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What Happens to My Gun Safe When the Battery on an Electronic Lock Dies?

Not to worry! You will not be permanently locked out of your gun safe when your electronic lock battery dies. You can change the battery on an electronic lock quite easily by opening the front of the locking keypad and sliding out the battery compartment. Since we use non-volatile memory on our safes, your passcode information will not be lost. Simply insert the new battery, and then test your code. We recommend replacing the battery for your electronic lock every year with a Duracell 9V. This will ensure optimal performance and lasting durability.

Our gun safes have the option to be manufactured with an electronic lock instead of a manual key lock or dial. As of 2018, the SecuRam ProLogic electronic lock is an available option on all models of Franklin, FATBOY, Lincoln, National, and Presidential Series safes, and comes standard on the Premium 20 models. SecuRam safe locks offer the reliability of mechanical locks while providing the convenience of an electronic lock. Electronic locks can be factory installed on 23 models and larger, including Centurion, Colonial, Franklin, Lincoln, Presidential or National Security safes.

If you own an older model of Liberty Safe, it will have an S&G model lock, which will also continue to provide excellent security for years. Not sure which electronic lock is on your Liberty Safe? We have a guide to help you identify your electronic lock. Regardless of your model, you can rest assured that your safe has lasting protection.
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