Ammo Can
Made in the USA


Security for your Ammunition

Secure your ammunition with Liberty's AMMO CAN. 3 integrated shelves and dual locking bars create the toughest ammunition storage cabinet around! Key lock entry, black textured finish.

5-Year Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $499

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Average 4.7 out of 5 stars for 399 customers ratings and reviews

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the best home security ror firearms/ammo
written by CH WEAVER on May 28, 2018

Liberty Ammo Can Review
written by 6 Spd 9C1 on May 22, 2018

written by Kait on May 18, 2018
it holds all my ammo and i can get more ammo

written by gypsi 7 on May 9, 2018

written by scooter 52 on April 20, 2018

written by mark on April 18, 2018
Beautiful ammo cabinet safe. The gloss textured black really pops. It's not meant to be a gun safe, hence the 449 price. That being said, the construction is solid and totally adequate for securing ammo. The door is thick steel, and the safe weighs 275 lbs. and bolted to the garage floor, i believe my ammo is very secure. More than enough room inside. I doubt I will ever fill this cabinet with ammo. All in all, very pleased with my purchase, it's really one of the only logical choices available, and i feel proud whenever I look at it.

Liberty Safes are the best
written by Al Cui on April 8, 2018
The Ammo Can is exactly as advertised and it compliments my other safe.

Guality products
written by David Harlan on April 7, 2018

Ammo Can
written by Hogtastic on April 5, 2018
Perfectly fit my needs!! Great use of space and while the shelves are not movable, that doesn't affect my use at all!

written by JAECALI on March 31, 2018
I must say if you have the extra room for a Ammo Can then it is a must buy from Liberty. If your like me a ammo hoarder then this is the best way to stay organized. With the ammo can you can really see everything you have so when you go buy ammo you wont be like me and keep buying 12 gauge cause you think you dont have enough. Now i know what kind of ammo i have with out guessing. The texture on it is nice. Interior is nice also. 4 shelves are inside. if you are storing some ammo container inside that hold 250-1000 rounds you will fill the safe up quickly. Box ammo saves lots of space. also each shelve holds 125lb.

Ammo can
written by Chad on March 29, 2018
Great product, love the ammo can. Gives you more room in your Gun safe for guns. Plus keeps the ammo separate from the guns so everything is more organized. The ammo can will hold thousands of rounds of ammo. Can't go wrong wit this product.

Ammo Can - good choice
written by KJ on March 23, 2018
I did a lot of looking and settled on the Ammo Can based on what you get for your money: Made in America! Well made - good fit and finish, good size for intended purpose, key v. combo lock. Great for simple security against unauthorized access and smash and grab punks.
This is not a full blown, fire rated, theft proof safe - it's not designed to be. This fits my needs of securing ammo for now, and can be used for other things if I ever need to upgrade the security level.
Thinking about getting another one...

Anthony M.
written by Anthony M. on March 10, 2018
Looks Small, but when you put your ammo in it there is a lot of room. The Ammo Can is very nice to store your ammo.

Liberty No, 1
written by Dutchman on February 24, 2018
I believe my answers serve as a review

No Place for Ammo
written by Greenie on February 18, 2018
The cost of the safe and square footage was the best for what is on the market. The front door could have a better seal, when it's locked you can move it in and out. These Ammo Safe should have a fire rating to protect what's inside, cost would be a little more however the safety of the ammo during a fire would protect the first responders and the owner.

Great Safe for Ammo
written by Jon on February 9, 2018
It would've been even better if the shelves inside were adjustable and not fixed. Still overall happy with the safe, but will eventually customize the safe with adjustable shelves. It would've been better if this was already available.

Liberty Ammo Can
written by ppitalo on January 29, 2018
We purchased the Liberty Ammo Can safe in order to free up space on our Liberty LX-25 Gun Safe and to better organize our handgun, rifle and shotgun ammo. When we ordered the Ammo Can from Cabela's on 1/14/2018 we were told in would take 6-8 weeks to be delivered. However, the Ammo Can was delivered to us on 1/26/18. Need less to say we were surprised. The Ammo Can arrived in excellent condition. We then purchased the Liberty anchoring kit and installed it. Over the next two days, all of our ammo was moved, labeled and organized in the Ammo Can. We highly recommend the Ammo Can to all interested parties.

written by jason on January 27, 2018

written by CK on January 27, 2018

Great company. Great products!
written by RSW on January 20, 2018

written by Junior on January 18, 2018

Need better fit and finish
written by rodi53 on January 13, 2018
Bought one of these to get the ammo out of my Colonial 30 to make room for more guns. Am disappointed in the fitment of the door. There is a lot of play and you can move the door in and out about 1/8" or more when closed & locked. There is no way this thing is airtight. Problem is, I keep it in my garage with a can of desiccant inside, and so much humid air gets in during the summer that I have to regenerate the desiccant every day! Became enough of a PITA that I quit doing it.

great safe for the money
written by scott on January 13, 2018
Nice little safe lots of room if you pack right nice lock

written by Game Warden on January 12, 2018

Ammo can
written by USMC on January 12, 2018
Great quality and holds lots of ammo very happy with product

Perfect Size
written by Diane on January 11, 2018
Perfect for smaller items (lights, range finders, binoculars) and personal belongings (pictures, thumb drives, papers) to free up space in a larger safe

PMac and McDana
written by PMac and McDana on January 7, 2018
AMMO Can needs fire protective door and increase in walls, door, top and sides. AMMO burns and explodes.

written by Ernesto on January 5, 2018

written by B&C in Chesterfield on January 4, 2018

written by Jerry on January 3, 2018
Great price. Very affordable. Well built

Ammo Can
written by RVAZ80 on January 2, 2018
Good safe for storing ammunition.

Safe for coins
written by Roy on December 24, 2017
An excellent safe for coins.
Safe is fairly light in weight, about 300 lbs or so,
Still needs to be securely mounted to prevent removal.

written by john nelson on December 16, 2017

Loads of volume
written by Jeremy on December 13, 2017
Picked this ammo can up for work ammo storage. We had a lot of volume, multiple calibers, and they were overrunning our gun safe. The Ammo Can gobbled up all of the ammo with room to spare.

Liberty Ammo Can
written by oms on December 12, 2017
Purchased safe for ammunition storage. Safe is heavy, 270 pounds. It is well made with stout built in storage shelves. No flimsy door or side panels.
just what I needed to store my ammo and gear in, and keep it organized. My gun safe just became more functional. Would recommend to others.

written by H2HUMMER on November 30, 2017

Ammo Can for ammo cans
written by ND Shooter on November 26, 2017
Like all shooters I needed storage for the ample and growing supply of ammo I was acquiring.
After checking what type of products are out there i decided on an Ammo Can.
I considered going with a cheap brand of gun safe but the storage space and quality of Liberty's Ammo Can won me over.
The size of storage for the price was also a huge factor.
No regrets. Will buy another one someday.

Great safe, assembly questionable
written by Jim Snyde on November 16, 2017
Good heavy safe. Unfortunately, I won't give it 5 stars. When we got the safe home, we noticed that the walls and backing fell off due to improper assembly

Ammon Can
written by AL on November 10, 2017
Love this Ammo can! Great size and quality. Just what I was looking for...

written by Daniel on November 8, 2017

Liberty Again...
written by EHS on October 20, 2017
Already own several safes which have become crowded over the years.. This product makes absolute sense because the amount of room that was created in the
actual Liberty safes was remarkable once all the Ammo and Magazines were transferred into the ammo can. I want the magazines and ammo secure but they do not
require the level of security that My guns and important documents do. This was a Home run!

written by jlkinaz on October 14, 2017
Nice product. Well built. Great finish on exterior and interior. Just wish you could stack "ammo cans" on bottom of safe.

Great Addition !!
written by Game Warden on September 12, 2017
Love this safe I was able to fit all my ammo into this and now I feel much more secure at home that my ammo is secure !

$100 raffle paid off!!
written by Adam Smith on September 9, 2017
Won this safe at the QDMA Athens chapter banquet. Ive been looking into Since I bought the Colonial series. Love Liberty products

Ammo needs a safe place too.
written by Jerry S. on September 7, 2017
The Ammo Can not only provides a safe place to store my ammunition it also helps organize it in one location. It makes a great companion to my Liberty Safe.

Nice Safe - negligent assembly
written by Amandini on July 24, 2017
The safe seems very durable. Unfortunately, I won't give it 5 stars. When we got the safe home, we noticed that the walls and backing were falling off due to lack of adhesive.
Liberty's Response:
Hi, sorry to hear about this.  Someone from our Customer Support will be in contact with you.

Worth every red cent!!!
written by on July 12, 2017
This has been one of the best purchases I've ever made!!!

written by martha jo siegel on July 11, 2017

most of my ammo in one place
written by scubalm on July 7, 2017
shoot steel challenge can look in safe and see how much ammo I have in each cal so know at a glance what I need to reload for

Affordable quality
written by TiPhoon on July 6, 2017
Well built and very secure feeling product. Before my Ammo Can my ammo was stored in somewhat hidden or out of site locations in my garage. Now it is all well organized inside a very secure safe. You know how you can just tell when your holding or operating a piece of quality product......? This is it and it didn't break the bank either.