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Ammo Can
Made in the USA


Security for your Ammunition

Secure your ammunition with Liberty's AMMO CAN. 3 integrated shelves and dual locking bars create the toughest ammunition storage cabinet around! Key lock entry, black textured finish.

5-Year Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $499

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Ammo Can Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.7 out of 5 stars for 436 customers ratings and reviews

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Ammo Can Safe
written by Bear on October 20, 2019
Perfect for my needs to store ammo and reloading supplies.

Ammo Can
written by Montana Safe User on August 29, 2019
It would help in bolting this to the floor if you made the bottom shelf removable it appears not to be

Good for what it is, a solid storage cabinet
written by KD on August 12, 2019
Did not purchase for a Gun safe but for storage of heavy tools that seem to grow legs when left out. Excellent for that purpose.

Ammo Can
written by STP on July 24, 2019
Product seems very sturdy and holds my items securely.

Finally. Secure ammo storage .
written by SOBryan on July 22, 2019
Pleased with the fit and finish of this secure ammo storage safe. Liberty comes through again. Now I have more room in my Liberty Gun Safe for more weapons . Life is good!

written by leahdieb on July 3, 2019
the lock was frozen when I got it, the tech put some lube on bolts which freed up the lock. The lock is too small for the size of this unit, The unit itself is great and holds a lot of ammon

Fills the Bill for my Ammo Storage needs
written by James in San Antonio on June 25, 2019
Cleared out all the Ammo, black powder, and gun powder out of my Fat Boy. Glad to see the Ammo Can now has the provision for installation of an outlet kit which I'm using for dehumidification and lights. The Ammo Can now has a handle which is a definite plus. Was pleasantly surprised on both how easily the key turns on how far the locking bars move in relation to how far the key is turned.

Liberty Ammo Can
written by Steve Indy on May 17, 2019
Great place to store ammo instead of being out.
But Ammo Can could be improved by replacing current door with Centurion Door additional military style bars with current Ammo Can key lock.

Ammo Storage
written by Pete on May 2, 2019
Sturdy, great size and configuration for ammunition storage.

Love the space and shelf design of the Ammo Can
written by Richard K on February 12, 2019
Very happy with the Ammo Can safe. I wanted a safe to store collectables rather than guns since I already have a gun safe. I was attracted to the Ammo Can because of the smaller size and shelves inside. I do wish it had an electronic tumbler (instead of key open) and I wish it was fire rated. Other than those (which are not deal breakers), this is a great safe at a great price point.

The Ammo Can
written by Grizz_8 on January 23, 2019
I like the safe for what it is intended for. The one thing I would change is taking out the preset shelves, adding a fourth and making them adjustable.

Great ammo storage
written by Rick C. on January 5, 2019
Needed something to tidy up my gun safe, this worked perfect for storing ammo and other miscellaneous items cluttering up the safe, only way it would be better is If was fire rated

written by Satisfied Customer on December 6, 2018

To much ammo?
written by Skinny on October 8, 2018
This product is great! wouldn't hurt to be a little bit wider thou. I can only put 3 ammo cans on each shelf. It would be nice to fit 4. Adjustable shelf's would be nice too. It would also be nice to have a 30 min fire rating. I would be willing to pay for those upgrades. But hey, for the price point it will do what I need it to do. Free up space in my FATBOY! Thanks Liberty!

written by None on September 14, 2018

written by Bigh Daddy on August 20, 2018

Ammo Can Purchase
written by P Williams on August 8, 2018
There were a number of factors that influenced my purchase of an Ammo Can. My top 3 reasons are reasonable price for the size and the reputation of Liberty's Made in USA safes. I think the size is great for the intended purpose. These 3 reasons were sufficient to overlook the 2 shortcomings which are: #1 weak locking system (a tiny key is used to operate the locking bars), and less important #2 the shelves are not adjustable. I looking forward to getting great use of this ammo can, but I remain skeptical of the keyed locking system. If the locking system were more substantial and there were adjustable shelves, I'd easily rate this ammo can 5 starts.

written by Kevin on August 3, 2018

Liberty Ammo Can Review
written by 6 Spd 9C1 on May 22, 2018

No Place for Ammo
written by Greenie on February 18, 2018
The cost of the safe and square footage was the best for what is on the market. The front door could have a better seal, when it's locked you can move it in and out. These Ammo Safe should have a fire rating to protect what's inside, cost would be a little more however the safety of the ammo during a fire would protect the first responders and the owner.

Great Safe for Ammo
written by Jon on February 9, 2018
It would've been even better if the shelves inside were adjustable and not fixed. Still overall happy with the safe, but will eventually customize the safe with adjustable shelves. It would've been better if this was already available.

Ammo Can
written by RVAZ80 on January 2, 2018
Good safe for storing ammunition.

Loads of volume
written by Jeremy on December 13, 2017
Picked this ammo can up for work ammo storage. We had a lot of volume, multiple calibers, and they were overrunning our gun safe. The Ammo Can gobbled up all of the ammo with room to spare.

Liberty Ammo Can
written by oms on December 12, 2017
Purchased safe for ammunition storage. Safe is heavy, 270 pounds. It is well made with stout built in storage shelves. No flimsy door or side panels.
just what I needed to store my ammo and gear in, and keep it organized. My gun safe just became more functional. Would recommend to others.

Great safe, assembly questionable
written by Jim Snyde on November 16, 2017
Good heavy safe. Unfortunately, I won't give it 5 stars. When we got the safe home, we noticed that the walls and backing fell off due to improper assembly

written by Daniel on November 8, 2017

written by jlkinaz on October 14, 2017
Nice product. Well built. Great finish on exterior and interior. Just wish you could stack "ammo cans" on bottom of safe.

Nice Safe - negligent assembly
written by Amandini on July 24, 2017
The safe seems very durable. Unfortunately, I won't give it 5 stars. When we got the safe home, we noticed that the walls and backing were falling off due to lack of adhesive.
Liberty's Response:
Hi, sorry to hear about this.  Someone from our Customer Support will be in contact with you.

Stopped Short
written by Peckerwood McGee on July 3, 2017
These were a perfect solution to my ammo storage problems. No more sagging/buckling shelves. No more ammo on the closet floor. No more fighting for space in the gun safe. I bought 2 on sale, one for pistol calibers and one for rifle calibers. In doing so, it left a little room for spare mags, holsters, slings, etc.

written by JPL on June 12, 2017
Just received safe a few days ago. Not all ammo cans fit, but I store ammo in the original boxes. Keep ammo cans outside the safe to fill with the ammo I will use on a given day at the range. Also use to store gun powder, primers and bullets for reloading. Shelves are very sturdy.

Ammo Can says it all
written by rodi53 on June 6, 2017
Had a lot of ammo in my main gun safe so bought an Ammo Can to store it separately. This safe has no fire rating and there is some play or slop in the door when closed and locked, but otherwise it is fine. Has plenty of room for my ammo so I can store some personal items in my Colonial 30.

written by stupe on March 27, 2017
Ammo can is ok. Needs a better door seal.

Ammo Storage
written by Bo Duke on March 23, 2017
I needed to get a better method for storing ammunition rather than having it stacked in my master bedroom closet. I decided, with the help of my wife, that I needed a locking safe. I looked at ads in the sporting goods papers and decided to go buy a cheap locking storage cabinet, some considered them safes. When I saw the size, quality, sturdiness and price of the ammo can I decided to go with that. There was no comparison in the quality of the ammo can versus the cheaper options. I'm very pleased with my purchase.

written by Rick on March 20, 2017

Ammo Can by Liberty Safe
written by Tinyfists on February 24, 2017
Overall a great safe for my needs. It's robust yet compact enough to allow occasional movement to another room, etc. The inside of the safe looks great and has very roomy shelves for all kinds of gear, ammo, boxes, etc. It's so roomy that you can also store pistols along with everything else! The shelves are very strong but are fixed shelves. The only drawback I found was that the shelves were not adjustable. I like how the safe door opens up all the way and allows easy and full access to the inside.

There is no lighting on the inside but that was easily remedied with some small battery-operated LED puck lights I attached to the inside with double-sided sticky tape or Velcro.

It has 4 holes on the bottom that allow bolts to secure it to the floor.

The exterior looks great. The door is locked by using a small key. Door has a heavy-duty plastic handle. It's not a heavy-duty door lock but it serves it's purpose (at least for me).

Weight is about 270lbs per website. It was heavy but light enough to move around on an appliance dolly by myself. I did need a buddy to help pull/push it up some stairs.

It was just able to fit through a standard door opening.

Again, overall a great safe. I'd have given it 5 stars but for the fact that the shelves do not adjust.

Ammo Can
written by Still Kickin' on January 13, 2017
I purchased this product through Cabela's on-line. It arrived in about 6 weeks, not the 8 week max I was thinking.

It arrived in excellent condition via AFB.

It was easy to bring inside and set up. I found it easier to take ammo out of cans and arrange on the shelves that way. The Ammo Can took all of my handgun ammo and most of my rifle ammo easily. Now I have a bunch of empty ammo cans - but that won't last long.

The only issues I have, if you want to call them that, are: 1. would have liked fire protection similar to the Liberty safes and would have paid the cost for it. 2. the faux leather stripping on the front of the shelves could have been glued/sown on better; they peel a little at the top, maybe the bottom but I didn't check there. Stuff sliding forward off the shelf carpet catches the top of the strip.

I'd recommend this product to a friend. Might have to get another one myself for the rest of my rifle ammo and shotgun ammo.

no fire rating
written by jp77 on January 8, 2017
Great product , not crazy about the barrel key set up and it doesn't have a fire rating , but I feel like it secures my ammo from theft.

written by Blue Quill on January 2, 2017
Door needs to be a little tighter sealing.

Good size and price
written by enough space on December 26, 2016
Purchased this ammo safe to clear up space in my gun safe. The shelves are large and wide and not only held all the ammo from my gun safe (and scattered around the basement) but also allowed me to consolidate various shooting accessories in one place. The shelves where so wide and convenient that I ended up storing my hand guns in the ammo safe, too.
Only negative so far is the locking mechanism. There is a tubular key slot that doubles as both the lock and the opening mechanism. Feels a little flimsy. Would like it better if the key only released the lock, then a handle/lever was used to draw back the bolts.

Ammo Can
written by Napper on December 5, 2016

Great ammo can!
written by Daro on November 2, 2016
Works great to keep your ammo and other expensive optics or extra mags or whatever, organized and safe.

written by CN Monroe CT on October 31, 2016

Ammo Can
written by John Wayne on October 31, 2016
Excellent product for storage of ammunition. Sturdy shelves and 14 gauge steel for security.

Not perfect, but....
written by GatorMan on October 14, 2016
Just finished transferring my ammo supply to my Ammo Can. I am very happy with the Can. Holds much more ammo than I first thought it would. Just wish it had better fire protection and a better warranty. Guess I expected too much for the price paid. Also think the door should be more stable than the "loosey goosey" action when locked.

New Ammo Safe
written by Rich on September 8, 2016

Ammo Can review
written by Tom on September 6, 2016
We like it!

ryan 's reveiw
written by ryan on September 4, 2016
Great product for keeping the ammo in one place. The only flaw with the ammo can is the shelves need to be able to hold more than 125lbs. Still its the highest weight of shelves that's on the market.

Place to keep the ammo..
written by K. Crockett on September 4, 2016
Another nice addition by Liberty.. Solid construction, thought out design. Only thing I would change would be the method of entrance into the ammo can. But that's just because I would rather not have another key to keep up with. That also is personal preference and not everyone may feel the same. All in all solid investment and well worth the money as always..

written by BOPossum on September 1, 2016

written by BOPossum on September 1, 2016

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*Made in the U.S.A. from U.S. and Global Parts.