Quick Combo Handgun Vaults

Quick Combo Vaults

A high-security gun safe can be a great comfort, but there are times when you need something smaller and closer to hand. For those times, choose Liberty Safe's HD Quick Vaults. These smaller handgun vaults can fit on a shelf, under a bed, in a drawer - if you need to safely store a firearm and also be able to access it quickly, our quick access gun safes are the perfect choice.

What makes these safes so quick? First, they're designed to be easy to open. Liberty HD Quick Vaults feature simple electronic keypads - just type your combination in our soft touch keypads and you're ready to go. Our HD-200 and HD-300 quick safes even feature auto-opening doors to further speed up the opening process. Whether you're keeping phones or medication by the bed or storing cash and documents under the seat of your car, these smaller safes will be ready to go the second you need them. They make it easy to access what matters to you the most while delivering the speed and quality you need.

We haven't sacrificed security to bring you convenience. Our Quick Combo Vaults are built with sturdy steel construction, and are designed to be tamper-resistant - meaning that any potential thief won't know what to do with them. Like our other safes, these quick access gun safes are also childproof. Not only that: all of our Quick Vaults are California-approved firearm safety devices that meet the requirements of Penal Code section 23655 and all of its regulations.

Choose Liberty HD Quick Vaults when you're looking for small and trustworthy protection for your belongings. Whether it's the HD-100, HD-200, or HD-300, you're sure to find the right fit for your home here - we guarantee it. Don't believe us? Trust our 2-year replacement warranty. If you aren't in love with your Quick Combo Vault, we'll find a way to make it right. Choose your quick safe here from the available options: the Liberty HD-100, HD-200, and HD-300.