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Inside the Experts' Safe

Keith and Matti Warren are outdoor experts and hosts of the popular show The High Road. The pair are passionate about sharing their love of hunting, fishing, working their family ranch, and exploring the wilderness on their show. Together, they advocate for conservation and for bringing families together by spending time outdoors.

The Tools That Get the Job Done

Keith calls his Presidential Liberty Safe his “toolbox.” He says, “Every one of our firearms… are tools to get a job done.” He keeps his handguns—including the first handgun he ever received—in his Premium door panel. Keith also shows off his AR-15, another “tool” inside his safe.

Matti keeps the 50-caliber Air Gun she shot her first bear with inside the family’s safe along with her own AR, which she’s affectionally named “Tiffany.”

Keith’s Advice

Keith offers some advice that we at Liberty definitely want to pass along. He says, “I’m warning you. When you buy a Liberty Safe, make sure you buy one that’s bigger than what you think you need. Because I promise you, you’re going to be kicking yourself that you didn’t do that.”

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