Low Profile (S&G) Change Battery

If your Liberty Safe uses a Sargent & Greenleaf Low Profile 6120 electronic lock, watch this helpful tutorial video to make sure you know how to keep your keypad lock functioning normally. You'll know it's time to change the battery when your lock becomes unresponsive. The exchange process is easy - open the battery door, insert one of the batteries recommended by the brand, insert the battery into the tray, and close the battery door. It's that easy to get your Liberty Safe lock back in working order!

Looking for an upgrade on the classic Sargent & Greenleaf? Take a look at our collection of electronic keypad locks for gun safes and see if you're interested in trying something new. Our locks are equipped with the latest security technology to provide the protection you need for your Liberty Safe. Use an electronic keypad lock to make sure your safe is completely secure.

NOTE: Installation or change out of an electronic or mechanical safe lock is required by an authorized Liberty Safe dealer/certified locksmith or safe and lock warranty is voided.

How to Change the Battery in an S&G Low Profile Single Battery Electronic Lock