How to Operate LP NL Electronic Safe Lock

General Lock Use

The LP NL lock operates with a six-digit code. When pressed, each key is confirmed with an audio and LED signal. After entry of a valid code, a double signal will follow. An invalid entry is followed by a long signal. After 10 seconds without entry, the current code being entered will be canceled. The lock comes standard with a night light. To activate the light, press the light bulb on the lower left side of the keypad before entering your code.

LP NL Electronic Safe Lock

How to Open LP NL Electronic Lock

Enter code (Factory User code = 1-2-3-4-5-6), unlock door and open. If not opened within 3 seconds, the lock secures automatically. If code entry failed on the first attempt wait 20 seconds before re-entering.


Close door and turn handle fully to the closing position. The lock is secured. Verify locked status by trying to turn the handle back.

Manipulation protection:

Entry of four consecutive invalid codes-keypad is blocked for 5 minutes. During this period, the LED flashes every 10 seconds and any key pressed causes a long signal. After expiration, the entry of two more invalid codes restarts the 5 minute blocking period.

Security reference:

All codes are to be securely stored. Do not use personal data (i.e. birthdays, telephone numbers, etc.) as the code.

How to Change Code (With Safe Door OPEN)

Press and Hold Key [0] until the double signal. The LED remains on during the following actions:

  • Enter old code (double signal)
  • Enter new code (double signal) and repeat new code (double signal)
  • Try new code
  • In case of entry errors (long signal), the old code remains valid.

Battery Low Warning and Battery Change

A series of signals indicates that the battery is weak and must be replaced. Use only 9V ALKALINE— batteries. The battery compartment is located at the bottom of the entry unit.

Fresh Duracell and Energizer Batteries Recommended

Duracell and Energizer 9 Volt Batteries

LP Lock User Manual