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Gun Safes Aren't Just For Men

Gun Safes Aren't Just For Men

women Want to own the best gun safes Too!

We all know gun safes aren’t just for men. Yes, you can store your pricey testosterone-booster and your He-Man figurine collection in it. But there are plenty of women out there who couldn’t live without their gun safe.

So, what are the most popular items women store in their safe? The usual, of course: guns, jewelry, cash, and passports. But many have filled up their safes with external hard drives, baby books, family heirlooms, insurance documents, photography equipment, and more.

Safes are an excellent way to protect those valuables from theft and fire. At Liberty Safe, we conduct our fire testing using research-based methods that match actual house-fire conditions. And more of our safes have survived house fires than any other company.

Our safes use UL-listed locks — which means they’ve been certified by a third-party for security you can trust. And our engineers developed military-style locking bars to secure the safe door to the safe body. This revolutionary technology has made ours the best safes to help protect against pry attacks.

If you have valuables you want to keep safe, check out our huge selection. And if you want a good laugh, watch this video to see our resident expert, Randy the safe guy, team up with his wife to have a little fun showcasing some other items women might want to store in their home safe.


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