What Are the Differences in Bolts Verses Locking Bars on Gun Safes

Traditional round pin locking bolts for gun safes have been around for ages. These are a great option for securing valuables, and proper bolts help safe doors withstand warp and distortion during a fire or pry attack. With advancements in technology, Liberty has reinvented the gun safe industry with its patented military style locking bars. Liberty has used top engineering, technology and testing methods to create a patented locking bar system to increase the security of each gun safe against prying and punching. Longer, thicker and higher number of bars mean more security. As shown in testing, locking bars have proven to be six times stronger than other comparable safes with round pins keeping your firearms and valuables secure and out of the wrong hands.

During installation, Easy-Glide protectors are snapped into place prior to the safe locking bolts and pin bar assembly. Industry standard bolts are permanently riveted to the security brackets and installed in the safe door while Liberty’s patented military style locking bars are one solid piece of American made metal. Depending on the model, active-locking bolts, or bars, are installed on 1-, 2- or 4-sides of the door. The higher the security level of the series, the more sides of active bolt or bar coverage your gun safe will receive. Higher models of Liberty Safes with the round pins also feature anti-pry tabs for an extra layer of theft protection.

BoltING Down Safe to Floor

Liberty safes also offer bolt down protection for your gun safe. Bolt down involves lag bolting the safe to the floor in wood or cement. Without any leverage, it becomes virtually impossible for anyone to pry open an upright bolted safe door. This process also prevents thieves from stealing the entire safe and moving it to another location for prying and opening. Lag bolting will give the safe a stable foundation and support heavy items. Most Liberty dealers offer anchoring service with in-home delivery.

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