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Withstanding the Flames - A Fire Safe Survival Story

Withstanding the Flames - A Fire Safe Survival Story

“[I] saw a firetruck down the street and they’re just saying, ‘Get out now.’ The sparks and the embers were blowing down the driveway. There was pretty heavy smoke coming down the driveway as well. From that point on, I knew that was it.”

Those are the words of Scott. In 2017, he was evacuated from his house during the California Atlas fire. When he was finally able to return home, he was met by a heartbreaking site: charred fragments were the only things he had left after the fire ravaged his home, melted his 1969 Corvette, and destroyed all of his belongings.

But there was one bright spot. His Presidential Liberty Safe was burned, discolored… but still standing.

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Protecting What Matters

Scott was shocked to see that his safe was still intact. But he couldn’t believe his eyes when he opened it and saw the contents inside: his guns, jewelry, even his fragile family photobooks had all been protected from the fire.

Old photos of his grandparents, his mother's pendant, the diamond from his grandmother's engagement ring... all were saved thanks to one of the best fire resistant home safes in the industry.

Does My Safe Need Fire Protection?

At Liberty Safe, we’re asked that question a lot. Our answer? A resounding yes. No one ever expects that theirs will be the house to go up in flames—and we certainly hope you never experience it—but the fact is that house fires happen.

Our goal is to help you protect the things that matter most, and we know you're not just looking for the best home gun safes-you want fire protection for your valuables. That’s why we offer a range of different sizes and fire protection options. We want to make sure you get the safe that’s perfect for you, whether you’re safeguarding your firearms, documents, cash, jewelry… whatever you treasure.


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