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HD-300 Quick Vault Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.6 out of 5 stars for 194 customers ratings and reviews

Quick Safe
written by old guy on February 12, 2019
Excellent Product

Great product!
written by G-Wizz on January 9, 2019
Great size for 2 guns...
Quick open...
Light inside helps to see what you need to get!

Big enough for 2 pistols and easy access
written by Bennytoon9 on January 6, 2019
This is of good quality with easy but secure access for two hand guns at a great price.

written by Bob on January 5, 2019
This Liberty HD-300 Quick Vault replaces a competitor's safe that the electronic combo pad stopped working. I read about these 'quick- vaults' and happened to see a distributor at a local gun show. I bought the safe as a replacement. I have a older Liberty Gun Safe I bought through Sears many, many years ago and I believe the quality and reliability of the HD-300 is the same. I hope to get years of use from this product.
Hard (yet) to give this product 5 stars as I just bought and installed today.

Average quality handgun vault.
written by JayhawkMAH on January 2, 2019
Not a tight fitting door. 1/4" play when the door is closed. Foam is loose inside the vault and a flimsy plastic shelf.

Keeping the kids safe
written by Chambe on December 28, 2018
This will be perfect to keep the Great Grandchildren away from your tools.


written by Safe Grandpa on December 9, 2018

written by laryken on November 19, 2018

Great product
written by Kent on November 16, 2018

written by Chuck Finley on November 16, 2018

written by Sully on October 25, 2018

written by Austin on September 30, 2018
Great quick safe

Top Quality
written by Kevin M on September 25, 2018
Excellent safe. Gets the job done.

I love LIBERTY safes.
written by Martin Fosso on September 15, 2018
Made in the USA for a lifetime of protection. Watch the torture testing videos. I would not consider buying from anyone else. Got a Liberty Colonial for my collection and this for the bedside.

Safe Decision
written by Satisfied Customer on September 9, 2018
We chose this safe not only for ease of mind that we would be able to protect ourselves when we needed to in our home. But also because this safe gave us peace of mind that children could not access the contents.

Good Safe
written by John Wayne Jr on August 13, 2018

Stopped working days after the warranty expired
written by Lee on August 9, 2018
I bought this safe a couple of years ago to keep my carry guns and home protection pistols out of reach from my daughter. I like the idea of quick access. The problem is the door stopped opening. I punch in the code and can hear it try to release, but the door doesn't fall. The key is the only way I can open it. I changed the battery, reset the code and even tried plugging it in. It just won't open. Bad deal if you want something reliable to give you quick access in an emergency.
Liberty's Response:
Hi, have you called our Customer Support at (800) 247-5625.

Solid piece of equipment
written by James on July 14, 2018
The only reason I give this HD300 safe 4/5 rating is that it only takes a 9V battery and has no option that I have found for to plug it in to the wall.
I like the solid construction, simple and easy set up, quick access, lighted interior. I like the availability of a mounting plate as well as security cable.
Honestly, the lack of of AC adapter is the only thing I don't like.

Product good, registration process sucks.
written by Neil on June 30, 2018

Roomy gun Vault
written by boy Howdy on June 28, 2018
Room enough for 2 hand gunds plus some valuables. Center shelf is removable.

Handgun safe
written by LV0820 on June 16, 2018
My safe has worked well and I am happy with it. Recently when I enter the code, I can hear the door mechanism work but the door will not open. I will be checking with Customer Service next week. It has served my purpose very well.

HD300 Newbie
written by Bilko on June 5, 2018
Great product and just right for quick access

Safe camper
written by Safer Sportsman on June 4, 2018
Nice safe and the first I have owned. Just feels better to have more security. Easy to setup, use, and register.

written by Nicholas Pal IV on May 28, 2018
Excellent product very easy to use and seems to be made very well student loan me to product review

If you cannot afford a gun AND a safe, you cannot afford the gun
written by iacgobp on May 16, 2018
I wanted to keep my grandkids safe yet have my gun easily accessable if I ever need. Pick a combination and pactice it in daylight and dark and you are ready to go.

written by Andrew on May 12, 2018

So so.......
written by Dmudder on April 22, 2018
I like the way the top of the safe is recessed or angled back for easier access. Seems very sturdy. The quick access buttons aren't so quick!! The buttons are hard to push. They are spaced way too far apart and not ergonomically correct by no means. So in a high stress situation when you will need to access it you'll probably screw the combination up and you'll experience a major life fail....

Very Satisfied!
written by Dan on March 24, 2018
I am happy with my purchase. A little bigger than expected, which is good in my opinion. The design of the HD-300 is unique. Easy to set up. I am glad I went with Liberty Safes instead of the others. I will be purchasing another Liberty Safe very soon.

written by Nic M. on March 23, 2018

Great for a couple handguns.
written by Red beard on March 21, 2018

Buy with confidence
written by Jason on March 15, 2018
Liberty has a great reputation and warranty, so go with the old advice of "buy once, cry once". You won't regret buying a Liberty and you won't need to replace it until you run out of room and buy a bigger Liberty Safe.

written by . on March 8, 2018

Great First Impression
written by Ricardo V. on March 7, 2018
Just finished mounting the HD-300 in my house. It is a lot roomier that I expected. I can access my handgun and other items in less than a second. Construction seems sturdy, durable, and well made.I love the lighting feature. It allows me to see the inside of the safe even in complete darkness. Overall, I love this safe. This is my first Liberty Safe purchase, but it definitely won't be my last.

Quick Vault 300
written by Bondo on March 6, 2018
Just purchased this safe which enables me to secure 2 firearms (9mm semi & Ruger pistol). Store Manager helped with the setup & the access codes work great. Door pops open to engage & there's a light inside! Excellent safe for the price!

Great Product
written by txmike on February 10, 2018
I own two liberty safes - no problems
I need to buy more

Simply the best
written by Peter T on February 9, 2018
I wouldn't trust the security of my valuables and the safety of my children to any other safe company.

Would Recommend Liberty HD-300
written by Grandma Gunner on February 5, 2018
I really liked the quality of the product. It has a light on the inside when the door opens. It opens easily and the code was easy to change. Has enough room for 2 guns and ammo.

Great Safe for the Price
written by Hunter57 on February 2, 2018
Liberty makes there Safes for All needs. The Quality and Price makes this Safe(HD-300 series) a must have for Gun owners who have only a few Guns(Handguns) and Limited Space to store them .I was able to Put both my Guns SW # 10, 38 cal and Ruger 45 cal as well as Ammo with Room left over. The many features like a Battery charged Lite, Key Backup and Quick Access Just to name a few come with this Great Safe.I have peace of mind knowing that My guns are Safe from getting into the Wrong Hands and if I need to I can get Access to them Quickly! Thank You Liberty!, Keep up the Good Work !

Great experience, great product!
written by A Cooper on January 14, 2018
I have been wanting a vault to hold some of my most important items and this safe had everything I didn't know I needed. I was very impressed with staff, shop and products.

HD-300 gun vault
written by Pistol Pete, Florida on January 2, 2018
Just received my gun vault and it is just as described. Excellent quality and finish. My wife will feel muchbetter knowing our guns are secured. My only wish is that there was a separate mounting plate available like that used on the HDX-250. We definitely would recommend this to our friends

Quality Purchase
written by Rhinocairn on January 2, 2018
easy to operate and quality made will last a lifetime.

Why the HD-300 Quick Vault is the best
written by Jill M Hamilton on December 29, 2017
You get a 5 star rating, would recommend this product to friends and family. Dealing with today's gun issues it pays to have a secure vault within your reach. I am also a Competitive shooter in our local USPSA matches. I know that i feel secure when i leave my home that my other pistols are safe and secure. Thank you for making such a superior product..

Not sure what's going on...
written by Chris on December 28, 2017
Was great at first...,(first 8 hours we had it)...tried to open it again tonight, and now it won't open. Literally brand new and just got it today, combo is right as the beep goes off and you can hear the door mechanism make the sound it makes when it unlocks, but the door doesn't open..tried both keys it came with, and the key won't even open it. Customer service is closed now, so I guess I'm just stuck waiting around until tomorrow when they open.

I made sure nothing was pressing up against the door when it was closed, it's brand new so the battery isn't old nor am I getting the blinking low battery light. Have the combination written down so I KNOW it is the right one, and the keys don't fully press down in the hole to unlock it. Had pretty high expectations for this safe, so it sucks, unless I am just missing something completely.

pistol vault
written by wolfman on December 27, 2017
this seams to be a quality built product that has a good price

written by Stlwatin on December 18, 2017
Made in the USA....looks good, fair price and appears to be reliable.

PA Hunter
written by PA Hunter on December 11, 2017
For a small secure safe it fits the bill. I am very satisfied with this product

written by BillP on December 4, 2017
It looks good at flirst glance. I like the reliability of the code to open the safe, its compact size and the security it provides. As I just purchased it today I'll withhold a further assessment andBill evaluation.

written by paddling45 on November 30, 2017

Well-made, strong, and easier to set up.
written by J Richardson on November 28, 2017
I wanted a safe to have ready access to my defensive handgun that would keep it out of the reach of my grandchildren when visiting. I had a bad experience with a strong box with a biometric lock and was looking for something that had a mechanical combo. The Liberty HD-300 fit the bill and allows me to store more than one handgun for ready access. Compared to others I've looked at, it is heavier, better constructed, and has better thought out access.

I highly recommend it.

Exactly what I needed for handgun security at home
written by A. Lunt on November 28, 2017
Was looking for a handgun vault that would provide easy and quick access but top security. Liberty delivered! Very pleased with my purchase of the HD-300!

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