HDX-250 Smart Vault Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.8 out of 5 stars for 399 customers ratings and reviews

written by Rocket on February 20, 2018
Hard to program the fingerprint reader.

Instant access
written by Wyatt Earp on February 16, 2018
Quality product. No frills design to get to the point and do the intended job. Will be nice to not worry about kids having access to my home defense weapons.

Easy and quick access
written by Paul on February 13, 2018
I had been debating on one of these smart vaults for some time and I decided with my little girl now being mobile the nightstand was no longer a safe place for my firearm to be without being locked up. I still wanted quick access to it at night but needed the comfort of knowing she can't get to it and this vault does just that. I would recommend this to anyone who needs secure but quick access to their firearm cuz we all know fumbling across the room in the dark trying to punch in a code or turn the dial on a safe just isn't going to happen when something goes bump in the night. Great product!

Smart Buy
written by David B on February 12, 2018
Bought a HDX-250 to put inside my Liberty FatBoy. Simply the best!

Great product
written by Clroberts on February 6, 2018
Just purchase this and the setup was a breeze

written by Doug on February 6, 2018

written by Gino "G" on February 3, 2018
Good quality product made in USA. Excellent easy access features. Also to secure firearms from children.

written by FD on February 2, 2018
It was easy to program ( after reading the instructions a couple of times and viewing a video) just fine

keeping my guns secure and available
written by go pack go on January 28, 2018
I like the simple and quick access with a durable and quiet safe product

American-made still means something
written by Andrew on January 26, 2018
My Liberty biometric gun vault is solid, well-backed, well-made, and a solid value. It makes me glad to know that American-made still means quality, workmanship, and value.

written by Chase on January 23, 2018
Excellent product!

New safe
written by Goosefraba on January 15, 2018

written by Mike E. on January 11, 2018

Good Vault
written by Jgolfer on January 11, 2018
Biometrics are a little second rate compared to what is iut there (see the iPhone) and they are a pain to program, but they work.

Great Product
written by MattC on January 9, 2018
Got the safe and opened it up and couldn't believe how easy it was to set up and start using. I'm already looking into buying a bigger one for my long guns for my home.

Gun vault
written by Michael on January 6, 2018
I like the easy access electronic door and planning to lag bolt the safe to the floor at the edge of the headboard of our bed

extra layer of security
written by Salmonella Sal on January 4, 2018
This was a Christmas gift from my son. I live alone in a rural area since I was widowed. I had a scare one night. My husband was a law enforcement officer and a range officer. Suddenly it occurred to me I don't have Officer Badass to cover for me any more. Now I have my JDX250. I can sleep better now.

written by iowa on January 1, 2018
would recommend

Dead on with Quality
written by RAP5656 on December 27, 2017
I really like this safe, it is a solid piece and works well every time. What more can you ask. Oh I know made in the USA

Live Free or Die
written by Live Free or Die on December 27, 2017
Simply speaking ..... Outstanding products!

written by ZEUS on December 26, 2017

Great products
written by Lefty on December 25, 2017
I am very happy with the Smart Vault.

Liberty Bio Smart Vault Review
written by Happy Customer on December 24, 2017
I purchased this vault/safe to be a bed side vault/safe due to me having a one year old baby crawling and soon to be walking in the house. The baby is always pulling up on things and trying to get into absolutely everything. My days of simply leaving the pistol resting in a drawer were over. I am also a police/swat officer. I therefore needed fast access to the pistol for work and to protect my family if need be. I was looking for a safe that was secure, strong/well built and easy to use. I had previously purchased a Liberty Fat Boy safe and I was overwhelmingly happy with that purchase. I've owned that safe for almost 4 years and had no problems with it. Due to that previous experience with a Liberty Safe and some recommendations from friends I purchased this handgun safe/vault. The handgun safe is very well built and finished nicely. The interior had nice foam padding that will keep the pistol safe from scratches. I believe it will hold up to many years of use and I have no doubt my baby will not be able to access it. The finger print reader/lock mechanism required me to read the instructions several times before I figured out how to program it. But once I figured it out, it was no problem programming it. I am completely happy with it so far and will probably end up purchasing more Liberty Brand Safes in the future.

HFX-250 Smart Vaulted
written by Bob on December 22, 2017
Good quality for the most part but the battery compartment is poor quality and the ribbon should not be exposed inside the hand gun compartment.

Top Notch
written by John Hopkins on December 22, 2017
You sense the quality instantaneously. Very happy as a whole and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a high quality safe from both a functionality and safety perspective.

So far so good.
written by Thomas Kain on December 22, 2017
Strong built safe, with quick and easy access when plugged in to AC power. Difficult to non-destructively break into. Padded floor and sides helps prevent scuffs on weapon and magazines. Hopefully it will continue to work as the years add up.

would recommend this product to anyone
written by Dhellman on December 18, 2017
This a safe which is easy to operate and at the same time gives you peace of mind on its ability to open without fail every time. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Hdx-250 smart vaut
written by HB on December 17, 2017
Hdx-250 smart vault works well. The only reason I give 4 star review is safe opening is not fast enough for me.

New gun guy buys a safe
written by New gun guy on December 17, 2017
I recently purchased a Liberty HDX-250 Biometric Smart Vault. So far I have been satisfied with its performance.

Very nice safe
written by Tjt on December 16, 2017
Easy to set up and fast access to gun

HDX 50
written by MPL - Chicago on December 15, 2017
A recent purchase and very pleased with the price. 9volt battery missing from the contents in the box, and to early to tell of my opinion of the vault. Update to come!

written by Art on December 13, 2017

written by Mark Twain on December 6, 2017

Outstanding product.
written by mawp on December 3, 2017
Recently purchased the HDX-250 smart vault. It lives up to the liberty reputation and was easy to use and program.

It works everytime!!!
written by QUICK DRAW MCGRAW on December 3, 2017
I purchased a competing product GB which only works about 40% on the first try. Not what you need when you NEED IT.

Safe and Sound
written by VCP on November 30, 2017
The Biometric Technology works very well and provides both security and peace of mind.

Satisfied customer
written by Glenn H. on November 29, 2017
A quality American made product.........

Piece of Mind.
written by Mushroom Picker on November 26, 2017
For the first time in my life I have quick access to a loaded firearm in my house. Kids protected, and the gun is ready i the need arises.

written by Anonymous on November 26, 2017
Many of my friends use this product and it came with excellent references.

Need a Gun Vault...Look No More
written by Doctor C on November 26, 2017
The Biometric HDX-250 Smart Vault is a must have for any gun owner who wants to keep a firearm secured and away from children. The safe design in attractive, well made, compact and gives you easy and fast access to your firearm by either fingerprint (Biometric) or key. I looked at many other safes for my 9mm and munition clips, and this was the best available. I highly recommend it.

Hands down Best quality
written by DW Burgess on November 24, 2017
Found this jewel at an academy on Black Friday, perfect for home security and keeping things out of reach from the little ones

Liberty HDX-250 Smart Vault Biometric Access
written by 66SS396RP on November 24, 2017
This was my first purchase from Liberty. Very glad it is made in the USA! Quality is incredible! I will be looking at more Liberty Products. This Smart Vault works great and looks even better.

Liberty quality (again)
written by Ox Young on November 14, 2017
Just received it, but it is in keeping with my other Liberty products. You can not beat the Liberty for quality and value.

written by Angie on November 9, 2017

written by Farmer 46 on November 8, 2017

Battery Life is a Plus
written by Hawkeye on October 28, 2017
For access you can depend on, change the battery every other month. Most good batteries with last much longer but your life could rely on the safe opening. This vault is very well made and is a USA product.

written by Simpson on October 23, 2017
Liberty safes NICE USA made buy America hire America enough said !!!!! ????????

Good build quality
written by Greg on October 22, 2017
I'm impressed with the build quality on the safe with the exception that one of the rubber'ish corner protectors was split, new out of the box. Impressions are that the overall quality is very good. The scanner takes some effort the first time you register your print. I recommend registering your finger several times just for reliable reads. The last thing I want when quickly needing the pistol is a reader that asks me to try again.... and try again... and try again. The internal light could be a brighter. My only concern is the scanner. It works when you calmly run your finger across the reader, but in a high stress situation I'm not confident I'd be that calm. My solution is to open the safe at night before going to bed, and closing it before leaving for the day.

Colonial Safe and HDX 250 Handgun Smart Vault
written by Phone Guy on October 21, 2017
Best construction, warranty, and made in the USA. It just works.

written by Ryan on October 12, 2017

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