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Specialty Safes


Tactical 24

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Ammo Can

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Vault Door Beast

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Vault Door Blockade


Models & Sizing

Our goal is to produce the best quality safes that meet our customer's specific needs. With that in mind, we have developed the Specialty Safe Series that is uniquely crafted for individual buyer's requirements.

The Tactical 24 models are designed to accommodate the tactical expert. These Liberty gun safes for sale are armed with powerful security features including heavy gauge steel, four-sided active bolts, triple case hardened steel plates, composite doors and military style locking bolts. Just to name a few! These tactical security safes also feature a Dual-Flex Tactical interior and custom door paneling with a military style MOLLE system and an adjustable quick release rifle holder, so you can get to your response gear quickly and efficiently.

These Liberty home safes are specifically built to fit within compact spaces, including closets. These compact home safes are equipped with some of the same outstanding features as the rest of our safes including fire resistance, heavy gauge steel construction and customizable interiors.

Finally, we have our stunningly ominous Reaper safes. These Liberty security safes come with a matte black finish, dark gray interior fabric, black chrome hardware and daunting grim reaper graphic on the door to stand guard against intruders. These home safes also include Liberty's signature state of the art security features to protect what you value most.

In addition to our home gun safes, we have also developed the ultra-secure AMMO CAN, so you can safely store your ammunition separate from your firearms. As with all our safes, this ammunition safe is proudly built in the USA!

Our world class engineered safes are in a league of their own and built to last a lifetime. Join the more than 2-million homeowners that have found the peace of mind that comes with owning a Liberty Safe.