Magnet Gun Caddy 2PK

Safely rest and store your gun with Liberty Safe's magnetic gun caddy. The gun holder magnetically attaches to the side of your safe, freeing up storage space.

2️⃣ Comes in Pack of Two
👍 Works With Most Guns!
➡️ Won't Scratch Paint or Barrels

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Full Description

Tired of your firearms slipping and sliding when you need to free up your hands? Introducing the Magnet Gun Caddy—a revolutionary solution to safely and securely rest your gun. This magnetic gun safe accessory provides a smarter alternative to leaning your firearm against surfaces, minimizing the risk of accidents and damage.

Simply attach the gun holder magnetically to the side of your gun safe and let it cradle the gun barrel, effectively preventing it from tipping over. The Magnet Gun Caddy's patented design actively secures the barrel in place, ensuring your firearm stays put until you're ready to retrieve it.

Designed for versatility, this gun caddy is compatible with most firearms, offering a flexible solution for gun storage. Plus, its gentle yet strong magnetic grip won't scratch paint or barrels, preserving the pristine condition of your firearms.

With its single-gun design, the Magnet Gun Caddy allows for infinite placement on any metal surface, providing convenient access to your firearm whenever needed. Say goodbye to accidental falls and damaged firearms—experience peace of mind with the Magnet Gun Caddy.

P/N 14550

Customer Reviews

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Outdoor H.
Magnet Gun Caddy

Received 3 of these from a friend and used them on my personal safe while doing some cleaning out and reorganizing. Holding power is great, and the padding won't scuff my guns up. I use them on the side of my gun vault to hold the guns up without the worry of them falling over and causing damage. When I saw the product video of the hunter taking them out in the field to steady his rifle up, I decided to give it a try and used mine to hold my muzzle loader during deer season when I was getting my gear ready. Put my gear on and just threw it into my pack after I was done. Works great! I told another friend who owns an ammo can, i.e., cheaper gun safe that is mostly used to hold ammo, and he is purchasing some to go inside of his safe to hold his guns up because he has no racks on the interior. Looking forward to new accessories in the future Liberty. Never can have enough.

Stephen C.
Not bad, but not perfect.

These work pretty well, but the magnets are not strong enough to ensure the caddies remain on the substrate when clearing the weapon from the caddy. I have to use thumb pressure to simultaneously push the caddy from the barrel, a nuanced technique that might not occur under duress.

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