Child Proof Gun Safes


We all have rights, but with those rights comes great responsibility. Secure your firearms, and valuables, from theft, fire, natural disaster or children with America's #1 Child Proof Home and Gun Safes.

Every parent wants a safe place to keep their firearms and handguns that protects them from misuse or accidental use.

Before the advent of child safe gun safes and handgun vaults, those safe places were usually a bedside drawer, under the mattress, or on a shelf in the closet-each of these a perfect place for little curious hands to go exploring.

Liberty now offers the best solution for protection in any home or office: the Home Defender Handgun Vaults by Liberty and our home defense gun safes.

The idea here is simple: a small secure steel box you can bolt to your bed, a wall or the floor. With one sweep of an authorized fingerprint or key-lock backup, and the lid pops for fast access in times of emergency. Return the gun to its secure locked-down place in less than a second.

The Home Defender series comes in several models to handle one or more handguns. These child proof gun safes can be bolted securely to any surface and you may rest at ease with the peace of mind that children will not discover a loaded weapon.

If you're in the market for something larger, our home and office safes are the perfect solution to store long rifles, hand guns, and valuables. They also come with additional security features and fire protection. Any of these would make excellent bedroom gun safes, providing a convenient and secure place to keep firearms and valuables.

Mike Schlappi is one of the lucky survivors of an accidental childhood shooting. As a young boy his best buddy found a gun unsecured in his home and disaster resulted. His moving story may be viewed here.

Don't leave the gun store without a way to secure your guns from children or intruders. Make a Liberty Safe or Handgun Vault a companion purchase when you buy your firearms. Our handgun vaults also store up to 15 different fingerprints that may be encoded for immediate, and emergency, use by authorized users. The child safe gun safe is constructed from heavy steel and makes prying or breaking-in a massive and time consuming chore, hardly the work for children or for adults.

But most important of all, Liberty's Safes and Home Defender Vaults give you that peace of mind that your family, at home, has both self-defense protection, and automatic safe guards for those you love the most.

Liberty Safe-makers of the best-built home defense gun safes on the planet.


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