Liberty Safe and the Best Gun Safes

Who Builds the Best Gun Safes?

Are American-made gun safes better? It’s a question we set out to answer every time we conduct one of our torture tests. We put our safes through quite the gauntlet, but only because it takes quite a bit of effort to prove just how far American-made safes outclass their important counterparts. In this video, we show footage from five tests designed to challenge the strength, durability, fire resistance, and awesomeness of our safes.

Check it out and see how well they did.

At Liberty Safe, we don’t just talk about how tough our safes are. We prove it, the best way we know how: with torture tests. Each is designed to test the strength of our technology.

In this test, we exploded an import safe and a Liberty Safe 200 feet in the air using dynamite. Look how much better the Liberty safe held up over the imported safe.

To make sure our two-piece safe bodies are ultra tough, we dropped 1000-pound blocks of cement on them.

To prove our locking bars do their job when the pressure’s on, we conduct pry tests. In this pry test, we pit round pins, what most safe companies use, against our exclusive patent pending, military-style locking bars. In this simulated pry attack test, the imported safe only held up to 6,900 lbs. of pressure, while the Liberty Safe withstood a whopping 15,300 lbs. of pressure.

To make sure Liberty Safes can withstand the heat, we fire test them in a burning furnace.

And to verify the overall strength and durability of our safes, we drop them from 500 feet using helicopters.

What do these torture tests prove? That how a safe’s built, and where it’s built, matters. American made gun safes are built better.


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