage girl. She plays classical violin, mandolin, guitar, upright bass and fiddle. She sings, she works on the family farm, she does homeschool, she loves fishing. Oh, and she’s a world-champion competitive shooter.

“This is my biggest accomplishment,” Cheyenne says, pointing to her Lady Champion Shooter award from the Alabama State Championship. “I’m just super excited about it.”

Advocating for Female Gun Owners

Cheyenne has only been shooting competitively for about five years, but she’s already one of the best. She’s earned the top ranking at competitions like the Iowa and Indiana State Rimfire Championships and the Wyoming State Games. She loves being involved in the sport and introducing other women to shooting.

Her ultimate goal? “I’d really love to mentor young girls and women and help them get started shooting safely,” she says.

She Does What It Takes

Cheyenne doesn’t just dabble in a lot of activities—she masters them. Whether it’s playing bluegrass with her band, That Dalton Gang, shooting, or doing CrossFit, she puts her whole heart—and a serious amount of work—into everything she does.

“I think it’s her work ethic that sets her apart, because she will not quit,” her dad says. “She’s been that way since she was little. She would play her violin until the strings wore off the bow. Bottom line is, I think she just works harder than anybody else I know. “

So here at Liberty Safe, we're keeping an eye on this Dalton girl. She's got amazing goals and she won't quit until she makes them happen.



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