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Ammo Can
Made in the USA


Security for your Ammunition

Secure your ammunition with Liberty's AMMO CAN. 3 integrated shelves and dual locking bars create the toughest ammunition storage cabinet around! Key lock entry, black textured finish.

5-Year Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $499

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Ammo Can Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.7 out of 5 stars for 436 customers ratings and reviews

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ammo can
written by jim on November 19, 2018
as advertised. a big help in organizing my ammo.

Gun Ammo Storage Container
written by Jim Harvey on November 17, 2018
I have a National Safe, but it is full with my guns, fly rods and reels. I needed one location to store all of my ammo. The Ammo Can is perfect for what I needed. It is strong and the shelves can hold up to 125 lbs each.

written by OldArmy78 on November 12, 2018

Great Ammo Safe
written by Gordon on November 10, 2018
Sturdy shelves and enough room for all my ammo can's.

written by Ronbo on November 9, 2018
I reload for all my rifles and revolvers and I believe in having a fair amount of stock on hand and it's so nice that the shelves can handle 125 lbs. And all of my ammo is organized very nice and in one place and secure , I am so pleased with the way everything turn out , I am going to purchase another ammo can for all my reloading equipment

great quality
written by Bruce Gooch on November 5, 2018
Price was reasonable. Nice fixed shelves with plenty of open space. Would be nice if it had a battery powered light.

Excellent safe
written by John k. on November 3, 2018
Lots of room. Perfect place to keep your ammunition and also your pistols

Came just as advertised
written by satisfied customer on November 2, 2018

Ammo Can
written by Ricky Bobby on October 21, 2018
Arrived in excellent shape, timely manner, two weeks from time I placed order at Cabela's, was told 4-6 weeks, delivered to store for pick up. Well built and heavy for its size.

To much ammo?
written by Skinny on October 8, 2018
This product is great! wouldn't hurt to be a little bit wider thou. I can only put 3 ammo cans on each shelf. It would be nice to fit 4. Adjustable shelf's would be nice too. It would also be nice to have a 30 min fire rating. I would be willing to pay for those upgrades. But hey, for the price point it will do what I need it to do. Free up space in my FATBOY! Thanks Liberty!

High quality!
written by TC on October 8, 2018
Excellent safe for ammo and magazines! High quality and excellent build!

written by Gabes on October 1, 2018
Good safe

The Ulitimate Ammo Storage Solution
written by J. Holmes on September 19, 2018
I just purchased and installed Liberty's Ammo Can - AG18. I now have ALL of my Ammo now secured and stored in ONE location. The Ammo Can has plenty of room and shelf space to store a fare amount of ammo.. I couldn't be happier with the quality of this product. Highly recommended!

Ammo Can
written by 1IronCross on September 18, 2018
If you are searching for a secure device to hold or store your ammunition, this would be the product. I was not able to find any other manufacturer who builds a safe exclusively to hold ammunition. I do not know if anyone other than Liberty produces a product of this nature but I can say I am very pleased with this product and I'm grateful that Liberty does. Nothing else is quite as secure from a theft standpoint and for keeping little ones away from something very dangerous.

written by None on September 14, 2018

Another great product from Liberty Safes
written by Rick on September 13, 2018
Well built and designed especially for ammo and other items.

Would buy another safe in the future
written by Mac lemaster on September 2, 2018
Very good safe I think if it was made taller you could do more with it but overall love it.

Reliable Security for Ammunition
written by SgtBlank on August 27, 2018
I own a Liberty Safe for my firearms. I wanted similar security for my ammunition.
Protecting my family and my community is part of responsible gun ownership.
Given that our 2nd Amendment Rights are constantly it's our duty to do our part to prevent bad acts by bad actors anyway we can.

written by Bigh Daddy on August 20, 2018

written by Eastford on August 19, 2018

Great Product
written by Aaron P on August 19, 2018
If your looking for a great solution for ammo storage...look no further.

So far so good
written by Kevin on August 18, 2018
I Installed an Ammo Can to store ammo in to free up room in the gun safe. Quality seems good.

High Quality Ammo Cabninet
written by TMSafe on August 13, 2018
Was looking for a nice cabinet to store ammo and this is a great size with locking bars.

Ammo Can Purchase
written by P Williams on August 8, 2018
There were a number of factors that influenced my purchase of an Ammo Can. My top 3 reasons are reasonable price for the size and the reputation of Liberty's Made in USA safes. I think the size is great for the intended purpose. These 3 reasons were sufficient to overlook the 2 shortcomings which are: #1 weak locking system (a tiny key is used to operate the locking bars), and less important #2 the shelves are not adjustable. I looking forward to getting great use of this ammo can, but I remain skeptical of the keyed locking system. If the locking system were more substantial and there were adjustable shelves, I'd easily rate this ammo can 5 starts.

written by Kevin on August 3, 2018

Ammo Storage
written by LMW47 on July 19, 2018
Liberty Ammo Can totally fulfilled my needs!

written by Parman72 on July 15, 2018

written by xxx on July 15, 2018

written by Skully/Houston TX on July 14, 2018
I like the Ammo Can but I think it should come with lights inside and not have to purchase them separately.

Excellent Safe
written by Ohio93 on July 9, 2018
Ecellent safe, durable

written by ALAN HALL on July 7, 2018

Safe ammo storage.
written by SecuredAMMO on July 5, 2018
The Liberty Ammo Can is the best way I have found to safely and securely store ammo.

Very pleased
written by Happy hunter on June 18, 2018
This my third Liberty safe purchase. Only the best. Would buy again.

Love me some Liberty safes (3)
written by Yogi from Buda on June 9, 2018
Price was right. Already have 2 liberty safes. Now 3. WARRENTY is the best. Service reps are great. My bedroom looks like Fort Knox. Mama made me put the ammo can in the closet. Thank goodness it fits. If not, I'd had to rip out the entire bathroom. You think I wouldn't ???? When you collect guns and ammo for years the last thing you want to happen is some scum bag to walk in and take em. Good luck coming to my house. God Bless LIBERTY for making all my Stuff SAFE. And Affordable. Get Off Your Butt And Protect Your Investment!!!!

written by macpup44 on June 4, 2018
Very nice

Ammo can nice
written by Joe on June 3, 2018
Very happy with my purchase and also for a good price to. I love it right next to beautiful liberty safe.

Liberty Ammo Can
written by Ian Moore on June 3, 2018
The can is exactly what I need for all my reloads Love the fact it can hold 125 pounds per shelf.

the best home security ror firearms/ammo
written by CH WEAVER on May 28, 2018

Liberty Ammo Can Review
written by 6 Spd 9C1 on May 22, 2018

written by Kait on May 18, 2018
it holds all my ammo and i can get more ammo

written by gypsi 7 on May 9, 2018

written by scooter 52 on April 20, 2018

written by mark on April 18, 2018
Beautiful ammo cabinet safe. The gloss textured black really pops. It's not meant to be a gun safe, hence the 449 price. That being said, the construction is solid and totally adequate for securing ammo. The door is thick steel, and the safe weighs 275 lbs. and bolted to the garage floor, i believe my ammo is very secure. More than enough room inside. I doubt I will ever fill this cabinet with ammo. All in all, very pleased with my purchase, it's really one of the only logical choices available, and i feel proud whenever I look at it.

Liberty Safes are the best
written by Al Cui on April 8, 2018
The Ammo Can is exactly as advertised and it compliments my other safe.

Guality products
written by David Harlan on April 7, 2018

Ammo Can
written by Hogtastic on April 5, 2018
Perfectly fit my needs!! Great use of space and while the shelves are not movable, that doesn't affect my use at all!

written by JAECALI on March 31, 2018
I must say if you have the extra room for a Ammo Can then it is a must buy from Liberty. If your like me a ammo hoarder then this is the best way to stay organized. With the ammo can you can really see everything you have so when you go buy ammo you wont be like me and keep buying 12 gauge cause you think you dont have enough. Now i know what kind of ammo i have with out guessing. The texture on it is nice. Interior is nice also. 4 shelves are inside. if you are storing some ammo container inside that hold 250-1000 rounds you will fill the safe up quickly. Box ammo saves lots of space. also each shelve holds 125lb.

Ammo can
written by Chad on March 29, 2018
Great product, love the ammo can. Gives you more room in your Gun safe for guns. Plus keeps the ammo separate from the guns so everything is more organized. The ammo can will hold thousands of rounds of ammo. Can't go wrong wit this product.

Ammo Can - good choice
written by KJ on March 23, 2018
I did a lot of looking and settled on the Ammo Can based on what you get for your money: Made in America! Well made - good fit and finish, good size for intended purpose, key v. combo lock. Great for simple security against unauthorized access and smash and grab punks.
This is not a full blown, fire rated, theft proof safe - it's not designed to be. This fits my needs of securing ammo for now, and can be used for other things if I ever need to upgrade the security level.
Thinking about getting another one...

Anthony M.
written by Anthony M. on March 10, 2018
Looks Small, but when you put your ammo in it there is a lot of room. The Ammo Can is very nice to store your ammo.

*Made in the U.S.A. from U.S. and Global Parts.