Government and Law Enforcement Customer Information Policy

Liberty Safe is committed to safeguarding the privacy and security of our customers' information. To the extent legally possible, all customer information is treated as presumptively private and will not be disclosed without the customer’s permission. As such, we will only release customer information, including access codes or combinations, to government and law enforcement agencies when we are legally compelled to do so.

Except where prohibited by law, Liberty Safe will notify customers of any request from a government or law enforcement agency for customer information.

Liberty Safe will only release customer information if all of the following three conditions are met:

  1. A warrant, subpoena, national security letter, court order or equivalent (“compulsory process”) must be provided that is specifically issued to Liberty Safe;
  2. For requests for access codes or combinations, compulsory process must specifically require that Liberty Safe release the combination or access code for a safe identified by its serial number; and
  3. Customer information, including access codes and combinations, must already exist within our system at the time of the request.


  • Upon receipt of compulsory process, Liberty Safe will work with its counsel to carefully review all requests for customer information to ascertain whether there is a valid basis for each request and that each request complies with this policy and applicable law. If Liberty Safe determines that the compulsory process is deficient, Liberty Safe will object, challenge, or reject the request.
  • If the request is valid, the Customer Service Manager will review Liberty Safe’s records to see if Liberty Safe has contact information for the customer.
  • Except where prohibited by law from doing so, Liberty Safe will promptly notify customers whose information, including access codes or combinations, is requested by a government or law enforcement agency to give the customer an opportunity to exercise their rights by, for example, filing a motion to quash the subpoena.
  • After notifying the customer (if it is feasible and legally permissible to do so), the Customer Service Manager will request approval from Liberty Safe’s CEO, or their designee, to release the combination or access code, if it is available.
  • Liberty Safe will then deliver the requested information to the government or law enforcement agency in a secure and confidential manner, in accordance with legal requirements.

This policy shall also apply to any request for customer information issued as part of civil discovery.


Liberty Safe can only notify customers who have provided their contact information to Liberty Safe.

Nothing within this Policy is meant to create or does create any enforceable rights against Liberty Safe, and Liberty Safe’s policies may be updated or changed in the future without further notice to any person, including without limitation government or law enforcement.

About Liberty Safe

Does Liberty Safe make campaign contributions or support politicians?

As a company, Liberty Safe has not and does not make campaign contributions to any political candidates or political parties. Our institutional investor has not and does not make contributions to political candidates or political parties. As citizens, employees of Liberty Safe or our institutional investor are free to support and make contributions to any political candidates or parties they choose. When these contributions are made, individuals are required to name their employer, which may show up in contribution lists, but it does not mean that the company is involved in making or funding the contribution.

Who runs Liberty Safe?

The current CEO of Liberty Safe is Dave Foley.

Does Liberty Safe Support or Lobby for any Legislation?

No, Liberty Safe is not associated with, nor does the company support or lobby for any legislation.

About Access Codes

Is there a “backdoor” code that will open all Liberty Safes?

No, Liberty Safe does not employ a “backdoor” universal master reset code for all safes. Each safe has its own custom master reset code, which is used if customers lose or forget the code they set. Customers have the option to delete this code from Liberty Safe’s records.

Is there an undocumented secret code that will open all Liberty Safes?

No, there is no secret code that will open all Liberty Safes. Each safe has a code selected by the customer, and a master reset code that is used in specific circumstances if a customer forgets or loses the code they set. This code may be deleted from Liberty Safe’s records by following this procedure

Why do Liberty Safes have master reset codes?

Most safe manufacturers, including Liberty Safe, maintain a master reset code that is set at the factory and is separate from the customer selected code. This code exists so that we can assist customers in accessing their safe if they lose or forget the code they set. We provide customers with the ability to have us delete this code so it is no longer in our records, in which case we will be unable to supply it to a customer or to law enforcement in the event a legal, compulsory order is issued.

How does Liberty Safe store master reset codes?

Liberty Safe employs stringent security measures for code storage. Codes are encrypted and only accessible by select personnel, and all such accesses are tracked.

Is Liberty Safe the only safe manufacturer with master reset codes?

No, most, gun safe companies also store master reset codes, often following similar security protocols.

Will Liberty Safe give any law enforcement officer access to my safe?

No, Liberty Safe’s Customer Privacy Policy, lists three conditions, all of which must be met, before a code is released, as well as the details of how customers can have any master reset code deleted from our records. If a customer chooses to delete their master reset code from our records, we cannot and will not provide any opening information.

How do I ensure Liberty Safe does not have my master reset code or give it to law enforcement?

The procedure for having Liberty Safe delete a master reset code from our records is here

I heard in the media that Liberty Safe will help law enforcement open any safe if they ask. Is that true?

No, it is not true. Liberty Safe will only provide a master reset code to law enforcement when three conditions are all met, and only if the customer has not asked that the code be deleted from our records. In addition, Liberty Safe will attempt to notify the customer in advance of assisting law enforcement, unless we are prevented from doing so by law. To see the full policy, click here. To learn how to ask us to delete a master reset code, click here.