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Liberty's home safes are the finest home security safes you can buy for the size. With contemporary stylings and advance anti-theft features, our home security safes for sale are the perfect balance of affordability, functionality and style. They're constructed to serve as top-shelf document or gun safes for any homeowner. Each safe is secured by a heavy gauge steel body, composite doors, thick locking bolts and triple case-hardened steel plates to protect the lock from drilling. But the features don't stop there! These popular home security safes are also equipped with up to 95,000 BTU rating or up to 90 minutes of fire protection at 12,000 degrees.

Our safes are UL Listed, so when you buy a safe from us you can rest assure you are protected from attack morning, noon and night. The home fire safe's electronic locking system and 180 degree door opening allow for quick access when you need it most. Our safes are also available in a wide variety of sizes, so they will easily fit in any home or office environment. The interior of these security safes for sale comes complete with fully upholstered gray fabric and adjustable shelving units. The safes also feature a textured black powder coating with optional gray marble finish and chrome hardware. Dripping with high end style and functionality, you can see how our home safes for sale are a great investment!

Like all safes in our lineup, these are home fire safes are backed by a lifetime warranty on attempted break in or fire. Liberty Safe's commitment to outstanding quality and innovation has lead them to be the preferred choice for over 2 million homeowners. Experience for yourself why buying a safe from us is the right choice and browse our collection today.