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Do I Need a Gun Safe?

Do I Need a Gun Safe?

Why do you need a Liberty Safe? Well, have you ever taken something you really value and hidden it in your underwear drawer or the back of your closet, hoping no one else would find it? It may be hidden, but it’s not really secure. Someone—a thief, or even a curious kid or grandchild—could easily stumble upon your hiding place.

This could be catastrophic if your treasured item is a firearm. But even if you’re not a gun owner, having a secure place to store your valuables can be invaluable. Just imagine the "peace of mind" you’d enjoy if you knew your passports, jewelry, collectibles, cash, and prescription drugs were safely locked away.

Even if you have a home alarm system, adding a safe to your protection plan gives you another level of security. Thieves are becoming more and more brazen, many breaking into homes and grabbing all the cash and valuables they can find within 7-8 minutes, then taking off before the police have time to show up.

Plus, a good safe offers your valuables protection should you experience a home fire.

One of our customers, Scott, lost his entire home to California’s Atlas fire in 2017. You can imagine how relieved he was to discover that his irreplaceable family heirlooms had been saved by his highly rated fire-protected safe.

So… why do you need a safe for home valuables? For peace of mind. Because nothing helps ease your worries like knowing you’re protecting the things that matter most to you.



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