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USA Safe Series
Made in the USA

USA Series

Made In USA

Survivor of the “1000 lbs. Drop Test,” the USA line offers entry-level pricing with premium protection, including:

  • 40 minutes of certified fire protection
  • 12-gauge steel safe body
  • 6 - ¼” thick locking bars

The USA models also include these features and accessories:

  • Economy-style interior door panel
  • 3-in-1 Flex™ interior
  • TopLit SecuRam E-lock
Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $1,099
Payments starting as low as $25 for 60 months (14.99% APR) or 12 Months Same-As-Cash! Subject to credit approval.

Build your USA


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USA Ratings and Reviews

Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating

Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 1446 customers ratings and reviews

written by West on November 12, 2019
I am very pleased with the quality and function of this safe. In my opinion it surpasses the quality of other comparable safes in its price range.

written by safe owner on November 12, 2019

Love this safe and PROUD it is made in the USA!!
written by Will on November 11, 2019
Haven't had it but for a few days but it is a very nice, sturdy safe. The only problem is you have to have SEVERAL people to help you move it in when you get it home because it is so heavy. The size fits my needs perfectly.

written by Montana Rifleman on November 10, 2019
The best safe in the world. Very Pleased with my purchase. I don'
t like the Pallet arrangement but I understand why it exists as is. It's just hard to remove.

Just got it.
written by Domino on November 9, 2019
So I cant give a review yet. Picked it up myself and have it in place, have to order accessories.

written by Retired on November 9, 2019
I am very happy with my USA 48 lots of room for my gun collection.

Excellent Quality
written by Casity on November 8, 2019
You cannot beat the Liberty Safe for QUALITY! Bar none no other company comes close. The warranty and a company that stands behind said warranty is what a safe is all about. What do you have a safe for if the company you purchased it from will not back you up? If your considering another safe brand please look at the material on the inside. give a little tug on the fabric or put a little pressure on the shelves. We did this at field and stream with one of the field and stream brand safes. Yes, their safe was bigger for the same price but it was cheaply made, and the warranty was not half the coverage of a Liberty. Do yourself and your kids (mine will be passed down) a favor and buy a Liberty Safe!!

U.S.A. does it again
written by JA on November 7, 2019
Very good quality for the price , secured all my needs

written by Nerka on November 6, 2019
Very pleased with my Liberty Safe. The interior is well built. The larger 36" wide model still fit in my closet.

written by Adrian on November 5, 2019

written by Morris on November 5, 2019

Awesome USA 23
written by Buster on November 5, 2019
The entire process from researching to purchase to delivery was outstanding. Liberty's website provides assistance in selecting the right safe for you; the local dealer was knowledgeable and professional; and delivery was straight forward. Thanks for a great experience.

Awesome American Safe!!!
written by George on November 4, 2019
Just received my new Liberty Safe from my local safe dealer. Amazing value. Works great and has many excellent features. Extremely rugged, beautiful, well made with multiple shelving options and thoughtfully designed. This is an awesome safe and a great American product!! Kudos and thanks to Liberty Safe!!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Sleep well and know your valuables are protected.
written by Scribnor on November 4, 2019
This safe holds everything I need it to hold. Installation was easy and the safe looks good. I'm now protected from theft.

written by Maurizio on November 4, 2019
Unsurpassed quality and strongest safe in the market by far. SOLID and DURABLE workmanship and most importantly MADE IN THE USA.
WARRANTY is undeniably the best in the industry. Well worth the purchase.

written by JG on November 4, 2019
Safe is great. Anchor bolts bent when attempting to tap in appear to be low quality steal.

written by KM on November 2, 2019

Proud to own a Liberty USA
written by Larry B. on November 1, 2019
You get what you pay for, great fit and finish inside & out!

I am very happy I ordered the 30" model, perfect match for all my guns & ammo.

written by MB on November 1, 2019

Nice Safe
written by ladybum67502 on November 1, 2019

Very happy with this purchase
written by Champaign ClayBuster on October 31, 2019
I've only had this safe a week, and still getting it set up like I want. I also decided to purchased the electrical outlet, which was very easy to install.
I called the help-line with a question and my call was answered almost immediately - by someone in the USA - who quickly, politely and clearly answered my question !
I haven't had that in a while now.....

Oh, and the dealer I worked with (JELCO Supply Co.) was great to work with. Ed spent quite a bit of time with me during the sale, patiently answering my questions and offering suggestions.

A great all-around experience.

Great Safe
written by LB on October 31, 2019

written by Nico on October 30, 2019
I purchased this safe from Gander Outdoors. Very well made, provides solid protection, great price. I would definitely recommend.

written by serge on October 30, 2019

Safe Review
written by Henry on October 30, 2019
The door accessories that came with it has problems with the glue that sticks to the door, the fire rating is not as good as other safes for cheaper prices.
Liberty's Response:
Hi, Liberty Safes fire ratings are certified.  We actually addressed this in an video that you can watch here: 
Other safe companies tout a longer fire rating but fail to reach those ratings.  We test their safes and ours. 

Great Safe
written by DH on October 29, 2019
Have had a Liberty before and when we built a new house I needed a bigger one, so I bought another Liberty. Enough said.

awesome Safe
written by big chuck on October 28, 2019
big safe . i love it

Great safe for the value
written by Matt on October 27, 2019
I'm real impressed with the quality of the product considering the price. This is perfect for the person that wants to keep firearms, and fragile paperwork safe, and away from children or anyone not responsible enough to handle them. Very satisfied.

written by NewSafeOwner on October 26, 2019

Really nice experience
written by Brian on October 25, 2019
Sales process was great at Fin Feather Fur. Delivery was within quoted timeframe. Delivery crew was extremely helpful, safe and quick. Product is great as well.

Great Safe
written by Marcus Bob on October 25, 2019
Very good product. USA 36. Only 1 suggestion LS....for those who wish not to bolt to slab, or cannot, LS should design the unit to prohibit the safe from tipping over. One would think this could be established by a slight redesign to the safe bottom, or providing an accessory (other than floor bolts) that would slip under the front edge to prohibit tipping.

Great safe!
written by Derek W. on October 25, 2019
Why is this not a 5-star rating? Because it's not a National Security/Presidential safe. This safe is amazing for its price point, and I am 1,000% happy with it. When I get the money for the National Security safe, I will still keep this one as well.

written by Sheldon on October 23, 2019

Good customer service
written by JJRMS on October 23, 2019
I was very pleased with my experience of buying a safe from Liberty Safes.

written by Sam Elliot on October 22, 2019

written by Tom on October 21, 2019

Rams Tough and Secure
written by Many Rams on October 21, 2019
This is my 3rd Liberty Safe. Best and #1 choice

Liberty Safe
written by Chris on October 21, 2019

written by don on October 21, 2019

written by Happy Safe Owner on October 21, 2019
Customer service on sale was great. Delivery was exceptional, very professional, knew exactly what he was doing, flawless moving a huge safe into our home. Thank you so very much

written by Anthony on October 19, 2019

written by Jake on October 18, 2019

Good overall product.
written by Happy Camper on October 17, 2019
Very pleased with this product. I'm not a huge fan of the electronic keypad. I'd much rather have the manual dial with a backup key, but otherwise I'm happy with it. It's VERY heavy and has plenty of room for my needs.

Safe Enough for Me
written by JT on October 16, 2019
Now the saying goes, "you get what you pay for", but this safe's features are, IMO, better than the price. It has the liberty name, so they will stand behind it. We will see if I ever have to call Liberty for a warranty issue. I really like the handgun storage on the door, just need more of them to use the slots!!
My biggest concern is the digital lock, so when I registered the safe with Liberty, they offer a lifetime warranty on the lock for a reasonable price for peace of mind! SOLD!!

Also google the 1000lb weight drop, that is a selling point right there.

written by Troy Hardy on October 16, 2019

Great Product!
written by Mark. on October 15, 2019
Best safe money can buy!

First Safe
written by ORduck on October 15, 2019
Just purchased my first safe. Bought at a local dealer for LIberty.

Great safe put together well. The handle on. It is solid unlike
written by Sooner1 on October 13, 2019

Best Gun Safe
written by Country Boy on October 13, 2019
This is the second one I've bought. I find the safe for keeping many things not just Guns. In my opinion these are the best safe's on the market. And built in the USA!!!!!!!

written by crankarm on October 12, 2019

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*Made in the U.S.A. from U.S. and Global Parts.