USA Safe Series
Made in the USA

USA Series

Made In USA

Liberty introduces one tough entry level safe-The USA Series. Built right here in America, the USA series was recently tested against the competition by dropping a 1000 pound block of cement on top of each safe. Check out the results by viewing the video below. Toughness is built in with Liberty's newest defense system, our Patent-pending 4-inch wide Military Style Locking Bars coupled with Liberty's engineering marvel--the 2-piece roll form body--and you have one tough safe! These American made gun safes are available in 3 sizes--the 23, 30 and 48--with textured black powder coat finish and New TopLit SecuRam E-lock. 3-in-1 flex interior and economy door panel offers extra storage capacity. Liberty's heavy-duty gun safes include 40 minutes of fire protection.

PRICE: Starting at $949
Payments starting as low as $21.59 for 60 months (12.99% APR) or 12 Months Interest Free! On Approved Credit

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USA Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 465 customers ratings and reviews

written by Erin on September 7, 2018

Outstanding safe and delivery.
written by elbalawyer on September 6, 2018
From the web site to the salesperson on the phone, to the design and delivery, everything was great. Highly recommend Liberty Safe.

Great Safe for the money.
written by Rich M on September 6, 2018
This is my third liberty Safe, I only recommend Liberty to my friends. Made in USA!

Great Safe
written by Bob on September 6, 2018
Great Safe for the money. .Size & construction. Made well in the USA

Ideal safe for home needs.
written by Don-Navy Vet on September 6, 2018
Safe gives us best combination of security, price, quality, size and internal space layout.

Amazing safe!
written by Shawn Przybylek on September 6, 2018
I could not be more satisfied with my purchase!! Everyone that sees my new safe immediately asks where do I get one!!! Very impressed with this safe. I recommend Liberty Safes to everyone I know!

poor quality control
written by sammy on September 5, 2018
see previous comments.

GARY E. Shovlin
written by Gary on September 5, 2018
Excellent quality safe with a lifetime warranty. The main reason I purchased it is that it's made in the USA.

Great Safe
written by MRC on September 5, 2018
My wife and I were shopping for a safe and Liberty USA Series was within our budget. Yes, it is a lower end safe and more expensive models offer more protection, but the USA series is Amazing, High Quality, and perfect for our home. Please buy from the USA!

written by chris on September 4, 2018

written by CMH on September 4, 2018

written by Tom G. on September 4, 2018
I have done months of research! And after viewing quality of competitors and off brand safes I chose Liberty USA!!! Great safe for a good price. Big fan of buy once cry once!!! If you wanna protect your valuables and want the best don't settle!! Buy yourself a Liberty and be done!!!! My only wish is that Liberty would do a standard plug in and water proofing!!! Great company that stands behind their products!

Awesome safe!
written by Chris on September 4, 2018
Just delivered today. Delivery was quick and bolting down was quick. The quality of the safe is awesome. THANKS LIBERTY!

written by Carman01 on September 3, 2018

written by Shotgun Bob on September 3, 2018
Quality is fantastic

Grade A product
written by Chris on September 3, 2018
I am very happy with my safe. What sold me on this safe was a informative sales person. I was told these safes have a lifetime warranty. If someone broke in and damaged my safe, it would be replaced or repaired at no cost for the lifetime of not only me, but any family that I passed this down to. That is awesome. I look forward to keeping this safe for my lifetime and passing it down still in excellent shape someday.

written by GySgt burns on September 1, 2018

Great Overall Quality Safe At A Good Price
written by Dan on September 1, 2018
Great safe for the price. Pretty decent fire protection and steel thickness. Inside door panel is also nice. It will hold 6 hand guns on it and has some pockets to store misc. items. I would say if you find this safe on sale somewhere it would be a good buy. The only issue I have/had was the shelving inside was in there really tight so I could barely more the shelves. I ended up chipping the wood on one shelf but it was really minor and it got covered anyways so I never bothered to call and see about replacing it.

Does the job.
written by Ed on August 31, 2018
Good safe, what more can be said?

Awesome Safe
written by #26 on August 31, 2018

written by safeuser on August 31, 2018

Worth the money!
written by WonderWoman on August 30, 2018
This is my second Liberty safe. Excellent product.

Very Happy with this safe
written by William on August 30, 2018
My brother talked me out of buying a safe from Costco and going with Liberty. Now that it's installed and we've been using it I can say that we made a good choice. The safe is high quality and easy to operate.

Awesome Product. The Liberty brand speaks for itself.
written by ReyV611 on August 29, 2018
Overall, I am very happy with my new USA 23 model safe. I purchased a smaller LIberty safe several years ago but I outgrew it.
I only considered LIberty this time around.

written by BGARNER on August 29, 2018

New Gun Safe
written by Retired MKCS on August 29, 2018
Bought the safe at a gunshow. Delivered by the store, by the salesman that sold it to me and one of his co-workers.

Whole operation was painless. Swapped out combo lock for digital, no worries.

Operation of lock and safe totally explained.

Function of the adjustable shelves and interior options totally explained.

Thanx Chad and Dan of NW Safes for your excellent workmanship and delivery.

Quality safes at an affordable price.
written by John E. Mattingly on August 28, 2018
Liberty safes are of high quality at an affordable price. Fit and finish are excellent. I'm definitely going to buy another Liberty Safe if the time ever arrives that I need a bigger safe.

Great Safe
written by Kelly Edwards on August 28, 2018
I just bought and installed my USA 30 Safe. Excellent safe, hands down a high quality product. Fits all of my needs.

Excellent Purchase
written by MS Herman on August 27, 2018
The 48 gun safe has ample room for all your firearms and personal belongings. Very happy with the purchase and the Liberty reputation. Very easy to program the key pad lock. Retail seller very helpful and knows the Liberty product. I would recommend this safe to everyone who has items that they would like to secure and lessen the risk of theft. Made in the USA.

written by Cowboy on August 27, 2018

Excellent Safe
written by True Texan on August 27, 2018
Very good quality and functionality. Very happy with purchase.

written by Brad on August 25, 2018

written by Beau Beau on August 24, 2018

Fantastic Safe
written by DT on August 24, 2018
Upgraded to this USA 30 safe and love it, Great safe at a fair price

Will buy another soon as these tend to shrink pretty quick.

Excellent Fit and Finish
written by Woodchuck on August 23, 2018
Meets all my requirements for gun and other valuables storage. A cost effective safe. Dealer delivery was superb. Safe arrived without any nicks, dents or dings. I highly recommend this product and dealer. Safes are their business - not a sideline.

Excellent Fit and Finish
written by Woodchuck on August 23, 2018
Meets all my requirements for gun and other valuables storage. A cost effective safe. Dealer delivery was superb. Safe arrived without any nicks, dents or dings. I highly recommend this product and dealer. Safes are their business - not a sideline.

Shoulda' done it sooner
written by Sam on August 23, 2018
Liberty has thought of everything as it pertains to quality and security. The door pockets and adjustable shelving provide endless options for storing everything from vital papers, precious metals, and jewelry to ammo and guns. The locking mechanism is second to none.

Good Value
written by Hoosier on August 23, 2018
The Liberty USA 30 safe is a good value for the money, it is sturdy and well built with plenty of room and versatility for storing guns and ammunition, it is pre-cut for easy installation of the Liberty electrical accessory kit, and can be configured to fit most anyone's needs. I would recommend to a friend or anyone else looking for a good value.

Highly researched before purchase. Best choice.
written by Charles Short on August 22, 2018
Amazing product in every way. Quality and workmanship are top notch. Ability to customize the interior and a wide range of available accessories on the Liberty Safe website. While you're on the website, check out the Drop/Torture Test Video. You're welcome! I am very happy with this product and do not foresee and issues in the future.

written by AL SCHROCK on August 21, 2018

written by BIG D on August 20, 2018

Liberty USA 30
written by K61 on August 20, 2018
Bought this safe and arrived within a few days, great safe for my gun collection and a few other item of value, passport etc...

Perfect match
written by King of Clubz on August 20, 2018
I am upgrading from a 24 gun safe to something larger. Gun and ammo collection grew too quick. After looking at safes for months, i found myself ready to settle on a different brand that was slightly smaller, hardly no features, and lower fire rating. I would not have been completely satisfied. My local gun store salesperson(s) spent several minutes on 3 different occasions going over the entire line of liberty safes and features. After explaining my needs for size and budget, they recommended several safes and this one met my needs perfectly and well under budget leaving cash in my pocket for more toys.

Purchase of Liberty Gun Safe
written by RJY on August 18, 2018
Purchased this Liberty Safe at the LTD Southern States Store in King NC. Salesperson was very professional and knew the product. Had been looking for a new safe to replace a smaller safe. Looked at different brands, but Liberty is by far the nicer safe. Made in the USA means a lot. Would recommend this store for the purchase of a gun safe. When delivered the gentlemen who set it up, did a really good job. The safe did not have to go up steps, so that was a plus for them.

Great addition to the product line!
written by James P on August 18, 2018
The USA series is a nice in-between the Centurion and 1776 and is a perfect fit for my needs. Plenty of space without an overbearing footprint (only 25 inch depth), and even came with the economy door panel. I also like the elock with the 3-point handle; adds a little bit of panache. Last safe I'll ever need for a long time. Nicely done, Liberty.

written by ff2bob on August 17, 2018
Everything was as advertised. For the money it is an excellent complaints.

written by Darren D on August 16, 2018
First gun safe. Wanted the best quality I could get for the price. So far, I'm impressed. Installed with no issue. Purchased optional plugin and electric dehumidifier. It fits all of my guns and even my ammo. Quality appears to be as expected. Door opens with ease and feels solid and secure when closed.

All around great
written by Nick on August 16, 2018
Great. Everything from the selection to the price to the sales and delivery.. everything went well. Thank you.

Hopefully I won't need another safe.. but when I run out of room I'll be going back to Liberty for my next safe.

Fantastic safe
written by Jrod301 on August 15, 2018
Everything is top notch quality on my USA 30. Finish is great, and I have peace of mind my firearms are secured.

This Safe is Worth Every Dollar You Can Lock Inside It!
written by Dave in Orlando on August 15, 2018
No questions, hands down! This safe is super impressive.

I was impressed with the intimidating heft that you feel just being in its presence. You can see the quality that went into the design and function when you open it.
These folks, for some reason, don't do enough to feature the INSIDE of the safe. You'll find that to be just as impressive, with attention to detail I never expected. Nothing will be scratched or allowed to be crammed in there, as there are more pockets and adjustable shelves than one would think they need.

Just a great American Made product you will never regret owning. Forget the worthless bank safes. I would NEVER trust a bank to protect my valuables! This Liberty Safe lets me sleep at night and leave my house without a care!

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