Liberty Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer

Expand your storage and maximize shelf space with the Liberty gun safe door panel organizer. An easy clip system uses Velcro straps to ensure a snug fit.

➡️ Quick Draw Holster
➡️ Document Storage
➡️ Zip Pockets
➡️ Choke Tube Holders
➡️ COOLPOCKET Included

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Full Description

Attach this attractive holster system to the inside of the door panel to expand your gun safe's door storage capacity and maximize shelf space. Liberty's gun safe door organizer works with existing fabric-covered door panels. Mounts on Door Panel with included mounting brackets and pairs with other Liberty Safe accessories.

Part Numbers and Sizing

12 Size Safe 17-18 Size Safe 20-25 Size Safe 30-40 Size Safe Fatboy Jr 48 Safe 50 Size Safe







10 1/4 x 49

15 x 48

18 x 49

25 1/2 x 49

30 x 49

30 x 61

NOTE: Older models may have to be modified to support the use of the gun safe organizer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Tim G.

Liberty Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer

Scott F.
Liberty Door Panel Organizer

I’ve had a Liberty gun safe for about 25 years. I was needing more storage space so I bought Liberty’s door panel organizer (20-25). Very happy with the product quality and the design. It did exactly what I needed. Liberty should sell these with 2 different size clips since door back board thicknesses do vary. I need clips for a thinner back board. I contacted customer service and they said they would ship me some! Works OK as is but new clips will tighten the fit to the door.

Door Panel Organizer for ProVault12

12 size door panel organizer is a perfect fit for my ProVault12 gun safe from my local Bass Pro Shops. COOLPOCKET is a nice bonus to store important documents.

Jonathan A.


Joseph P.

Wonderful addition for my gun safe! Provides additional room in the safe for other items.

Marcus P.

Great fit!

Awesome organizer

Well, I received my door organizer for my CN-18 Liberty safe, and I couldn't be happier. Love it

I actually ordered the wrong size (10585) because I measured the door panel, then read the size on the website, thinking that they would work together. When I finally spoke to the rep at Liberty, I was informed that I should have ordered size 10584 which is designed to fit the CN-18 unit. Well, I received the larger size (10585) door organizer, and with almost no mods, it works perfectly. You can't use the side clips it comes with, but with some 1/2" truss head screws, and some careful placement, it works perfect. This doesn't affect the door function, and may void the warranty, but that's irrelevant.

It could use more mag holders, and less universal hanging pouches, but it all works.

The "cool pocket" is great. Now all my docs are safe in the safe.

The system is magnificently designed, and again, I couldn't be happier with it.

Thank you to my good buddy up north for recommending it. Thanks Liberty for making it available.

Centurion D20 (2007)

Will this fit the Liberty Centurion D20 (20 gun) safe from 2007? Will it need special clips?

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