The Strongest Gun Safes

The Strongest Gun Safes

When it comes to protecting your valuables—like firearms, passports, cash, jewelry, and collectibles—you don’t want to settle for second-rate security. That’s why you should choose one of Liberty’s most trusted gun safes or top-of-the-line home safes.

Ours are some of the strongest safes in the world, due in part to the fact that they offer a military-style locking bar. What does that mean? Most safes use steel pins that extend out of the door and lock into place behind a lip inside the safe body. That’s what keeps the door tightly closed when the safe is locked.

The problem? While these pins are strong and have been used in safes for years, they do have a weakness: they’re secured by rivet points that can sometimes fail if a thief tries using a pry bar to break into your safe.

Locking It Down

At Liberty Safe, we’ve developed the next generation in safe technology: military-style locking bars. While steel-pin safes are definitely strong, our locking bars offer three distinct advantages:

  1. They’re one solid piece of forged steel. This eliminates the weak rivet points that can fail in a pry attack.
  2. They have a much larger surface area connecting your safe door to your safe frame. That makes it even harder for thieves to pry into your safe.
  3. These locking bars extend deeper inside the body of your safe, adding yet another layer of protection to your home and helping to create the strongest possible safe.

The Liberty Difference

With our new military style locking bars, your heavy duty gun safe has fewer points that are susceptible to pry attacks, you have more steel keeping your door tightly connected to the body of your safe, and that steel extends deeper inside the body of your safe.

Together, these three benefits seriously increase your level of protection. And this new military style locking bar is patent-pending and exclusive to Liberty Safe.


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