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Protect your gun safe from dust and conceal it with a Liberty safe cover. It's easy to install and features dual zippers for quick access when needed.

👁️ Conceal From Sight
➡️ Protect From Dust
➡️ Easy Access Zippers

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Full Description

Liberty gun safe covers protect your safe while keeping it concealed from sight. These high-strength covers are made with breathable material and dual zippers for quick and easy access.

  • Conceal From Sight
  • Protect From Dust
  • Easy Access Zippers

New to the Liberty line of accessories are Liberty's Safe Covers. These covers for gun safes are designed to provide protection from dust and debris and to keep your safe concealed from sight.

The covers are simple to install, and with the dual zippers, access to your safe is quick and easy. You can roll the front panel up and tie it off with the integrated loops or throw the front panel on top of the safe.

The fabric is lightweight, breathable, and will not trap moisture. As you can see here, this material is tough and will provide you with years of use. The packaging your safe cover comes in is made of the same material and will give you an excellent idea of the quality.

The zippers are high quality and have a fabric protective backing to ensure you won't scratch your safes, beautiful finish.

These gun safe cloth covers are designed for indoor use only. If your safe is in the garage, as long as it is out of direct sunlight, it will also work there. Direct sunlight will cause fading and discoloration. Install your safe cover, remove it from the packaging/storage bag, and locate the front. The front panel will have zippers on both sides. You can cover your safe or unzip and cover, whichever works easiest for you. Depending on the size of your safe, it may be easier if you have an additional person assist you.

Liberty's Safe covers come in 5 sizes - a 20-25 size, a 30-35 size, a 48 size, 50 size and a 64. Dimensions are listed on the packaging, so if you are not sure which one is right for you...take a quick measurement and then find the cover that meets your needs.

PLEASE NOTE: Liberty safe covers are based on the footprint of a safe, not the added depth that includes the handle and outlet kit, which generally adds up to 3.5" to the overall depth. The covers will flex to accommodate the handle and outlet cord.

Part Numbers and Dimensions

20-25 Size Safe 30-35 Size Safe 40 Size Safe 48 Size Safe 50 Size Safe 64 Size Safe







60 H x 30.5 W x 25.5 D

60 H x 36.5 W x 29 D

66 H x 36.5 W x 29 D

60 H x 42.5 W x 23.5 D

72 H x 42.5 W x 29 D

60 H x 42.5 W x 29 D

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
James M.
Centurion deluxe 24

Fantastic safe perfect size great interior cofiguration

William K.

Safe Covers

Patrick B.
Protect Your Liberty Safe while it protects You

Good material easy to put on and easy to roll up in front when you need to get in! Keeps a lot of dust and wear and tear off your safe and once ina while I need to set something on top of my safe and it is great scratch protection!. Inexpensive and nice to have glad I bought mine!

Mike T.
Nice, but too large for my 30 gun safe

Nicely made, front zippers make it easy to enter safe when covered. I used magnets to hole the front up when inside the safe, It is made for a range of safes and mine is at the bottom of the range so the fit is not very good.

Robert B.
Decent Cover For What You Pay, But.......

Yes , this cover is pretty thin but for what it's being used for you can't complain too much. This is not something to be manhandled. The zippers would probably be the weak point - China is notorious for CHEAP zippers. Should last as long as you take good care of it.........

Actual color is light gray

While the website doesn’t list the actual color of the cover, the picture is represented as a dark color against a black safe. The actual cover I received is light gray in color. Quality of material is acceptable for its purpose just don’t expect it to be a dark/black material.

James I.
Safe cover

Was happy with cover until zipper stopped working not long after I purchased it. Disappointed in that. Obviously a cheap zipper.

Hi, sorry that the zipper stopped working. Please reach out to our customer support.

Al S.
Thin and Weak Material Problem

I received the Size 50 cover as a gift. It fits well and does the job of keeping it out of sight and prohibiting dust from collecting on it. The big issue I have with it is the durability of the cover. It is very thin and flimsy from the sturdiness aspect. I am not certain what material this cover is made of, but it is more like thick gauze than a cloth that is robust and long lasting with moderate to heavy use of opening and closing the safe. The area over the three spoke handle has worn thru with moderate use of the safe. Nothing has been placed on or over the front cover to cause the wear and subsequent hole from appearing over the actual end of the spoke itself. I think that this material may wear down easily from the repeated friction of the lightweight material rubbing on the spokes when lifting and dropping the front panel. A workable modification would be to place a stronger panel in the area over the handle to prevent this specific section from wearing down quickly. This is the only area where the cover has shown any wear and ensuing damage. Thank you.

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