SecuRam ScanLogic

SecuRam ScanLogic Accessory Liberty Accessory
Reliably access the contents of your safe when you need them. Add a SecuRam ScanLogic lock to your Liberty Safe for rapid 1-second fingerprint access.

☝️ 1 Second Access
⚡ EMP Tested
🔄 2,000 Cycles Tested and Passed
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Full Description

The ScanLogic is the industry's most accurate, reliable, quick-access biometric lock.

It uses high-tech radio frequency (RF) fingerprint sensor technology to give you reliable, fast access to the valuables you keep in your safe. It reads your fingerprint from the layer under your skin's surface, drastically reducing the number of errors common to many biometric safe locks.

  • 1-second access - place your finger on the sensor, and the lock disengages
  • Program up to 3 users with 5 fingerprints per user - perfect for both home and office use
  • 4,000+ openings on a 9V battery
  • Easy programming and battery changes
  • Powered by SecuRam®
  • EMP-resistant lock body
  • Each lock undergoes a rigorous 2,000-cycle quality management protocol to ensure quality & reliability.
  • Matte black finish
Quickstart Guide

ScanLogic Overview and Programming
How to Delete Fingerprints and Users
How to Activate Stealth Mode
How to Set Security Levels
How to Change the Recovery Code
SecuRam Third Party EMP Testing

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Alex T.
Dang good lock!

This is a very good Biometric Electronic Lock. I dont understand the only 2 other reviews; they may have had issues, but it wasn't the locks fault. Mine worked fine right out of the box😊. Before I installed it I watched the YouTube videos and read the instructions. No issues, and no problems. This lock allows you to either use a code or your fingerprint(s)!
Then, if you happen to screw that up later in life, hopefully you reset the reset code as suggested in the very beginning, so only you ( the safe owner) can get that code back from the folks at Liberty, to be able to reset it back to factory, and start all over. Its like having a safe for your safe lock😉

Huge improvement; Totally satisfied.

I had a dial-type lock that started malfunctioning after a couple of years. It would unlock maybe 60-70% of the time. The final straw was when I couldn't open the safe to get my passport the night before a trip. I ordered the Securam Scanlogic replacement lock after verifying with Liberty that it would fit my safe. (They responded promptly.) The local locksmith only charged me about $150 for coming out and installing it. Now all I have to do is stick my finger on the reader and it unlocks. And I have the security of knowing that I can use a code as a backup. I'm totally pleased with the upgrade.

Quick and easy

I'm glad that I decided to go with this lock instead of the mechanical one. Within one second door is open, sometimes depending on the situation you would want to be able to open the safe within a second.
The only reason that I'm giving it 4 stars is because the supposed reset code had to be changed by someone at the retail store or something because it is not 999999. Loosing my mind going over the steps making sure that I'm not making a mistake, which its pretty simple to change but somehow that factory reset code is incorrect. Today is a Saturday and I guess that ill have to wait until Monday to be able to talk to someone and hope that theres a way to correct this.

Overall, I'm happy with my decision of spending the extra dollars for the upgrade.

Colt B.

Just got it in the mail put batteries in it half the numbers already don’t work!! Glad I tried it before calling a lock smith what a disappointment

Hi, we would like to replace this. Please call us at 1-800-247-5625.

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