Heart of Liberty Safe - America's #1 Gun Safe Manufacturer

Heart of Liberty Safe

After more than 30 years, Liberty Safe continues to be what it has always been: a company dedicated to making a quality, American-made product for hard working Americans. That’s a big part of how we became America’s #1 safe manufacturer. We applied an American work ethic and American ingenuity, and started building the most durable safes in America.

We’re not sure where the next 30 years will take us, but you can bet we’ll still be doing our best to keep our customers’ valuables and families safe with our quality products. We’re just glad so many have decided to join us on this journey.

The Heart of Liberty Safe

We started out as the underdog. We had 8 employees. Our factory was a storage unit. We built 6 safes a day. It wasn’t easy. Nobody knew who we were. But we refused to give up, because we knew who we could become. We worked hard. We never cut corners. We always believed.

Now, more than 30 years later, who we are looks very different from where we began. We’ve pioneered technology that has revolutionized the industry. We have the most advanced, high-tech safe manufacturing facility in the country. We have 350 employees, and we can build up to 700 safes a day.

But at our heart, we’re still that same underdog, working every day to prove ourselves. We’re still a small-town company in a small-town community. We haven’t forgotten where we started. We’ve stayed true to our roots. And even though we build the most well-known, trusted safes in the world, they aren’t what we’re most proud of.

It’s our people—our welders, our engineers, our painters, our assemblers—who have built not just safes, but a legacy. Because they put their everything into what they do.

Our company is American born, and American made.

And this?

This is the heart of Liberty Safe.

Liberty Safe.

America’s safe company.



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