What is the Best Type of Safe for Documents?

Car titles, birth certificates, passports, social security cards. There are a lot of important documents in our lives that need more protection than a bedroom dresser or kitchen drawer can provide. That is why a document safe is a logical and economical solution. There are several things to consider before purchasing a document safe.

First is the safe's level of protection from fires. Depending on whether you are looking to store traditional paper documents or multimedia items, you will need a safe that keeps the internal temperature below 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Second is whether the safe is water resistant. It is important to know whether the safe comes equipped with high-quality door seals because your important documents can be destroyed within minutes during a flood. Third is the safe's level of security. Having items like your social security card or your taxes stolen can having long-lasting effects. A document safe should have a high-quality dial and electronic lock that is U.L. rated.

Protecting Valuable Documents

If you're looking to protect your valuable documents from theft or disaster, Liberty Safe has several options for you. Our Lincoln and Presidential series safes offer the most protection for important documents. They offer fire protection ranging from 110 minutes to 2 ½ hours. In addition to the layers of fire-board, Liberty Safe installs a cool pocket in the bottom section of the door panels to keep documents up to 50 degrees cooler during a fire.

Safeguard difficult or impossible to replace items while keeping them close by with a Liberty Safe. Our market leadership is founded on our commitment to create high quality, innovative products with superior fire protection, technologically advanced security features, modern styling and functional storage capacity.


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