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Liberty Safes are in high demand! Most safes are being delivered in 20 weeks or less, but some safes may take a little longer. We Promise it will be worth the wait!

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Cabela’s Safes by Liberty

LIBERTY'S Provault, outfitter, classic, signature, AND ambassador SERIES GUN SAFES ARE ONLY AVAILABLE AT Cabela's and bass pro Shops

Cabela's safes by Liberty are built to our exacting, proven standards. Their superior engineering and quality construction will protect the things you value most. Whether you're just beginning your collection or have a large number of valuables to protect, there's a Cabela's safe for you. Please visit your nearest Cabela's or Bass Pro store to see the full lineup of Liberty-built Cabela's home and gun safes.



30 Minutes
40 Minutes
60 Minutes
75 Minutes
90 Minutes
2.5 Hours


Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6


elock / Dial
elock / Dial
elock / Dial
elock / Dial
elock / Dial
elock / Dial


granite, black
black, green
Gray Gloss/Marble, Black Gloss
gray gloss, black gloss
grey feathered gloss


12, 18, 24
25, 30, 48
25, 30, 48
25, 30, 48, 50, 64
24, 50
40, 50


Gun Only (12 & 18) Flex (24)
Flexible with Shelves
Flexible with Shelves
Flexible with Shelves
Flexible with Shelves
Flexible with Shelves






Cabela's/ Bass Pro 2020 Gun Safe Catalog

Liberty HANDGUN VAULT Series also available at Cabela’s

Choose Cabela's gun safes by Liberty for excellent security at any budget level. These gun security safes and portable gun vaults are made with the same care and thoughtfulness as all of Cabela's products - designed to offer you safety for your gear and firearms when you need it. Each safe is packed with security features, including fire protection and Liberty Safe's military-style locking bars and UL listed security. Whether it's a break-in, a wildfire, or a natural disaster, Cabela's gun safes can handle the worst.

At Liberty Safe, we assemble all of our high quality home and gun safes right here in the USA. That includes Liberty Safe Cabela's safes! They're built out of strong American steel for security that other brands just can't match. Trust us, we know our stuff: we've been dedicated to creating America's best gun safes since 1988, and Cabela's has been providing quality gear to hunters since 1961. We've got a history delivering the best products we can to the best people we can, all across the nation. That's why all Cabela's safes are backed up by our Liberty Safe Lifetime Warranty. We stand behind our products, and we're ready to prove it.

Find the right Cabela's gun safe for your home or cabin - whether you need the slim and steady Provault or you want to step it up to the Magnum, Cabela's has a gun safe that can help you keep your firearms on lockdown. Visit your nearest Cabela's store and outfitter, or visit online to learn more about their line of gun safes and to get more specific details for the safe that's right for you. (You can also order the Liberty HD Series at Cabela's, if you're looking for a more portable handgun or pistol safe to keep in the car or in a bedside table.)