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Don't Be Caught Off Guard by Safe Lock Warranties

The lock that comes with your safe has been made by another manufacturer. This can lead to a little confusion over whether it is covered by your safe's warranty. Most of the time, the manufacturer's warranty for your safe will include a separate clause for the lock.

Always Read the Fine Print

When purchasing a safe, you need to be careful when reviewing the fine print to see what is covered in its warranty for the safe lock. Most manufacturer's safe lock warranties only cover the lock for one year. Now this is where it can get a little tricky. Some lock manufacturers will start their warranties from the point of purchase. However, some lock manufacturers might choose to start the clock on their one year warranty the moment a lock is shipped from their factory. The problem with this is that the safe you are buying with that lock installed in it could have been sitting in a dealer's inventory for some of that one year period. Imagine purchasing a safe and finding out six months later that there is a problem with the lock. Now you cannot get it fixed or replaced by the manufacturer because the lock was made over a year ago and it's now out of warranty. Now that just does not seem fair now does it?

Liberty Safe Has You Covered

Fortunately, some safe manufacturers will automatically extend the lock warranty of the safes they sell. In fact, Liberty Safe takes the extended step of providing a five-year warranty on the safe locks that we install in our safes. Chances are you might never need that five-year warranty. The locks we use are extremely reliable and have gone through extensive quality assurance testing before they ever leave their manufacturer's factory. But having that extra warranty can give you the peace of mind you need in the event something does go wrong with your safe lock.

Liberty Safe provides a five-year parts and labor warranty on the locks that come with your new safe. This is an additional warranty on top of our #1 rated lifetime warranty on our safes, which is unmatched in the home safe industry. We are happy to offer both these superior warranties because we use only the best safe locks with our built-to-last safes. And we want you to be satisfied with your safe purchase for as long as you own it.

Contact your local Liberty Safe dealer for more information on our warranties.


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