SecuRam Electronic Safe Lock Options

Providing our customers with the best security out there is one of our top priorities. That’s why we trust SECURAM’s locks for our gun safes. All SECURAM electronic safe locks are EMP-resistant and Type 1 UL-Listed for top protection against theft and burglary. Select your lock below to see an overview video and tutorials for programming:

Differences Between Our SECURAM Lock Options

Each of these SECURAM locks is ideal for providing protection from burglary and keeping your belongings secure. But they do all have unique features to provide the lock experience that best suits your wants and needs.


Part of SECURAM’s SafeLogic series, the polycarbonate TopLit electronic lock is a reliable and economical option. The top lighting allows for better visibility in dimly lit situations, and it has an interchangeable ring so you can switch up the look of your lock.

Additional features include:

  • Easy keypad programming to change, add, and delete codes
  • 2 user codes–Manager and User
  • 5-minute penalty lockout if code is entered incorrectly 4 times
  • Reset button to set the lock back to factory settings
  • Powered by 9 Volt battery


This stainless-steel option from SECURAM’s SafeLogic series has backlighting for improved visibility and three different finishes available: chrome, brass, and black chrome. Among its many secure features, you’ll find:

  • Easy keypad programming to change, add, and delete codes (with an enable and disable function available)
  • 2 user codes–Manager and User
  • 5-minute penalty lockout upon incorrect entry of 4 codes
  • Reset button
  • Easy battery replacement, without removing the lock from the safe door
  • Powered by 9 Volt battery


Our final SafeLogic option, the Xtreme safe lock is an electromechanical lock that has both electric push-button entry as well as spin dial access. Along with multiple entry options, it is also EMP-resistant to ensure the best protection for your valuables.

Other features of the Xtreme lock include:

  • Easy keypad programming to change, delete and add codes
  • 2 user codes–Manager and User
  • Enable and disable user codes
  • Automated backlighting activated once a button is pressed
  • Instant auto-lock feature
  • 5-minute penalty lockout if 4 codes are entered incorrectly
  • Powered by 9 Volt battery


SECURAM’s ProLogic L01 electronic safe lock system is robust, reliable, and easy to use. This lock comes with an OLED screen for easy viewing and programming the user settings. This stainless-steel lock is jam-packed with security and usability features to enhance your experience:

  • Easy keypad programming to add, delete, and change entry codes–with Enable and Disable capabilities
  • 3 user codes–Super, Manager, and User
  • 5-minute penalty lockout when code is entered incorrectly 4 times
  • Recovery code to reset the lock to factory settings
  • SureLock battery management allows changing the battery without removing the lock from the safe door


The ScanLogic is SECURAM’s biometric electronic safe lock, allowing you to use fingerprint access into your home gun safe. This polycarbonate lock allows you to enroll up to 15 fingerprints for a quick and reliable access.

Additional features include:

  • 3 codes, 5 fingerprints can be associated with each code
  • Administrator code or fingerprint is used to add new fingerprints
  • Uses an RF (radio frequency) sensor for fast authentication
  • Can enable or disable audible beeps
  • Red/green light indicators for easy programming
  • Easy battery replacement without removing the lock from the safe door
  • Matte black finish
  • 9 Volt battery or AC power available

What does Type 1 UL-Listed mean?

All SECURAM electronic safe locks are Type 1 UL-Listed. This certification is the standard for electronic locks in the US to show that it can protect against theft and burglary. For a lock to pass this certification, it must have at least one million possible lock combinations, the batteries must be stored in the keypad outside of the safe for easy replacement when the safe is locked, and the combinations need to be stored in non-volatile memory, so they are still saved if the battery dies.

Type 1 UL-Listed locks also have many durability requirements that they must meet to ensure they can endure rough handling and frequent use.

Benefits of Using an Electronic Lock for Your Gun Safe

Electronic locks are commonplace now for modern gun safe technology. They allow you to easily access your firearms or valuables while providing you with the peace of mind that your belongings are secure from thievery.

The top three benefits of using electronic safe locks are:

  1. Ease of use. Easily enter in your 6-digit code with the press of sleek buttons, and easily program multiple user codes.
  2. Dependability. Electronic locks are dependable. They don’t go through as much wear and tear as traditional mechanical locks.
  3. Better security. Electronic locks have the capability for better security features, like penalty lockouts, multiple user codes, autolocking, backlighting, and more.

At Liberty Safe, we want to ensure you get the security you deserve, and that’s why we trust SECURAM electronic locks for our gun safes. If you have any questions about your lock, follow the links above for the guides we have on our website, or give our customer service team a call today.